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  2. Exactly, he’s giving him a chance to sort it Not what you were saying before though
  3. We were called the Mersey millionaires under Moores.... not sure we were part of any movement to stop rich owners buying and investing in other clubs. Millionaires and of recent - billionaires have injected so much capital into the game that the English premier league is the most watched on the planet. The tv rights don't come without elite level talent - the elite level talent doesn't come without money. All very well United, Chelsea and Liverpool wanting to shut the doors.... we didn't grumble when we were getting £5m transfer kitties under kenwright whilst rich owners bought our best players.... we were pissed off but accepted that it would be this way till we got investment. Now we have a rich bloke waiting in the wings, sponsoring allsorts in Order to sneak the money in...... ffs- our club has a community conscience just like man city do. They deserve all they are getting after freefalling to the 3rd division and getting near 30k fans turning up to watch. Klopp saying it's a dark day for football that Man Cities ban got overturned..... he needs to read up on what happened in Brussels in 1985 the balloon.
  4. Carlo doesn't do mourinho washing in public.... he's a nice fella but he doesnt tolerate shite. I took his interview as being.... yeah he's got talent but at the moment he's shite, I've told him it's shite.... and I'm not having it. Sort it or get gone.
  5. Today
  6. Historically just of cup of team then. Seriously hope we side step this.
  7. Everton have been poor in their past three games but the manner of defeat at Wolves marked a new low for Ancelotti. “When there is no fight I think this is not the DNA of this club,” he said. “My style is to have a direct relationship and direct communication with the players. I speak with them for a lot of reasons – technical reasons, tactical reasons, behavioural reasons; a lot of things. In the last few days we have focused on the attitude. Today in training I have seen a different attitude and I hope that tomorrow it will be the same in the game.”
  8. https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/36306/12029055/lando-norris-from-f1-rookie-to-2020-star
  9. Hopefully we've decided to stop overspending and wasting money and aren't interested anymore.
  10. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11096/12028231/anthony-gordon-exclusive-everton-and-englands-bright-new-hope
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8526893/Zaha-set-summer-uncertainty-Newcastle-Everton-Atletico-Bayern-interested.html
  12. There’s no way he will because a/ doesn’t need to and plenty of positions absolutely do, and b/ Pickford is a very good keeper despite making some daft mistakes (don’t think anyone has denied the last bit nor claimed he’s the best keeper ever). At least in the next 2 windows. i know you’ve chosen your new chew toy but come on now. Carlo has spoken of his quality, spoken about his attitude and told him the latter is not good enough. Keeper agreed. How you’ve equated that to him definitely getting a new keeper and Pickford being moved on would be a mystery to most.
  13. And it's just wrong, so I'm glad we weren't involved in that nonsense. If you have the money then you should be able to spend it. Competition should not be stifled.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/15/premier-league-clubs-move-boycott-advertising-firms-fuel-hatred
  15. He has been poor of late and he obviously recognises that, but the manager also knows he has got ability and is willing to give the opportunity to get back to were he should be, but that won’t be for ever so a reaction is required from him, he as point to prove, and I believe he will
  16. Not sure what Carlos on about.... he's Jordan pickford - England's best keeper.... doesn't make mistakes any more than other keepers. I'd probably be looking at rightmove if i was pickford. No way is Ancellotti not going to sign a keeper.
  17. Need to look at numbers of people who voted him. Currently 20. The fact you can vote for multiple means I don’t know how many have participated but it could be only 20 therefore that would obviously be 100%. I’d suspect (Not got the will now) the 15% is the percentage of totals votes.
  18. Sat in Bristol airport it’s so quiet that the flight departure boards are displaying all flights up until end of Sunday. Hope the flights the same I might be able to have a lay down a cross 3 seats.
  19. I think we are going to need that many players that Pickfords going to have another season - he needs to mature and really prove himself as a reliable option between the sticks. For me it’s 2x Cb’s ( Mina’s persistently injures) Gabriel or someone similar and maybe a Thiago silva. 2x Cm’s - Proper ball winner - exactly what Gbamin is meant to be and hopefully his injury issues are done. Someone who can keep the ball. Rakitic has 1 yr on his contract and could be exactly what moutinho is to wolves for us but better. Winger - just want 1 winger, who is fast and wants to be a winger. Give kenny a go at Rb and coleman to compete. Pickford on notice to improve.
  20. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jul/15/borderline-sociopath-boris-johnson-misjudges-mood-chamber-pmqs?fbclid=IwAR3WAHGUQqUQFBY3aL4XivYxAXhravOvh_j0miwHjTWXltn-Wxw0RvSsjSk
  21. Not sure how the numbers are being tabulated but they don't look right. Can't be that only 15% of people voting have polled Siggurdson as a bottler. Don't think anyone on here is on his side anymore.
  22. That's spot on Leicester got one back and were battering us but he changed things and we were pretty comfortable after that
  23. Yesterday
  24. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jul/15/coronavirus-contracts-government-transparency-pandemic?fbclid=IwAR2hXC_pvOMAdukjxx863YJy3wj33p3ZEphlDTvN7jAHQd6Uc_CWoKMFZfc
  25. This. Perez would be a much better bet.
  26. You will have to tell me how he could/should have spent money in January. The only value in January is signing players who could leave for free in the summer.... most clubs will only let players go if they are surplus to requirements.... which if they are usually means they aren't exactly playing or playing well... I'm struggling to think of top January transfers, not saying there aren't- just struggling to think of any. I personally can't wait for him to make his mark on the team with his choice of players.
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