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  2. Jordan Pickford

    Strange, please enlighten me.
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  4. Gylfi Sigurdsson

    Change Gana for Rooney and Beningime for Davies and your spot on, otherwise Gylfi and Walcott might as well stay in the dressing room cause Gana won't be able to make the passes they need to feed off, and Rooney can he's proved it he's got the ability and vision, Gana possess neither of those attributes he stops the team from being an attacking force with his negative play and no passing skills. But besides that all good.
  5. Hello from the Fans' Forum

    Please pass on my gratitude to the fan engagement team and all the academy coaches involved in the kids training sessions at Finch Farm today Superb event and there will be some extremely happy young Evertonians going to bed smiles on their faces tonight
  6. Jordan Pickford

  7. Longest Thread! for Everton Discussion

    Hats off to the club and the fan engagement team again . I’ve been down at Finch Farm watching the girls enjoying themselves at the kids training day the the academy coaches laid on today They really looked after the kids and it was a day they won’t forget, they are still buzzing now
  8. Ademola Lookman

    Lookman looked really good tonight. He’s so good on the ball. Dowell played well in parts as well. Nearly gave a goal away, but going forward he is dangerous. DCL had a decent cameo as well. If he could learn to finish, he can be a real player. Has everything a forward needs.... other than finishing haha! Kenny got some minutes as well and looked like a young Hibbert, solid and tough.
  9. Tom Davies

    He has - he was an unused sub.
  10. Tom Davies

    Anyone any thoughts on why he hasn't made the England U21s squad? Surprises me when I imagine he's played more Premiership minutes than anyone else in the squad. Enjoyed watching our first youngsters who did play v Romania though
  11. Jordan Pickford

    I wouldn’t. I want our keeper out there representing the club and country in front of the world.
  12. Pickford is our only Beyoncé arse and you better remember it.
  13. Moussa Marega

    I hope this isn'tt true 35 m for a nobody
  14. Jordan Pickford

    I’d rather one of the other keepers in the England squad plays, quite frankly.
  15. There's not a pick on baines that's why if he can stay fit he's got a couple more years left in him.
  16. Ademola Lookman

    Switched just as I said that! Kenny on for Gray, Lookman over to the left, Dowell into the hole
  17. Ademola Lookman

    Interesting that he's being played down the middle for England U21s tonight with Dowell wide right. And preferred for his country in that position to DCL...
  18. Cricket Thread

    Aww, those loveable Aussies always play cricket in the right spirit. The same way they love to dish out the verbals during matches but go crying to anyone that will listen when it’s given right back at them.
  19. Facebook Data Breach Scandal

    Yeah I hate social media too and only have FB been looking for a way out, think this is it. Fuck off zuckerberg you scum helping trump and brexit
  20. Cricket Thread

    How can Smith keep his job? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/43526870
  21. Facebook Data Breach Scandal

    I went ahead and deleted my FB profile/app, even though I know they still have my data from the past. I'm not surpised that they'd do this. I really just dislike social media in general.
  22. Jack Wilshere

    I would love for him to come here and shut me up but I just can't see it happening, maybe I'm wrong.
  23. England.

    I'm a bit half and half with it. I was a bit dubious of the front 3 but when they got the opportunity they did ok, they always looked like they could cause a threat however when Kane comes back in I'm not sure how that will work. Henderson played well, Chamberlain ok, Stones was great and I just love how he defends albeit I appreciate it probably scares some, and even the others at the back did well considering it was all a bit new to them. The problem I have is that Holland were terrible, very much a Koeman style performance, solid enough for 2/3rds of the pitch and then no threat and even then they had 2 spells in the game where I was concerned that they were going to turn it on. Against a tuned up top side we would get ripped apart IMO and on the flip side, against a team that sat back themselves we would lack any cleverness and creativity to cause too many problems. We basically just had pace and a team sitting deep will negate that, especially when we add Kane to the side who will remove more pace and isn'tt creative. There is definitely more promise than there has been for a long time but whether it actually makes any difference in the summer I'm not so sure.
  24. Baines has a bit of an arse on him as well!
  25. Jack Wilshere

    I'd imagine it would be the complete opposite. Wilshere is the type of player we need, a complete player, to play alongside the bits and pieces players we have at the moment. Walcotts are much easier to come across than Wilsheres imo.
  26. Rumours Without A Link

    I have watched him a couple of times and have never thought that he would be a top half Prem player, maybe for Burnley I suppose, but no-one else. Played well but made a silly decision gIving away a pen against Soton.
  27. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 0 - 3 City None
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