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  2. Not me I’m lover not a fighter 😀
  3. You got any Everton players in there..?
  4. Waaaaaay to civil for me. Someone throw a punch!
  5. Watching the WBA vs Sheffield United game and didn't realise how Holgate seems to have filled out a fair amount this season! He also looks class on the ball. Maybe RB is his position, could save us a few quid on a RB next year if he keeps progressing with Kenny also pushing for it. Dowell took his header really well too.
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  7. Fully agree and of course it goes with out saying I would be delighted to be proved wrong, and I hope you get a good return on your shares if you ever decide to sell.
  8. They used to be on the club website, I think the shareholders association still keep them on the website though.
  9. As a supporter of 34 years, season ticket holder of over ten and a shareholder (I think 16 years but I’m not sure) I’ve seen the club in a much worse state than this, pretty much every year Bill owned the club we were worse off and run with a very low standard of expectation at the top of the club. I’ve seen that all change massively since he’s come in. The risks may be the clubs, but the greater the clubs risk the less his shares are worth, which then puts the risk back on his toes too. You know I’ll always respect your opinion and you’re fully entitled to it, I just completely disagree with every single point you’ve made. We won’t change each other’s view, so not worth us carrying on the debate. I hope he proves you wrong and I’m sure you’ll be happy about it if he does.
  10. I've been saying that for ever Bailey, I despise the system as it is.
  11. But where does this start and stop? The main parties change their minds all the time and then on the other hand they dont change their judgment when new information comes to light (ie Brexit). How many times has May said something that she has gone back on? Corbyn doesnt even follow the decisions made at their party conference. I get why people would suggest these independents should trigger a fresh election and in 'normal' times I would probably agree with them but the two main parties themselves are that bad that I would like to see more MPs become independent. Generally speaking, I actually think the country would be in a better place and politics would be more transparant if MPs were given more freedom to make their own decisions.
  12. Really excited by this Wales/England game about to start, could be a classic (though I hope it's a walk in the park for the guys in white, unlikely I know). Exeter back to the top of the league earlier was a nice hors d'oeuvre though.
  13. Ok post the accounts pre Moshiri and now.
  14. Since we put five past Burnley on Boxing Day they've gone 5-3-0=18 points while we've gone 2-0-6=6 points.
  15. "...it ought to be the happiness and glory of a representative to live in the strictest union, the closest correspondence, and the most unreserved communication with his constituents. Their wishes ought to have great weight with him; their opinion, high respect; their business, unremitted attention. It is his duty to sacrifice his repose, his pleasures, his satisfactions, to theirs; and above all, ever, and in all cases, to prefer their interest to his own. But his unbiassed opinion, his mature judgment, his enlightened conscience, he ought not to sacrifice to you, to any man, or to any set of men living. These he does not derive from your pleasure; no, nor from the law and the constitution. They are a trust from Providence, for the abuse of which he is deeply answerable. Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion." Edmund Burke.
  16. We aren’t in a worse position though Palfy. You may feel more despondent and down, but I suggest that’s more to going on, on the pitch rather than off it. And that’s clouding your judgment. We can only go on the accountancy sheets submitted. And they say that we are in a healthier position than we have been for a good few years. The club set up is in a much more healthy position also. We have a good structure and this will help us in regards to stadium and expansion. Not all businessmen are cold hard ass’s. Some enjoy what they do. Some do it to show they are capable of doing it. Some do it for others. Mom not arguing whether or not Moshiri has the acumen to run this club or not, for me the jury is still out. But we ARE in a better position financially than pre Moshiri.
  17. But Steve there still debts that have to be repaid when he chooses to call them in, he’s an account mate he knows how to make accounts look good that’s his job, trust me he’s here for the money you paint him as some friendly benefactor of the club he’s not like you said he’s a business man not a football man but his big ego as you pointed out is that he thinks he’s a football man and that’s the reason with all the money we are worse off. Who’s the owners he’s having a friendly competition with its not the owners of Arsenal Chelsea Utd or City they are well above his league when it comes to wealth, he couldn’t even get an audience with Kronke. yes I do own my own businesses and I run them well that’s because I know my industry if I ran my company’s like he’s run this club I would have been bankrupt years ago, you seem to think he’s playing with his own money and the club a free from any of the costs, well it’s all at the risk of the club the club have loaned the money from him and the banks and sold their best assets to support his fuck up, we are in a far worse position financially. And I'm a supporter not a shareholder or a employee I'm someone who has supported this club for nearly 52 years I’ve been a season ticket holder a couple of times now I go to the odd games most away from home than home, and I would like to become a season ticket holder again hopefully in the new stadium, but he has to be the most incompetent owner in the PL and in all my years as a supporter I have never felt as low as I do now about the club and I squarely lay that at his door it’s a complete and utter embarrassment what he’s done since joining shocking truly abysmal.
  18. Another right back who broke his leg against Wales? Weird.
  19. Yes, I am also seriously surprised Rubes. There is a word for individuals who, having been elected to represent a party and a manifesto, instead force their own (and different) views onto the people who voted for them. 'Dictatorial' is the word that comes to mind. If these people had any integrity they would resign as MP's and trigger a by-election and put their views to the test. Some hope, we are talking politicians here.
  20. Edit: sorry unsure why it’s gone large font. Can’t change it from my phone.
  21. These billionaires do it for the bravado, for their ego, so they can tell their other rich mates they have a premier league football club to match the yacht. To say the club is in a worse financial state is ridiculous, have you read the last two years accounts? We are financially stronger. He put money in, with loans that have no repayment date and no interest. We were paying millions in interest alone for the last twenty years. As a businessman surely you can see the difference he has made to how the company is now run? The complete corporate restructure, removing poor performance and bringing in experts in their fields. Yes the on field performance has been poor, he hired the managers, but that’s all he’s guilty of as far as I’m concerned. I know plenty of other shareholders who feel a whole lot more comfortable with what he’s doing than they have for the last two decades of amateurs running the club. People like Denise and Sasha are making a difference, he needs Brands to make the difference on the pitch now.
  22. Of course they make money some might not see very much until they sell, and some take millions out of the clubs each year as well, they don’t buy for the love of the game they buy for the investment on the basis they can make a club be worth considerably more than they paid for it. And to think Moshiri is here for the love of the club or football in general is ridiculous trust me Steve he’s here to make a lot of money on his investment The trouble with him is he thought it would be easy by throwing money at it and it hasn’t worked, why because he doesn’t know what he’s doing he reminds me of the banking sector of 90s and 00s just throw money at people and it will come back in droves, financially the club is technically in a worse position than before he came in it owes millions to him and the banks, the money for Stones Lukaku and others has been literally thrown away about 150 million then he loaned us 100 million whether that all went on players who knows, but we have spent 300 million on players since he arrived god knows what we’ve spent on top of that in managers and football directors. That’s why we are worse off than before he arrived 350-400 million spent on playing staff and playing the worse football I’ve seen for years and we’re not worse off were the same no way mate it’s a lot worse all the way through the club and going by this season we haven’t hit the bottom of the big hole he’s bought us yet. Yes the club did need someone to come in but we ended up with a totally clueless dick another Fred the shred he’s responsible for every manager since he arrived, I could go on for ever but I’m boring myself now he as proven to be a calamitous owner and in my opinion we haven’t paid the final price of his fuck ups but to many just see the pound signs and not the performance of what his money has or should I say hasn’t done.
  23. Any billionaire who’s in football for the money is an idiot, no one makes money owning a football club anymore. It costs them a fortune, unless you own Man Utd and you leverage your assets it’s very very hard to make money and be competitive at the same time. I don’t see why you think we are failing Palfy? Yeah haven’t won anything but we aren’t any worse off than we were under Bill. We’re just about the same, but with a bit of muscle in the market.
  24. Usmanov was on the board Moshiri tried to get on the board for years they wouldn’t have him I wonder why that was not hard to work out really is it, so he comes here because he wants to be involved with a PL club not because he supports us or cares about us he’s in it for the money, like most owners in this league. Like I said money doesn’t automatically buy you success when you haven’t got a clue how to work or operate in what ever industry you buy into you end up like us failing, he’s made a catalogue of errors misjudgments and come out with ridiculous statements about players, it’s quite frankly embarrassing the position this club finds its self in since he arrived. And let’s not credit him for the stadium it was on the horizon along time before he arrived, and if Kenwright sold to someone else it would be in the same position as a is now.
  25. Shame none of the councils here have a pot to piss in to do similar and it's not like the self serving landlords in Parliament will push through legislation that would put a stop to their money trees. https://www.citylab.com/equity/2019/02/berlin-germany-housing-rent-how-much-price-landlord-policies/582898/
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