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  3. Big fan of Bernard but needs to find that extra level of end product then he makes the list. 2/3 players away from a very very competitive team and squad.
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  5. Done other clubs buying players left right and centre? Apart from Real Madrid nothing much has happened yet. Chill out Palfy, it’s early.
  6. Pickford Gomes Digne and Richarlison walk into most teams in the league, when you look at the rest of your lineup we are just 2-3 players away from challenging the top 6, a striker a CD and possibly a play maker.
  7. Football matches are 90 minutes, I hope the sponsors are putting up enough cash for this.
  8. If only we’d got him when we first tried to.
  9. Rumours regarding any strikers have gone a bit quiet. Hope we've got something lined up all hush hush
  10. Utterly breathtaking, even up in the seats. A light show Floyd would be proud of, and three tracks that, if they are from the new album, has me even more excited for it. Again, Floyd-esq with the build up and structure but classic Tool riffs and sound. Physically and mentally exhausted but can’t stop laughing!
  11. If you put Zouma and one good striker in that squad we've got a fookin good team.
  12. Zouma and Neres would suit me fine.😀
  13. Who would consistently start for a top 4 team? Digne, Gomes and Pickford.
  14. What a success Brands has been. Stellar appointment and our finest signing I think
  15. Your thoughts on our players that could players that could play at top 4 level...? My view... Starters Gomes Richarlison Digne Bernard Pickford Subs Sig Gana Keane Coleman
  16. So happy to finally see this concluded, 22m and five year contract, brilliant! Looking forward to see what else Marcel and Marco have lined up 👍💙
  17. Don’t know mate maybe we have different targets there focusing on and hopefully all will be revealed soon.
  18. A people person for the people’s club, besides being a top class player he’s a top bloke gonna be a great fit for us.
  19. "I'm back" Absolutely made up he's ours. Will be a legend.
  20. Great news they must have come back off their holidays and things😜 €25m and a five year deal reported by one football if true that’s a bargain.
  21. £22 million? Jesus thats a steal
  22. Fucking get in. I’m in line for the next hug André
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