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  2. Theo Walcott

  3. Yeah not worst but most disappointing £10trillion spent and we have a shite, unbalanced slow team with Sam Allarydce in charge What happened!
  4. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    He's good at what he does- but what he does is not what we need.
  5. Guys it’s just talking facts that’s all. Doesnt mean Unsworth would have done any better... and at the same time, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have. We simply will never know! One thing I can say.... I enjoyed watching us a damn site more under him than I do now. I pray this ridiculous football gets better and we can start being positive again.
  6. Theo Walcott

    Pickford Coleman Holgate New New New Rooney Walcott Sig Bolasie Tosun
  7. No, not yet and unlikely to be. Most frustrating perhaps but not the worst. 97-98 season comes to mind. 03-04 was really bad bad (less than 40 points if i remember correctly?). What really annoys me is that the squad in 03-04 had a lot of fantastic players and the team was playing really poorly. Reminds me of this season to be honest.
  8. Theo Walcott

    That's what is so sad.
  9. Theo Walcott

    Problem being Sam would keep him on the bench because he shoots.
  10. Theo Walcott

    He's had his medical today.
  11. Theo Walcott

    None of those players would even consider coming here though Nogs.
  12. But you don’t so to stack up the figures like that is grossly unfair and basically just suits your agenda.
  13. Sam Allardyce Everton FC Manager

    Let's hope you're right on all counts.
  14. Theo Walcott

    We could buy him back. Barca don’t want him.
  15. At what point do we say we are in a relegation dogfight?

    Trust me: I wish we had a larger sample size for Unsworth. I would suggest that we played better in the game against West Ham than we have in any other this season.
  16. Theo Walcott

    Would rather have just kept Gerry.
  17. Theo Walcott

    20m for a proven premier league player who scores goals? You must be mad, that's a bargain in today's economy. Or would you rather have a go at getting Sanchez? Let's be realistic, we don't have the luxury of very good players being interested in us. Just to reiterate though 20m is a very low risk fee.
  18. I agree with pretty much everyone here, but what we are talking about in terms of the DoF role and the set philosophy (I hate that word in football) and a team of staff who all work to the same plan takes time. Not just a year or two. Les Reed did a great job at Southampton, but hes been there almost 8 years. They weren't in the Premier League when he got started there. It all takes time. I'm not saying Walsh is the man, but this is a big change for the club, the day to day running is different. Its not like Bill is used to change either, look a his tenure at the club. Hes always kept people in their positions of years and years. I still think hes part of the problem. We have too many people in good jobs at the club who accept mediocre as an achievement. Real change is needed, not fire everyone and start again. But we certainly need a new CEO, with ambition, and maybe Bills role as a chairman needs to be more of a PR thing than a hands on thing. Whatever happens over the coming years, Moshiri will be propping up the finances and he's going to bring in his own guys, I hope he brings in the right people with the right ambition and the right plan to get there.
  19. Jermaine defoe

    You might want to check your predictive text and change it. !!
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  21. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42676114
  22. Kevin Mirallas

    A un-named source quoted in the Daily Star says he "reportedly told friends"? I'll take that as gospel then.
  23. Theo Walcott

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42704214 What makes me want to cry is while we spunk in excess of £20m on another top 6 reject, Arsenal look to reinvest the cash from selling him and Sanchez in Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Malcom...
  24. Jermaine defoe

    wow, quoting a post with the word isn'tt seems to add another t?
  25. Jermaine defoe

    it isn'tt just me then lol
  26. Pub question

    Hope she's enjoying it Rubes.
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