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  2. If you stop our goods at the border as a show of power we will stop your goods at the border, it will not be all one way traffic, call it war if you like but you can be sure of one thing we will enjoy our marmite dinner in the safe knowledge that you are suffering as well. So put your big stick attitude away and don’t believe that you hold all the power because you don’t, the biggest power in the EU is on the brink of a recession the French are rioting the Italians are close to recession and could likely be the next to leave. We will survive as an independent nation and if we can’t do free trade with you we will find other partners to trade with, this would have huge implications for the rest of Europe, but your problem is because you fear that we might flourish and do well as a country, you are trying to put as many obstacles in the way as possible to try and make sure that doesn’t happen, because if it did it could spell disaster for the direction the EU is taking. Your argument of we will do this to you but you can’t do this to us has certainly got my back up, and is making me consider whether I really want to be part of something that has that small minded way of attitude, I could go a lot stronger but in the interest of harmony for the moment I won’t.
  3. Good news about Digne. Hopefully we can get through a game with a clean bill of health and no reds! Would like to see Iwobi get some minutes. DCL needs a goal, badly. Really hope he can find the net here as his hold up play has been excellent for the most part. Would love another clean sheet, 0-3 Everton!
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  6. Absolutely. I'm not one of them. I was too young ti drink back then (in the ground any way). More likely to have a bovril if I'm cold than a pint these days, old before my time. Regarding the racism when I was a young teen I used to join in with the Everton are white hello hello. Until I realised it was racist, maybe I'm a little niave or autistic but before I found out it was a race thing I used to just think it was weird we sung 'Everton are white' as opposed to blue and white. I didn't realise the racist connotations.
  7. Any game bar man u I'll be willing to sell if you can't get a ticket and are coming from overseas (if you're a regular poster). Anyone who needs a ticket just tag me with the @ rather than inbox me as I don't always notice the inboxes. I'm potentially working most weekends now so you'd be doing me a favour.
  8. I think when, over your all-Marmite Christmas dinner, you finally understand the difference between the disruption of leaving a unified market and the marginal benefit of an FTA, you'll find that, in fact, irony is dead. 😉 What the hell are you talking about Palfy? I point out that it is in the economic intrest of the UK to keep its borders open to goods which it doesn't produce (as Johnson has said), in the same way the EU will keep its market accessible to UK services that the EU can't provide itself, and you set off on this rant about UK Blitzkrieg spirit stating 'facts' that don't make any sense whatsover. It's a true mark of British exceptionalism that being treated as any other third country by the EU is interpreted as an act of war.
  9. Do you think he does christenings? I’m not religious but thinking I can be born again if he holds my head and leads me to the promised land
  10. Good post. I think we have the right man. He seems to be more confident in his pressers aswell 🤭
  11. If I'm honest I never wanted Marco Silva, but couldn't really think of who I would've wanted instead. Apart from feeling he hadn't done enough at Watford, I found it worrying that we were continuing to pursue a manager who appeared to fall to pieces after having his head turned. But when he got here I gave him my full support and thought 'No matter how he starts, he needs at least 18 months to get things right and put his own players and system in place. Then we can see how things are'. We had a good strong finish to last season, and we've started decent enough this season. But we all know how quickly a situation can turn, how easily the wheels can come off and have everything come crashing down. So I'll wait until the end of the year before I start criticising or praising the guy. By then we should be in a far better position to judge him, the foundation he has laid, the players he's brought in, his system and tactics, and also how we appear to be progressing with him in charge. Hopefully Silva will turn out to be the man to take us to where we want to be, or at least put us on the next level... because we can really do without the Managerial merry-go-round. Including Silva, we've had four Managers in about five years plus two stints by Unsworth. That type of disruption to the Club, players, and staff, just isn't good at all.
  12. Confession is good for the soul, you're forgiven, we'll say no more about it. Don't let it happen again though
  13. Yes... yes I admit it... I've been seeing another forum. It was all innocent enough at first... you know... I would just look. But then I found myself wanting more, and I thought "one little post will be fine, no one needs to know". Before I knew it I was out of control posting about players, score predictions, and even started using emojis. I'm so disappointed in myself 😞
  14. From the Echo: " Everton boss Marco Silva has confirmed Lucas Digne is fit and available for his side's trip to face Aston Villa on Friday. There were initially some doubts over the availability of the defender after he was withdrawn in the second half against Watford last weekend. However, the French international trained with the rest of the squad this week and the manager has confirmed he will be up for selection as the Blues travel to the Midlands on Friday evening. Leighton Baines, who hasn't featured for Everton yet this season, is also available after recovering from a thigh issue. "
  15. Then nothing for the rest of the season 😄 To be honest, I think with is pace and tricky play Bernard could catch their defence out early in the game.
  16. Just going to cut 'n' paste what I wrote on another forum: Not keen on the Friday evening kickoff if I'm honest, but really looking forward to the game. I like Aston Villa, and this is a good old fashioned fixture between two traditional clubs who both have a rich footballing history.It's early in the season and Villa are a bit of an unknown quantity, having just been promoted, so I just hope we can do the business and come away with all three points, and not get caught off guard.Apparently, if we keep a clean sheet on Friday, it will be the first time since the 1912/13 season that we have not conceded a goal in our first three fixtures. Spurs 2-0, Boro 0-0, and Notts County 4-0. Mind you, I believe Villa went on to win the FA Cup and came runners up in the League that season; with us finishing 11th, one place above Liverpool.
  17. Waiting list nowadays. https://www.evertonfc.com/tickets/season-tickets/waiting-list
  18. Poetry corner; for some reason Monty Python stuff invaded my head-space earlier! Horace. Much to his Mum and Dad's dismay, Horace ate himself one day. He didn't stop to say his grace, He just sat down and ate his face. "We can't have this!" His Dad declared, "If that lad's ate, he should be shared." But even as they spoke they saw, Horace eating more and more: First his legs and then his thighs, His arms, his nose, his hair, his eyes... "Stop him someone!" Mother cried, "Those eyeballs would be better fried!" But all to late, for they were gone, And he had started on his dong... "Oh! foolish child!" the father mourns, "You could have deep fried that with prawns, Some parsely and some tarter sauce..." But H. was on his second course: His liver and his lights and lung, His ears, his neck, his chin, his tongue; "To think I raised him from the cot, And now he's going to scoff the lot!" His Mother cried: "What shall we do? What's left won't even make a stew..." And as she wept her son was seen, To eat his head, his heart, his spleen. And there he lay, a boy no more, Just a stomache, on the floor... None the less, since it was his, They ate it - that's what haggis is. * * No it isn't. Ed. Haggis is a kind of stuffed black pudding eaten by the Scots and considered by them to be not only a delicacy but fit for human consumption. The minced heart, liver, and lungs of a sheep, calf or other animal's inner organs are mixed with oatmeal, sealed and boiled in maw in the sheep's intestinal stomache-bag and... Excuse me a minute. Ed. Port Shoem by The Speverent Rooner I’ve a Gouse and Harden in the country An ace I call my plown, A treat I can replace to When I beed to knee alone. Catterfly and butterpillar Perch on beefy lough And I listen to the dats and cogs As they mark and they biaow. Yes wature here is nunderful There is no weed for nords, While silling by my windowflutter Biny little tirds. Short Poem Po.
  19. Aston Villa 1 Everton 3 Bernard
  20. Do season tickets ever come up for sale these days. My 16 year old nephew is desperate to get a season ticket. He wants to know is there a chance of him getting one anywhere. He could get a match by match ticket, but it's a little bit too much for his mum to afford for the whole season.
  21. Crowd will be up for it but a Friday night game our lads should be rocking and give the team a real boost
  22. I’m not a big racing fan but I heard about this horse called enable. It’s lost one race and it might end up to be the best horse of all time. I’ve won money on it for the last three races but today at York it was 1/5!! Frankie dettori is always on it which obviously helps but unless you have hue money to risk there’s no point on betting on it. With racing being shady at best it’s only going to be a matter of time when it loses and people in the know will really make the money. Ps if anyone likes a flutter Stradivarius at York tommorow is where the money is 👍
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