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  2. We saw out the 90 against Newcastle and look how that ended 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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  4. I’ve already said that but some seem happy to ignore it
  5. Keane was the better player last season. No one was calling for the club to bring Holgate back from loan to go into the first team. Holgate has now improved way beyond anything he has ever done for us before, and hopefully he continues.
  6. You were made up he came and thought he was better than Holgate. I didn't see any shouts from you last season for Holgate to come in for him. You only made the one comment but let's be honest that was more a dig at Lukaku to down play him scoring a goal. I changed my opinion on DCL, Koeman saw something in him that not many of us did. How was Davies at fault for both goals?
  7. Yep. We just have no one. id even see us go with a “narrow” 4-3-1-2. To get an extra body in midfield and Bernard behind the 2
  8. Exactly Haf, that’s why I only ever argue with Palfy. I never get proven wrong that way 😉
  9. It’s personal opinion after watching him show countless times that he lacks ability in an extreme way. You won’t even find his biggest “fans” saying he has ability, it’s all about his determination. Against Newcastle he has a breakaway on with DCL supporting him, his next touch was a fucking tackle and he lost the ball. That’s a lack of a ability. Not to mention Newcastle then went down our end and scored their first.
  10. It is very difficult to score goals when playing for clubs fighting relegation. However, he has manage to score against Man Utd and Liverpool while playing for Hull. The Cardiff manager was full of praise for him. His scoring stats on goals per minute was impressive when Koeman brought him back into the team. I've seen enough of Niasse to realise he has enough attributes to play in the premiership. Any cries of lacking in ability is based on personal opinion.
  11. He did, I thought the same. Just meant he was slightly better than useless though
  12. Both played well against Newcastle (for the most part) but there's no way Watford will be 10 yards away from them at all times like for our previous game. They'll be hounded from the first whistle and I worry about us if that's our pairing for this game.
  13. He's scored 12 goals in 4 years. 4 of them for Hull. And one for us with his arse.
  14. My thoughts too. Either can get bullied by a stronger opponent.
  15. I was never convinced by Keane since he got rolled so easily by lukaku when we played Burnley. Too slow. He did at times shoe games where you thought he had something.... but that's probably true with Davies really isn't it. Here's the thing Pete.....it is possible that a players change in performances can change your opinion - you don't have to pin your colours to the mast..... I know it can be a knock to the ego to admit a player proves you wrong but that's football. Players improve and decline..... you don't have to make posts to fit your first opinion.
  16. Agreed. I assume Carlo doesn't do his dirty washing in public because some other managers would have called out the complete unprofessionalism that caused the goals. The levels of professionalism in our team arevscandalous and seemingly contagious. We have had schneiderlein lying on the floor waiting for a foul that wasn't whilst a player picked out the top bin.... add on to that what happened the other night and I hope that behind closed doors the management team have a conversation which sounds like "Mentally poor, got to go. Passenger, got to go, bad attitude got to go" Of course on the training pitch he will be all pleasant and keeping them in the dark and motivating them as best as possible toll he calls them aside and says "Bangor city have bid £50k for you, it's too good to turn down, a car is waiting for you"
  17. Probably getting crazy deals signed for them
  18. I'd settle for stability and a positive trend in performances, on the pitch and behind the scenes. Mass clear out definitely needed.
  19. We're must be quite politically aligned then, so on that basis (if you're not already familiar) I recommend this podcast which I can't get enough off Outstanding guests and analysis. He's a German political scientist but based in US. https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-good-fight/id1198765424
  20. Agree. Only this is the misconception that Keane is better than holgate against a physical opponent. I’ve seen Keane get bullied by Ayoze Pérez and atleast Holgate has the pace on the recovery. Richarlison adds goals and hopefully Kean kicks on! Delph and Morgan get another go. See out the 90 here and we get 3 points.
  21. RPG


  22. i thought they were losing money since they aren't in CL anymore?
  23. Exactly what you’ve said. Great attitude and application unfortunately not up to the skill set we need. I think he’s done pretty well out of us and we got some crucial goals from here. Both need to move on one other.
  24. He's not technically good enough for this level of football - I don't think that's open for debate really.
  25. He has shown at times good technical ability.
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