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  2. Ross Vs Gylfi Vs Davy

    So we spent good money on gylfi and Davy both coming off the back of quality seasons. Neither has shown enough in their performance to be starting every week. I know Ross is injured but my memory of him over the last few seasons is playing better and having more influence than the other two. So which of these players is the most influential on game day?
  3. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    Checked the BBC website straight after reading the post and said the draw was coming up... Odd one Well that's us fucked anyway
  4. Fucking Leverkusen let me down for £314 the German fuckers
  5. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    It's exactly the same mate, and part of what makes it the same is that you can't see past your opinions. Regardless of the players strengths and facts to back the player up, both players do their jobs. 1 is a water carrier, the other was a goal scorer. Yet both should be better at their jobs despite statistically being in the top 3-5 at the job in the league. It's baffling.
  6. Not really. Well, yeah, ok, a lot of the time. But in this case, it's the fact I hate "modern" looking shitboxes like the Echo area slap-bang in the middle of a traditional and beautiful river scape. I want something to blend in but look unique at the same time, and from what he's said, I'm hopeful that will be the case. I'm not saying I want a copy of that stadium, but something that incorporates the features (like materials, aesthetics that fit the surrounding area, etc.)
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  8. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    I was talking to a fella on the way out and he said he applauded the goal. I didn't see it myself so I don't know if it's true, but he has praised him publicly in the press - http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ronald-koeman-hails-perfect-goal-13651827
  9. Stadium - All ifs, buts and maybes...

    You really do hate change, don't you? It still looks terrible, inside and out. If Meis really wants to be remembered for something quality then he'll steer clear of that shite.
  10. Man of the Match v Sunderland

    I found his all-round play to be very good. Even if he hadn't scored I'd have been impressed with him. He certainly didn't play like a player that was down on his confidence like you'd expect.
  11. Davy Klaassen

    I still don't know what he is tbh, because he hasn't really done anything so far. He just always seems to be a little bit too slow to react to things and is then getting lost in games. He did put a beauty of a cross in for DCL when he headed onto the post though.
  12. Oumar Niasse

    Koeman realised how far his stock has fallen. Well done niasse. Great spirit.
  13. Oumar Niasse

    Haha..... his first touch can't be slated after that chest down.... Fellaini esque
  14. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    Not really. I stated clearly that lukaku gave the ball away at key moments where midfielders would be pushing on. Leaving us exposed on the counter attack. There is no disputing that he does this. With gana I do not get it... he's a very basic player - water carrier etc. He is getting slated for doing that job.
  15. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    By all accounts koeman did not react in any way shape or form. What a prick. That goal was tremendous. Van Persie esque
  16. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    Haha. Nice. But yeah...definately give it up!!!
  17. Oumar Niasse

    His only job is to score goals...so long as he does that, the rest is irrelevant.
  18. Sunderland (League Cup Home) Wednesday September 20th

    I'd go along with that, at least Vlasic, DCL, and Davies, should start and I know Besic wasn't great but I'd be inclined to give him another go. We need the players who want to move forward.
  19. Bournemouth (Home) Saturday September 23rd

    Niasse up front on his own, see if he has a brother for midfield, maybe a few cousins for defence etc. well smash em! imagine the lift from the crowd alone.
  20. Oumar Niasse

    Tut tut tut, football is about scoring goals remember! Haf... get im!
  21. Hi Blues I live down south and looking to get 1 x adult and 2 x child tickets to the palace game or 3 x adults. If anyone has tickets to sell or know of anyone please give me a shout. Cheers Dan
  22. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    Terrible at reading the play? opinions are one thing mate, but this isn't an opinion.... your just wrong, plain and simply wrong. Didnt see the match and only heard it on the radio, but Besic was slated the whole feed. Seemed he kept giving the ball away time and time again. Struggled to make even the simplest of passes. This is no Bias either, people who know me will know he has been one of my favourite players for years.
  23. Two goals, hit the post and had a few saved efforts. DCL. Growing in stature.
  24. Davy Klaassen

    Romey or MJB? Not sure either will be happy being stamped on, no matter how frustrated you're getting.
  25. Bournemouth (Home) Saturday September 23rd

    Ideally I'd like baines in for Williams with holgate to CB pickford for stek Morgan for besic fulfil for Sandro and that's it. davies and klassen get forward and work hard so I think that's a good balanced attacking team. Get Rooney on to see out the game and Sandro for Vlasic when he tires.
  26. It's supposed to, the outside at least, so it fits in with its surroundings. Agree that the inside is a mess, but I'm saying it's the principle of the external design rather than the actual design that I'm hoping for
  27. Bournemouth (Home) Saturday September 23rd

    "Hopefully Koeman doesn't make too many changes for Saturday because this victory will have done those players a world of good." Imported this post from Romey 1878 in the Sunderland thread, as it gives us a good starting point to start thinking about Bournemouth in view of tonight's positive-to-strong result. I assume Romey will not get his wish for few changes, but of course I could be wrong. I assume all of Rooney, Baines, Schneiderlin, Gana, and Sigurdsson will start. DCL, surely. Davies or Klaassen, but not both? Niasse on bench. No idea who will start at RB if it's a 4. Probably Martina at RWB if it's 3.
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