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  2. Think Baileys point is that the midfield was bypassed, so their positioning and strength is irrelevant
  3. He does seem to be a genuinely nice lad. Good on him.
  4. sounds nice! well done. are you going to commission someone to perform it?
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  6. That I know, my point was if the midfield had been stronger they wouldn’t have been in a position to score
  7. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1348068/everton-announces-partnership-deal-with-monster-energy
  8. He’s recently paid for a girl in Brazilian to attend a football trial when he heard she couldn’t afford to pay for the travel. Top guy
  9. RPG


    Well, I have many friends in Yorkshire and the north whose families have voted Labour for generations. I asked them how they would vote if an election was held tomorrow and would they consider the Brexit Party. The answers varied from a straight 'yes' to ''vote for the Brexit Party? - We've joined the Brexit Party!' Hartlepool council has lost its Labour majority for the first time in decades and is now run by a Brexit Party coalition, consisting of members who were previously Labour or Independent. Nobody, and I mean nobody, I spoke to said that they would be voting Labour. I do agree that the political landscape will change dramatically after the next election but I am not at all sure that it will be in a direction that Remainers will like. I am fairly certain that Labour will be the big losers and I think Corbyn knows it. I do, of course, understand the pro EU, anti tory, sentiment coming from Liverpool but I don't think it will be anywhere near enough to affect a national vote in a General Election.
  10. Hear, hear! But have we got it in us? We're overdue one.
  11. Bold statement that. Im not convinced the north west’s major cities would be running to the Brexit party. Certainly not Liverpool, Manchester or Leeds. I could be wrong but I just don’t see many going that far. The EU has done more for Liverpool as a city than a conservative government has for a long time. A large chunk of the regeneration money from the last few decades has come from Brussels rather than Westminster.
  12. I'd take Lyon over Leach in a heartbeat!
  13. I’d like a 442 as well. I think if Bernard plays on the left you could use Richarlison on the right, but maybe you couldn’t let Coleman attack so much. I agree with Palfy that the midfield two would need to be Gomes and Delph, and agree on his back four as they pick themselves. To mix it up, I’d like to see Tosun and Kean start together in the cup game.
  14. Im not convinced we were scrambling round. Liverpool didn’t strengthen much, neither did City. Spurs were still clinging on to their players after our window had closed. United took all summer to sign Maguire. Chelsea had a transfer ban. Arsenal picked up David Luis right at the end as they still hadn’t got the defenders they wanted. Some deals took longer than others, like Iwobi was in Dubai when the offer was accepted. So then he’s had a think about if he fancies the move, then flown in. Chances are he wasn’t the first choice. Barca and Real were both still trying to get Neymar up until the end of the window. Transfers are getting more and more complicated each year. It’s not like a club puts an offer to make one single payment, it gets accepted and then they agree a deal with the player. It’s much much more complex now. Agents for all parties will be involved, payments are always staggered now so there will be financial guarantees being put in place, lawyers will be involved to keep liabilities in check. Big transfers used to take days, now they can take weeks. We started on the Kean deal in January! But deals evolve and change as each different party has their input. Marcel is known for being at the top end of the spectrum, of it’s taking him a while to get a transfer done I’d think that’s how long it takes. Got to have some faith mate.
  15. Finished top boy series. It was excellent. Really recommend it
  16. Time to use the squad for what it was designed for, to give us options so those not playing well can be dropped. Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Dinge Delph Davies Richy Bernard Iwobi Keane I assume that Gomes will not be playing due to rib injury. I want Richy, Bernard and Iwobi to rotate, got to start fast and keep aggressive and attacking.
  17. RPG


    It will certainly attract the Remain vote, but mainly at Labour's expense I think. My logic runs like this: Over 90 Labour strong Leave majority constituencies in the north of UK have Remain MPs. Most of those constituencies will be lost to the Brexit Party. Labour Remain voters know this and therefore see more chance of remaining in EU by voting Lib Dem. This will mean that the tory vote is largely unchanged, Lib Dems will see a sizeable increase in seats (at Labour expense), Brexit Party will get 50-100 seats (at Labour expense) and Labour party will be annihilated. Tory party will either get a slim overall majority or will be able to form a strong coalition with the Brexit Party. Having said that, there are signs this morning that Boris sticking to his guns is paying dividends as EU now has 'no emotional attachment' (having previously insisted it was vital) to the backstop and agrees that a deal is possible by 31/10/19.
  18. I know! The only benefit I see is that it would probably mean that the main 2 parties then become 3, and it would force the “revolution” that is needed. There’d be no clear majority and neither Labour or the Conservatives would form an alliance with them. The other smaller parties? Not sure. Either way, I don’t think any one party or mix of parties would be able to form a majority.
  19. I’ve no idea how it happens Steve. You certainly don’t see the top teams scrambling round though on deadline day
  20. DCL and kean together for this. Iwobi and Charlie on the wings with Delph and Gomes CM. Coleman needs a big game. Young Gordon is looking in the U23’s through the middle and must be knocking on the door for a sub appearance.
  21. What else would you expect from those snivelling shitheads?
  22. If the team doesn’t give the reaction we want after the Bournemouth game and we don’t win this, with good control of the game then we could be heading for a very mediocre season. The players and the management need to start showing the large investment over the summer was the right investment, and I know people will say there are no easy games in this league but if we can’t beat Sheffield at home and make it look comfortable then for me that would be shocking after another huge money spree.
  23. It pissed me off, simply because it’s a power play.
  24. Everton 3-1 Sheffield United Gylfi
  25. The old 442 is that what you had in mind or a 352 or even a 4132. We haven't got the right players to go 3 at the back we would have something like Holgate Keane Mina, not one of them is capable of taking control of the line, you would be ok with Digne in that formation but not so with Coleman he hasn’t got the legs or a good cross, possibly the best player we would have as a wing back would be Walcott, then your 3 in the middle Delph Gylfi Gomes as a 2 1 or a 1 2. If you are to get 2 up top with the players we have then a 442 would probably be better, the back 4 picks it’s self usual suspects, and the MF in my opinion would be Bernard Gomes Delph Walcott Why Bernard and Walcott because they would old there positions better in that system and Iwobi and Richarlison would want the freedom to go all over the place leaving us exposed with no real cohesion. What would you go for and why to get your 2 up top ? And the same question to you mate?
  26. Surely you must think if they could have got them in earlier they would have? They won’t have spent the summer doing nothing.
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