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  2. https://www.teamtalk.com/news/everton-rocked-as-chelsea-take-tough-stance-over-loan-star-zouma
  3. He's going to be offered a one year deal, apparently. Not a surprise.
  4. https://www.football365.com/news/silva-hits-out-at-media-for-lack-of-credit-over-man-utd-win
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  6. Just on this Pete ..... Roy Keane .... what are the exceptional things he did that made him such a revered player?
  7. Amazing what you get people to do pete ... you create an invalid arguement to detract away from the prior shite that you spouted which gets debunked..... Ganas shit ..... he's not shit he's played well..... what did he do that was exceptional...... no one said he's exceptional at anything in particular he gets us on the ball and it's valuable ..... Tom Davies could do that - it's the managers fault for not developing youth..... You have 2 agendas.... one to slate gana at the expense of Davies (previously schneiderlein bit I think you have even given up that ghost) the other is to say that we haven't improved under Silva...... and that allardyce should still be here.
  8. I’m sure Theo will start on Saturday. Will that free up a place in the bench for one of the under 23s? Be nice to see that happen
  9. Just watched the highlights again. It was a simple pass to make. But the telling point is that Gana was in our own penalty area with UTD attacking us. He then steps in to make an interception, plays the ball out to the wing, runs forward and accepts the one-two, has a great first touch which instantly puts us into a counter attacking position, while injecting a big deal of pace, then passes the ball to Siggy, who earns Gana an assist. I really don’t see Davies doing that at all. As much as a rate Davies, he would have protected that ball, as there weren’t many options ahead of him.
  10. Don’t disagree with any of that, just the cut off for not good enough, so agree to disagree there
  11. Yesterday
  12. Good read. I’ve been working on a little Leict based tattoo idea for before we leave GP. Something based around my Dad taking me to the Bullens and now where I sit with friends in Gwladys.
  13. They’ve done a job in the team when needed, but I’m sure they all have ambitions to play every week. I think if that’s what they want they’ll end up elsewhere, if not replaced by more signings in the coming seasons.
  14. Plus one. Strange thing is Robertson has probably been their best player this season, they could win the league and not one of their players have been the best. Never seen anything like it, deserve a draw most games but manage to get the whole three.
  15. If someone had been to see the midnight release and was talking about it and I read it before I’d been this afternoon then I’d just see it as my own fault.
  16. Voted by the players so the only logic is that the voting happened during his purple patch when Ole had just taken over. Hazard not being in is ridiculous and David Silva - 2 players there who show it every week over the whole season rather than Pogba’s few weeks when he could be arsed.
  17. Ossie saying Digne should've been in, can't argue with that myself...
  18. It’s called consideration for others mate. Not everyone can get out first day of release. Even the directors and cast have a campaign going on asking people the exact same thing! https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/16/entertainment/avengers-endgame-russo-brothers-trnd/index.html
  19. But they have made the first team when needed and largely been good. Just because someone is better than them in a position doesn’t mean they’re not good enough, it means there’s someone better. Someone who isn’t good enough isnt worthy of a squad number for me.
  20. Maybe I'll give it a go at some point then, from the start; have all of them because wife watches the previous ones repeatedly, just not a genre that's ever really interested me but I'm willing to be persuaded. At the moment I'm bingeing GoT from the start between new episodes to check I know exactly what's built up to it (and making sure I've missed nothing), half way through series two at the mo; just watched Melisandre giving "birth".
  21. I see “not good enough” as someone who isn’t going to be good enough to make the first team, not good enough to make a difference. I just don’t see enough in these lads to see that. Not shouldn’t wear the shirt, they are all good lads, I just don’t think they possess enough talent to make the grade apart from the three mentioned. You know me well enough to know id love nothing more than to be proved wrong by all of these lads. Nothing better than home grown players in the side.
  22. Tbf it’s out now so anyone that’s seen it should be able to talk about it. It’s down to you to avoid, not for people not to talk about it.
  23. No talking of Endgame. Nothing is allowed. I will ban anyone who gives a spoiler without regret or hesitation.
  24. I know, after the last home game last season, the guys in front of me turned round, and almost in unison we said " thank god that's over for this season" Being an optimist I always think we will be better next game, hasn't been too bad the last few home games eh!
  25. Got to say, Pete, was worried when you quoted me for a minute can’t say he didn’t change anything, he just took a long time to realise a change was needed. At least he made it, for me that’s a huge surprise
  26. But no Hazard Pogba is so average it actually hurts. I honestly wouldn’t have him ahead of any of our midfielders. He just prances about the pitch doing fuck all 99% of the time and the other 1% he’s just alright. Not special. Not great. Not a stand out. Just alright.
  27. It’s immense, Mike. A brilliant way to end a 10 year story. This movie is going to make a shit load of money. Easy.
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