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  2. Agree with your sentiments about how there should never be food banks in a first world country pete0 but I suspect we won't ever agree on the cause - and, therefore, the solution. While we have open borders, cheap foreign labour making UK citizens unemployed and are providing welfare to people who have contributed nothing to the welfare system, all we do is stoke demand for welfare even higher. That is basic Keynesian theory - and Keynes is being defined more and more, nowadays, as a Liberal. That said, I have no time for zero hours contracts and the like and I can see this Tory government (now that it has such a majority) pushing back against these type of contracts. The solution lies in controlling demand for welfare not increasing the supply of it imho. Also, controlling immigration (and, with it, the supply of foreign labour) should see employers having to increase salaries and scrap zero hours contracts which will reduce unemployment even further. Not looking for an argument but we can't continue like we are, and throwing yet more money at welfare would only make the demand on it even higher and require austerity in other areas to fund it. We have to move people into more secure, higher paid, permanent employment. It's better for them and better for UK. For me, the solution is a strong Tory government (which we have already got) moving slightly to the Left (which seems to be already happening), rather than the extreme left policies of Corbyn and whichever clone replaces him.
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  4. That article must be blatant lies? Hasn't Niasse turned down offers and is a total Cunt to Everton? I mean that article says we have had no concrete offers at all. And it’s not the first to say it either. But Niasse is a total twat to us for turning these offers down 🙄
  5. I can’t remember to be honest.
  6. Matt

    Bad news

    Best of luck John, hope it gets sorted soon
  7. The issue with the builds with older parts is that DDR3 is obsolete, you would have problems replacing faulty sticks in future. The older processors are power inefficient. You can get new, low end processors that have the same processing power but now use a fraction of the energy to the so. It's a waste of electricity.
  8. Yes this is a much better option. The R5 1600 is now a 3 year old processor but it is much more capable than the others you linked. AMD are popular for mid range builds because you have the option to upgrade to the R7 2700 in future should you choose. I'd have to check but I think with a BIOS update the motherboard could carry the R9 processors too. The memory is the latest DDR4 which is double the speed of the other systems which run the last generation DDR3. Memory is like having a biggerdesk. It allows the processor to get more information put through it so gets through more work. The RX 570 is a capable graphics card and these are very easy to just switch out in future also. The PC comes with an SSD. This is a better option than the old fashioned hard drives and will make using the PC feel much faster. The hard drive traditionally is the slowest part of a computer so it's important to move away from traditional hard drives and move towards SSDs. My previous 2 builds were exclusively SSD based. You will not be disappointed with this PC. It offers good performance straight out of the box and will not limit you down the road.
  9. Obafemi Martins too. Always thought he was fun to watch and I think Kean’s mentioned him as an influence.
  10. In Carlo 442 the LW is the playmaker cutting in to find players and through balls. That is Bernard and he is perfect for that role. The LB bombs the blank. The RW acts more like a wingback offering to Defend and put in crosses while the RB is the hybrid CB in the 3 or RB in the 4 depending on the phase of play. richarlison fits neither winger roles for Carlos system. He fits the striker role for his system. I think that’s why he’s playing there for him.
  11. I said it before, just because he's in a wide position doesn't mean he's a winger who's going to attempt 10 crosses a game. His crossing ability is not the best, that is clear to see, but he's not 'that' player. To put that stat perspective (and before I go on I am aware that the two players are on different levels) Mane has attempted 2 fewer crosses than Richarlison in total, and has 3 more accurate crosses than Richarlison, with those figures being taken from the two playing in wide positions (mane has actually played 7 more games in a wide position). I prefer Richy on the wing, he's much better suited finding space in the box from a wide position and isn't a natural centre forward. In my opinion he's more of a threat out wide than he is centrally. Ancelotti seems to like one winger stretching the opposition with chalk on his boots, and the other wide player sitting narrow linking up play. From what I've he heard Carlo is adaptable and has no fixed style, so who knows if we will see Richarlison wide with Dom and Kean up front. Not sure how that would work as a 442 but we will see.
  12. I think his horrific injury has had a lot to do with it. He’s never really got back to his marauding best. I also agree with your view on the rest. Pickford is a strange one for me and it’s to late for me to start a long post of the reasons why now.
  13. barryj

    New PC

    Thanks - that’s my lack of knowledge 😂 Is this a good deal apparently it is and would be about the max I’d go to. https://www.cclonline.com/pc/specialist-gaming-pcs/pbm/ccl-stryker-mini-gaming-pc/01000102010000000100000002/?siteID=hL3Qp0zRBOc-rev.4J8U3104tIbmiov0Fg
  14. Yesterday
  15. Not looking likely is it? Have faith in Brands and more so Carlo, think(hope) they know exactly what the strategy is.
  16. I’m actually more bothered about getting players out than getting players in during this window. Martina and Niasse obviously but I’d happily see the back of the likes of Schneiderlin and Walcott, even Keane and Sigurdsson without us replacing them (unless the right priority players are available at a sensible price) and I’d see that as a good window.
  17. https://www.thecanary.co/trending/2020/01/28/dwp-minister-thinks-foodbanks-are-a-perfect-solution/?fbclid=IwAR0kQqkWzuAeBPLGYMBIRPaAoMU_-Y6sUV6vEq1hVAEIObOUnNHNPPd6Wxw Does my head in every time I see about food banks. Meant to be a first world country and we've got people who can't even afford to feed themselves. Or should I say a government that starving the very people they're meant to protect. Also on a side note, tories who actually donate to food banks need to give their head a wobble. Essentially you're voting to starve people so you can give them a tin of beans and make yourself feel good. If you really want to do something about it cast your vote accordingly.
  18. Anyone want to try telling the Villa players and fans that the League Cup doesn’t matter ? 👋🏻👋🏻 https://twitter.com/sportingintel/status/1222274611997564935?s=21
  19. Surely we’re not seriously looking to get shut of the super talented Niasse?!
  20. In his defence when he was on the wing our play was so slow the opposition were all back in position making it very easy to stop most crosses to our sole player in the box.
  21. MikeO

    Bad news

    Horrible feeling that, I feel for you.I was only 33 back in 1993 when I had pneumonia and a pulmonary oedema which put me in hospital for a month; literally took me half an hour to get the strength to get put of the bath. Even my cancer adventure didn't come close physically, during that I just kept falling asleep in the bath and waking up in tepid water. Really hope all is confirmed asap, my dad was misdiagnosed in 1994 and by the time they discovered his real problem is was too late to do anything about it; in the hospital's defence it was an extremely rare syndrome that was very difficult to spot.
  22. Run a mile. They are speccing 2nd and 3rd generation core i5 processors. They're about 7 years old now.
  23. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/everton-duo-oumar-niasse-cuco-17645773
  24. More evidence to support that he needs to be in the box - he’s a striker and a very good one at that - wasted on the wing!
  25. johnh

    Bad news

    Thanks again guys. The weirdest thing is that on the days I'm wiped out I can hardly move out of my chair. When I make a cup of tea I have to sit down three or four times during proceedings. This is what it was like yesterday. Today I get up and I am just back to normal. Can't understand why I felt so bad yesterday! Can do anything today, go out for a walk, do some jobs (though if it's something I don't fancy doing, I tell her indoors that I'm still a bit woozy!) Thinking back, I remember that when I played football, in about 4 or 5 games a season, I used to get mega heart palpitations which lasted for several seconds. As I always considered myself to be 'as fit as a lop' (Yorkshire saying) I never bothered going to the doctor about it. Well they might have told me to stop playing!
  26. Yep high hopes for the lad... he really does remind me of Rooney.
  27. I think Kean has shown good work ethic it hasn’t quite come together for him yet, but you can’t knock him for trying, still only 19 so plenty of time to yet.
  28. Best wishes John... hope all goes well.
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