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  2. I don’t think we can afford to get this one wrong, we need results, identity, philosophy, and stability. We don’t need a short term fix as that makes it how many managers in how many years and gives the players who need to start performing an excuse. I personally don’t want Moyes back, his track record with our strikers was horrible and it seemed he just sapped the confidence out of them. Also how has Morgan managed to survive and outlast this many managers
  3. Looks more likely to score than DCL tbh, I do like the way he plays on that last man and does look to have a goal in him, not a case of if but when, and I hope will see something special here once adapted.
  4. Today
  5. I like this but id start richarlison for walcott and Kean uptop
  6. Mark has it here. There's no evidence that would convince a Trump voter.
  7. Whoever we get in needs a proper over haul of the squad. In hindsight - which is a fantastic thing, we’ve gone into this season with 1 “proven” CB in Micheal Keane and even then he has proven to be wank again, Mina has stepped up and Holgate is still up for debate at this level - ridiculous. CM injuries have hampered us. Striker - DCL and Kean can develop, Kean has everything to become world class and I think Marco has tried to protect him as best he could. Tosun needs to go. lots of work to be done.
  8. I'm American, but rooting for Corbyn. Don't take that as a smart or well considered take though. I don't understand UK politics very well.
  9. He only has the players he has available, so Dunc's options are limited. But he could play Moise Kean. That would be cool.
  10. Rotten score, rotten predictions. Congratulations, though, to plaidharper for scoring 4 points. That puts him in a tie for first for the season with Bailey, with dunlopp9987 just one point behind. sibdane leads for the long month of December, while Bailey leads per prediction. A quick reminder that you lose a point for failing to predict one week. If your total score for the season drops to -3, you're out of the game for the season and you're removed from the table. Haiku: You dropped to -3 and I removed you a couple of weeks back. You predicted this week, but it would take me too long to track down all your predictions for the season and add you back in. Apologies, but I must stick to the rules or it creates too much work for me. Of course, you're welcome to make a prediction anyway!
  11. Congratulations to Aidan, Palfy, and sibdane for scoring a 10-pointer this round. This pushes Aidan into second place for the season, two points behind Bailey. The same two lead per prediction.
  12. Lossl who cares human with pulse Mina Digne Walcott Shiterlin Davies Bernard Richarlison DCL Fuck this. We don’t have a second CB and I have to put my two least favorite players (Walcott and Schneiderlin) in the team. Even relegation is better than the Allardyce days but damn right now is close.
  13. And not as good. but stays out of trouble.
  14. You think that's bad? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jan/21/world-26-richest-people-own-as-much-as-poorest-50-per-cent-oxfam-report
  15. Once again, those most affected by the election (which is about Brexit) are barred from voting: many of the Britons living overseas.
  16. We went about hiring him the wrong way, and sometimes you reap what you sow. I actually agree with the observation that maybe it was his former right-hand man who demonstrated nous and we were left with someone out of his depth. You hate to see anyone fail and lose their job, but there are times when you just have to make the right decision. My hope this time around is that we'll hire his replacement the right way (although I am rather surprised that we appear to be ill-prepared; we've had plenty of time to plan for this).
  17. He’s Ross Barkley, just older and more expensive...
  18. He’s our best option with richarlison, once he gets that first he will light up - no doubt.
  19. Now the sacking is done and out of the way I feel sorry for Marco. Seemed a nice bloke and it didn’t work out, just out of his depth. Wish the guy all the best.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Its true, was there myself to hear it. Norwich fans started it after 2nd goal and our fans joined them
  22. They sold the betting site although do still hold a small stake not enough for them to manipulate the market. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/sky-bet-sale-agreed-in-deal-worth-up-to-2-6bn-11343673
  23. I have to score points where I can as I have a tiny penis. (Just saying that for comic effect as I'm actually hung like a donkey, honest)
  24. In some ways, I think the more they speculate the less they know. Which might be a good thing. A surprise that no one thought was possible. Or not. That s a real nothing statement from me. As per.
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