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  2. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/brexit-news-latest-boris-johnson-sends-unsigned-letter-to-eu-requesting-extension-to-brexit-deadline-a4266001.html?fbclid=IwAR0hKLY3sfzCSKdiomxSqggnOc0PD06LaUlJ-0Udqfgr9UuU5r4y2XZASKA Imagine backing this buffoon.
  3. Played really well, impressed with his ability to get forward and still look solid defensively, along with Davies and Bernard deserves to keep his place.
  4. 🤣Guilty, f'ck. Memo to self....
  5. I am a Davies fan and thought he played well, what I liked is his fast, accurate passing that always looked to get us going forward. He had one of the best records for both passes made and accuracy in the match. Much better than Morgan who takes an eternity to pass the ball, which usually involves a turn on the ball, a look around, then a pass back to a defender. His partnership with Gomes looks good with both taking turns getting forward while the other covered. Definitely deserves a run in the side.
  6. Exactly. Other teams make us look shot at times. When we turn it around we make teams look shit. I hate this... we only beat them because they were crap......bullshit. You play to your level. I don’t need to explain that.
  7. It'll be interesting to see if Marco sticks with him for the next game of if the skipper comes back in.
  8. I’m the same. Thought he did ok. But nothing better than Seamus. I think he surprised people because we all expected him to be a pile of crap, but he did ok, so we’re all thinking it was better than it was. Just my thoughts though haha everyone has their own minds.
  9. My computer at work doesn't have spell check on the broswer... Something I heavily rely on!
  10. Today
  11. As long as it's better that your spelling he'll be fine😂.
  12. Horrible.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50111754 To be honest I'm not overly surprised, the South West (big cities like Bristol, Exeter, Taunton and Plymouth aside) have very few people of colour and racism is rife. The school that Josh went to (for example) in the "market town" a few miles from us had absolutely no black students at all in a total of around 750 throughout his whole time there so there was no integration. Our old next door neighbour was actually commissioned to research SW racism (can't remember by who, but she was a well respected academic so it'd have been a serious body) some years ago and I read the draft before she submitted it and it was pretty awful. I salute Yeovil as a club for their behaviour though, just hope the FA deal with it fairly.
  13. Deserves credit for the phase of play just before Siggys goal. Turned his man and drove us up the pitch beautifully, resulting in a goal. The lad seems to have outstanding technqiue.
  14. Allowed the team to play in a completely different way today and was involved so much more than Sigurdsson has been. It's almost as if when siggy plays we have 10 men on the pitch and 1 other who can score a screamer every now and then. He had a bit of a brain fart infront of goal but I know he normally would take chances like that. He looks like hes got real quality and will be a threat to Siggys position this sesaon. Finally a CAM with a bit of pace and the ability the dribble the ball.
  15. Thought all of the back 4 played well with a couple of hiccups each. The telling difference was that they had time to adjust and command despite hiccups because the 2 CMs gave them time to do that.
  16. Looked okay, but no better than Coleman on his day. We need someone who can whip a ball in from the right side like we can from the left.
  17. Was torn between the two, Gomes did make some beutiful passes and controlled the midfield start to finish, howver defensively Mina commanded everything and is really growing into his own this season. If we signed Zouma next summer and a proper RB our backline will be fantastic.
  18. Not if he comes back, but when he comes back I think he meant. He needs to be rewarded for a good performance or he will not be happy.
  19. I don’t think we allowed them to look fucking awful. We didn’t allow them to put a performance in at all, good or bad. Everton were just fucking brilliant.
  20. You’ll know when, I won’t hide it 😛
  21. I was seriously impressed with him and will be fuming if Coleman comes straight back in.
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