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  2. Nothing to do with thick and lazy, it's education and opportunity. I'm sure there's 1000s of people who could do your job with the right training. Hate to break it you but all of us are replaceable no matter what skills. You obviously don't respect nurses, I'd argue you have very little understanding of respect. But I'll not digress into your superior complex. Back to the question in hand how can you justify the salary disparity between doctors and nurses, one can afford luxury holidays and some of the other is having to use food banks to get by. Better get, how can you even justify wages and benefits being that low that food banks have become a thing.
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  4. You don’t find them within the far right that’s for sure, you find more people are inline with parties like the BNP, and we all know what they stand for.
  5. I honestly wasn't aware. But it doesn't surprise me.... he's got a sharp brain.
  6. I work in Manchester... can't believe how much they are still growing it. Liverpool is a better city centre in my book.... more atmosphere and warmth.
  7. I recall taking niacinamide... a b vitamin. Made me sleep well. Best of luck matt. Feel for ya
  8. Sounds nothing like socialism and you know it! Altruism and egalitarianism are not the sole preserve of the far left.
  9. No chance it'd work. As a skilled worker I'd be off in a shot as would anyone else with a brain cell in their head. Why on earth would I choose to take such a career if an even larger portion of my wage has to be given over to those who CANNOT and WILL NOT do the job? Not my fault people are thick and lazy! Doctors earn more than nurses because it is precisely a far more skilled job. We all respect the job that nurses do but seriously it is not that highly skilled. It just isn't!
  10. That sounds very much like socialism, pleased you’ve seen the light brother, that sentiment couldn’t be attributed to the leadership of Johnson and Trump and their governments, that are systematically punishing the people in society that require the most help.
  11. Pretty sure it'd work with someone in charge who has strong moral values like Corbyn. You've even given a pretty good example about small communities so I don't see how you're struggling with the concept/idealogy of it working. It's a poor excuse to say human nature. It's not, it's not for people like me, Mike, Shukes, MJB and probably many more on here. Others do ruin it though and I would gladly move to another planet with the rest of us hippies.
  12. Yeah, after i posted I'm wasn't sure if Haf was being sarcastic. 😆
  13. Not madness at all. If wealth was shared more fairly there wouldn't be a massive difference from the bottom to the top. If an MP needs to earn more than the average wage then they're not doing a very good job for everyone. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/youngest-mp-salary-charity-workers-labour-nadia-whittome-a9246686.html%3famp That skills argument is bollocks. Fair enough harder jobs deserve more pay. But compare a doctor to a nurse, both work just as hard albeit a doctor has a higher skill set. Do they really deserve to making 4x more than a nurse? Biggest irk is shareholders. Absolute sham of an idea. Beyond the initial cash investment when first distributed they are just stocks that are meaningless beyond what market powers say. Profits should be shared much more with workers, unions have been destroyed and the rich are getting richer without having any skills or putting in hard graft. Basically the same with landlords too, look at the richest family in the country the Grosvernors. What do they actually do?
  14. This is just madness. Basically what you are saying is that politicians should be wealthy enough to be able to not earn or only earn a very minimal wage. Either that or someone who is not learned or skilful enough to earn a better wage doing a job to earn more money for their family. I just can't get my head around how on earth you think that could ever be a realistic idea. Communism abused by the far right? What are you smoking. Communism doesn't work because someone has to be in charge. It may work in small groups where everyone can effectively have a say but essentially Communism is a dictatorship. The leading party gradually take steps to protect their own position and weaken their rivals, as is human nature unfortunately. You also have to rethink your Scandinavian "socialist" countries again. We have done this before. They are not. They use many of the things you claim to hate in order to balance the bits you like. That belief is not socialism or Communism in my opinion. That just means your a good person, who has been brought up we and has nothing to do with being to the left or right. The question is why should the people who go out in life to make the best of themselves be valued at the same level as those that dont. Do you believe a highly skilled and successful worker (let's say Doctor) should be treated the same as a lowly skilled and underperforming one? Should an astronaut get the same pay as a truck driver? Should the best footballer in the country get paid the same as the worst? Who decides what vocation people get to do? What if one year no-one wants to be a midwife and there is a shortage. Who picks and selects who does what? I know this is aimed at communism that socialism, but it's just a bonkers pie in the sky idea that only holds people back rather than allows them to be the best they can be. Everyone should treat eachother with the same respect as they would expect to be treated with. If the whole world just did that we would all live much fairer, happier and successful lives.
  15. Completely agree, but is our participation in the Europa league really going to be the thing that convinces a top player to sign for us? Obviously the champions league is a whole different story in terms of drawing power, but I'm not sure Europa would do much in the way of attracting quality players. I think Carlo/new stadium/ownership would be a bigger selling point, but I could be wrong there
  16. Things do change but it takes time, over here at least. Spurs knocked and knocked on the door and now they are expected top 4 (well before this season) and Utd aren't. Chelsea and Arsenal are on the fringes again now and Leicester have joined the top (ish) table, albeit not consistently. Smaller teams still have to work harder and that is the difference. It takes a lot more work for Leicester to be there and stay there than it will for Utd to get back there because of the money behind them. Again it goes back to the real value in FFP which IMO should punish debts like the Glazers at Utd than it should like a well run club like Leicester.
  17. I'd argue that the old balls were a lot easier to control. That might just be my first touch worsening as the years go on though! 😂
  18. It's weird how good Utd are against the big boys. Well not weird as it suits them well but it shows they have something about them and if they do find away to start unpicking packed defences they could start being a problem again. They will beat us if they sit back and let us attack but they will probably lose if they come and have a go at us.
  19. As MJB said he is skinnier and wirier. He looks like you could blow him over. Bernard does well when he can find space. When West Ham jumped all over him the other week he couldn't deal with it, but even so that's why I mentioned the position because if he is through the middle he will be up against aggressive and bigger central mids or centre backs as he advances rather than typically smaller and weaker full backs and wingers. It's no just because he is small, it's more that he is slight and to overcome that through the middle in this league and be consistent you need to be top notch.
  20. So despite the down-vote to my previous answer you think feudalism was great and the industrial revolution was a big mistake? Let's get back to the old times where people knew their place eh? Sadly genie can't be put back in the bottle though, we evolve.
  21. Thats the thing. In the current system that's the only position he plays (left wing). I could see him playing in a 3 man central midfield but then that means a change of system. Very good player though.
  22. atletico win! the shite had 0 shots on goal. let's hope more teams copy that method of playing against them.
  23. Not when it comes to your lover's tiffs with Palfy at least To be fair, the info out there is unclear so I am purely speculating.
  24. Maybe controversial but Ballack was a bit of a flop over here wasn't he?
  25. I thought this was the Andre Gomes thread???? Anyways, whilst we are on about Morgan. I just don't know what to make of him. How much is it him and how much of it was the manager? Sometimes players are just doing exactly as the manager is instructing them. I get the impression we have had a run of managers who have been a bit "my way or the highway". If you don't play their way you're out. Has Morgan just been doing as he is told? Is the manager really to blame? Is Ancelotti assessingbwhat he is best at and having him play that way? It certainly seems that since Silva has gone and especially the period under Ferguson that the reigns were let of certain players.
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