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  3. We had a 'front garden drinks' this afternoon. Good (shouting) natter with neighbours. Almost felt back to normal! Provides a good opportunity to see if anyone has problems they can be helped with.
  4. Every night? That would piss me off to be honest; I'm in bed by that time on occasion so someone belting out opera would just piss me off more than I already am. We have the Thursday night 8:00pm applause going on and I've joined in with that, but some of the people in our road are doing an 11.00am "dance" session (to YMCA most recently) which is for me about as useful as a chocolate teapot. I'm not about to go out and complain and people are dealing with this the best way they can for them but honestly it's not something I need to hear.
  5. Every night at 21h everyone goes to their balconies or front doors to clap and ring bells. 3 weeks of it now but today someone setup their sound system and was belting out an opera piece. Very moving.
  6. 99.9% of us are... educating the wife in STTNG episodes before we start with Picard
  7. A true European and now we’re leaving 🥵
  8. Somewhat, but as I've posted on here in the past I had my DNA tested a while back and I'm mostly Viking!
  9. So you’re Scottish then😁
  10. Not really analysed it a lot yet Palf; the software I'm using has provided a couple of chunks of hits so it now has 115 people on it going back in one branch to one William White born in 1751. I've got a bit of Inman in me (Cold Mountain anyone?) and also some Sharp, must get in touch with cousin Graeme!
  11. I'll put this in here rather than the covid thread because it's not exactly a hardship compared to that but a few weeks ago we ordered a new corner unit sofa so arranged to have our old sofa collected and dumped (too tatty even for charity shops to be interested), so some bloke came around to collect it just before lock-down. New one delivery was delayed (being made in China) so we cancelled the order and went into Oak Furniture land and picked another one, made in England. When I got home I looked at the confirmation email and realised they'd got the configuration and the size wrong so went back and they then came to conclusion that they didn't even make the thing in the size we ordered so cancelled again. Day or two later lock-down. So for the duration of this 'king virus we have exactly one comfy chair in the front room. Now it is a very comfy chair (recliner with footstool) but the problem is its solitude. If more than one of us wants to sit together in there the options are... 1. Office chair. 2. Dining room chair. 3. Steal the footstool (and it'd take a braver man than me to deprive the wife of it). Just a small irritation in the grand scheme of things but typing it out got me through another ten minutes or so, only another x months to go.
  12. Any surprises Mike that’s a long way back.
  13. Wife has watched Boardwalk Empire god knows how many times but I just can't get into it, I find the acting really wooden personally but I know many (wife included) love it. I'm actually finding it hard to get excited by anything the way things are; feels (for me) a bit like time spent in hospital and bored to tears but doing anything seems like too much hard work. Completely counter-intuitive I know but it must be something in my psyche, the one thing I have achieved is expanding my family tree back to 1751 which is eight generations back now.👍
  14. The first series of Lucky Man was excellent but didn’t find the second as good, so dipped out of it early on.
  15. I recorded the film Lonesman and watched that today quite a dark western staring and directed by Tommy Lee Jones, I wouldn’t say it was brilliant but well worth a look.
  16. In between watching Boardwalk Empire again I watched the Start of Stan Lees Lucky Man, I'm not very keen on Nesbit as a serious actor but I think he's brilliant in this. So much so that I've just started the second series, worth watching if you haven't seen it.
  17. No way could it go ahead with current restrictions in place, but you'd hope by November things will be sorted. The rallies and stuff you could do without anyway if needed.
  18. Congratulations MJB. My daughter turns 5 in May, and I'm hoping we'll be able to make it a good day despite everything going on.
  19. Hearing small murmurs that the election could possibly not happen... I really hope that's not the case. That would be Trump's dream come true.
  20. Whatever is best for the squad, if Carlo doesn’t want to use him then sell while his value and age is still high. We paid nothing for him.
  21. Having watched him on the Andrew Marr show this morning I feel confident he will connect with the country, I know he won’t have everyone’s backing in Labour particularly the far left of the Party, but he has the backing of the union’s who generally stoke the far left. I hope we see the return of some of the MPs who left the under Corbyn if we see that happening it will send a clear message to Labour voters who left or remained, that Labour are once again are united and the country needs a strong united Labour Party, even if you are a Tory or Liberal, we need accountability and not governments that are so powerful they do what they want without redress when they get it so wrong.
  22. Already dismissed the rumours according to The Echo: Everton winger Bernard has dismissed reports claiming he could move to Roma this summer. Reports have emerged over the last few days claiming that the Blues were in talks with the Italian side over a transfer in the upcoming window. But the 27-year-old has responded to the rumours in a bid to quash talk he could leave Goodison. “This is a lie,” the Brazilian international wrote on Instagram.
  23. Just read a report that he is possibly going to Italy in the summer, it would appear he is not happy here, and Ancelotti isn’t trying to persuade him otherwise he’s trying to help find him a club,. Apparently Roma have been mentioned.
  24. June 6th - Villa home behind closed doors. (No logic to that!)
  25. Yesterday
  26. If he doesn’t turn the Labour Party round I dread to think what will become of Labour as credible power in this country Mike without wishing to appear rude I hope you’re concerns about him prove to be unfounded, or we shall live the rest of our lives in the shadow of a Tory government, now how depressing is that thought.
  27. My son made 6 years old today. I’m so thankful for a healthy and happy son, I love him. Thankful for the wife and daughter too, but today is his day. Lots of Pokémon gifts and a razor scooter, even got some cupcakes delivered in the lockdown. Simple day but joy filled. Very grateful.
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