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  2. Do you mean the 4 out of 6 or the 7 out of a possible 12? With only Spurs of note. I agree the results have been slightly more favourable but I’m far from saying it’s a positive trend. Especially as we had to rely on getting a point against 10 men and the worst Spurs side I’ve seen at GP in at least a decade.
  3. There’s an argument that Theo has started to but he needs to do it consistently. I don’t believe Morgan has done anything to prove his detractors wrong.
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  5. A good manager and a good man, but your right, not flexible in his approach, just wouldn’t or didn’t know how to shut up shop when we needed to hold on to a lead.
  6. I would have thought they are happier proving their detractors wrong, I know I am.
  7. I think like Lookman and possibly Kenny they want to play, and if they don’t there be off especially when they don’t see much better in front of them. That’s my perspective on it, I’m sure they haven’t come to make the numbers up. There agents aren’t going to allow that to happen regardless of the players thoughts.
  8. matt, palfy is one of those unforgiving old guys who thinks he knows everything and demands nothing but perfection from people. he himself isn't perfect but he would never admit to that. he must be an absolute joy to work for.....
  9. Cheers Palfy, just tweeted Owen Jones. Hopefully he picks up the stick.
  10. I don’t know I feel I’m quite a good judge at knowing if a film is going to be my cup of tea or not after 15 minutes. Now if we look at our season in a100 minute time scale, we have about 33 minutes of it elapsed, so for me I’m quite sure that it’s been poor and frankly not good enough. I’ve already fallen asleep whilst you’re munching through your 2nd bucket of popcorn thinking when is this going to get any better.
  11. What? Witsel was better back then, he's even better now. Schneiderlin was United misfit and when we splashed the cash, they happily let him go. If we continue to buy misfits from those above us, I don't know how do we expect to move above them in the first place.
  12. Too many fans haven’t got over the training ground incident. Though I’m sure similar would have happened many times since then but stayed in house.
  13. Unfortunately Morgan is a vanilla player who seems to have 1 negative key moment per game. I remember when we signed him thinking thank god we missed out on Axel Witsel and got him.... mental
  14. It’s a bit like when people compare a few photos taken from the beginning of a movie. You often need to see a film all the way through to know if It gets a sequel. Very rare that you know in the first 15 mins that the 100 min film will be a failure
  15. Yes. It’s been a rough start but recent trend seems to be positive
  16. Morgan's still getting it as far as I can see. He's played well recently but he's still said to have had a shit game.
  17. https://www.evertonfc.com/news/1498233/silva-provides-update-on-bernard-and-delph
  18. Maybe we just don’t need to put too much pressure on him? We are used to seeing the club buy players for the future, DCL, Stones, Holgate, we didn’t insist they all get in the team straight away. They took time to grow and settle in, just because he played for Juve and cost a fortune (because he is so talented) why would we not afford him the same time?
  19. I wonder if Theo and Morgan are happy that Silva is taking the stick they usually get?
  20. I’m not sure it was dishonesty with him, I think he was an honest man. It seemed to me that his favourite motivation tool was to tell everyone positives, all of the time. He lost it for me when he said he would rather lose playing attractive football than win ugly. It’s a results business.
  21. That is one very clever point, I’m going to assume that you never saw that written or said by anyone else, and if that’s the case you need to email that to the other parties fighting this election, I’m sure one of them would run with that. Best post on here for along time, well done Pete 👌👏👏👏👏
  22. Pickford sidibe Mina Holgate Digne Gylfi Davies Iwobi walcott DCL Richarlison lets be brave, we will have most the ball so let’s have attack minded players on it, both their centre backs are not tall so DCL will be a threat.
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  24. Remember when Diane Abbot got her numbers mixed up and it was a massive deal. Why's it not so much of a big deal when it's an over privileged white man...
  25. He needs a run of games and maybe some of that Martinez positivity from Silva.
  26. I would imagine with games coming up kean will get a chance. Norwich are struggling for centre halves so why not try something different.
  27. There’s obviously a big difference in opinion of what constitutes doing so well.
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