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#417922 New Fan...Where do I start?

Posted by Ben on 04 Aug 2014 - 02:54

You all appear to be insane...which only confirms I made the right choice for a club.
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#398167 Arsenal at Goodison

Posted by markjazzbassist on 06 Apr 2014 - 14:28

best weekend of my life.  my son was born (watched the game with me), and everton win 3-0.  such a great effort by the lads, baines my MOTM, wonderful passing and movement of the ball up the field, he can be our english Lahm for sure!  McCarthy and Barry were spot on and straight up outplayed Arteta and Flamini.  Sorry to see Osman go, but happy with Barkley!

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#398179 Arsenal at Goodison

Posted by c1982 on 06 Apr 2014 - 14:43

Fair play to Arteta for not celebrating his goal today!
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#384677 Difficult one this, but on balance feel the need to post it....

Posted by MikeO on 14 Jan 2014 - 21:52

Not going to turn this into a "cancer diary" because those want a bit more info are getting it already but I'll update briefly on occasion because of all of the kind responses.


Surgery last week was a success and I've had my first chemo & radiotherapy sessions in the last couple of days. Feel great, really positive, bring it on :).


That'll do :lol:.

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#356527 Norwich City (Away) FT: 2-2

Posted by Peter H on 05 Aug 2013 - 08:53

Discuss folks. 



The Modern English word folk, derives from Old English folc meaning "common people", "men", "tribe" or "multitude". The Old English noun itself came from Proto-Germanic *fulka which perhaps originally referred to a "host of warriors". Compare Old Norse folk meaning "people" but more so "army" or "detachment", German Gefolge ("retinue"), and Lithuanian pulkas meaning "crowd". The latter is considered to be an early Lithuanian loanword from Germanic origin, cf. Belarusian полк - połkmeaning regiment and German Pulk for a group of persons standing together.

The word became colloquialized (usually in the plural folks) in English in the sense "people", and was considered inelegant by the beginning of the 19th century. It re-entered academic English through the invention of the word folklore in 1846

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#520497 Ronald Koeman

Posted by swisstiss on 07 Jun 2016 - 10:29

Hi lads. In peace as a saints supporter.


Think you've bagged Koeman, I know you've got mixed feelings but he's a solid choice. I was surprised he'd go to Everton, because he'd been pretty firm about staying and clear about finishing his contract here. My guess is that in the end we never offered him an ambitious, or expensive enough, offer. All the Soton club talk has been about ambition, building a good structure in terms of player development, recruiting, partnerships etc. to push for Europa League every season, but I guess in the end even what we pitched to Koeman wasn't ambitious enough.


So that's the good part, I think he'll be more forward thinking than you would guess. I know there's talk of him not taking you to the next level, but I wouldn't be so pessimistic. Bear in mind he's got a lot more to work with at Everton, in terms of transfer money and squad depth/quality, and I guess in the end that's why he's likely to join you.


So what do you get with RK?

He's been solid for us, Saints fan alike will tell you that he's got a strong tactical head, he likes to play good, positive attacking football but is also very capable at making us better ogranised, good at defending etc. We noticed a difference between Pochettino and Koeman, Pochettino seemed to just out-attack the other team, constantly pressing and stretching the squad, with attackers high up the pitch and defenders sitting back a little. It was a good tactic, we scored a lot but the defensive drill wasn't there as much. Koeman introduced much better organised defense, it was really under RK that the whole 'defending starts from the front' line began to come out much more strongly. That's why he favours players that are willing to track back and help out. It's no surprise that the good success story of this season has been Shane Long with his workrate at hustling defences and coming back to help defend. Koeman is versatile, if you remember season before last he switched formation when we were having a real lull in the season, I think we actually played Everton in that game (with 5 at the back) and won. He did a similar thing last season, playing back 5 for a few games. He didn't trust our right back, Cedric, at defending, and he didn't trust Cuco Martina, our backup RB, for anything at all really. So he played back 5, Bertrand playing as a centreback, for a while. In other words, he really isn't afraid to change up the system and play players out of position. That can be good, because Bertrand has excelled in that role, it can also be bad, for instance playing Yoshida (CB) at RB for several games where he made heinous mistakes. He definitely favours defensive midfielders, hence why last summer we got in Romeu, Clasie etc. Both are defensive, Romeu arguably moreso although Clasie has a reputation of being a tough little guy. This was in a season that we kept Wanyama, as well. So defensive midfield is a big thing. He really doesn't appreciate small nifty attackers. Juanmi, bought last season, and Ramirez (returning from loan) hardly got a look in. Obviously they just weren't up to the physical standard of the premier league, although it could be argued that he just isn't that keen on this kind of attacker. Mane is pretty strong, even though he goes down easily. So he's defensive minded, but he also likes good play. His standard formation for us has been 4-2-3-1, with a big CF up top. Bear in mind Pelle is a favourite of his, as is long, both are good in the air although Pelle's workrate is at times questionable. Steven Davis, James Ward-Prowse, Mane have also been a key part of the saints set-up this year. Make of that what you will as regards qualities he favours. He left Dusan Tadic on the bench for a lot of the season, even though he has been outstanding season before last and made good showings last year as well. Set pieces are a big point for him. Yoshida, but more prominently as season went on Cuco Martina, replacing Cedric as first choice RB, was an indication that he likes height in the box, and expects the RB to play closer to his own box, rather than out wide, allowing players on the wing, such as Tadic, JWP etc. to track back to the corner flag to be defending crosses.


He seems to be a good people manager, and several players have come out to say they enjoy playing under such a well renowned defender of his experience. He speaks several languages, which probably helps. However, don't be mistaken in thinking that all our players were his idea. Pelle, Tadic, Romeu, Van Dijk had already been touted (probably by Paul Mitchell, now at Spurs as head of recruiting) before his arrival. Mind you it's difficult to escape the Dutch nationality/played in Eredivisie links. Now that the rumours of Koeman leaving are starting to snowball, some stuff has come out about maybe his relationship with some players not being 100%, and that certain individuals were going to be happy that he's gone. I don't know how true it is.


It's true that we're sad to see him go. He comes across as a real nice bloke. But without wanting to finish on a low, it must be said that I don't want Saints successes over the past two seasons attributed to him (i.e. that you can be tempted to think, "he's taken them to their highest ever league finishes"). We have an excellent club structure, scouting and player development system, and our management (aside from notable high profile fiasco's including this one, Alderwiereld transfer and any-other-SFC-transfer-rumour) seem to be very steady and capable. In other words, he's had good people around him. We seem to find that not an insignificant number of players/managers who come here tend to have a wobble when they leave, or collapse completely. The former is understandable, the latter could be down to the club structure making them appear much more capable than they are. I'll leave that there.


Koeman can bring out the best in some of your players, and he'll love having a diverse squad that can provide different playing styles/options. In other words, expect that he'll want to have a fast striker, a big CF, a tricky player like Deulofeu (is that how you spell?), wingers, players who can play as either full back or centre back, etc. He likes to have diversity so that second half he can change it up.


Listen, I know these are rumours and you and me both are anxiously waiting any announcement...but good luck, hope this provides some interesting food for thought. Get back to me if you've got any questions - happy to try and answer!

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#573618 Aaron Lennon

Posted by hafnia on 03 May 2017 - 07:08

I had a bad episode when 27... too much drinking, experimenting with recreational drugs and i was exhausted. My brain chemistry went up the wall and I felt awful.

Fortunately my family were able to see this and I got help. Nothing more than a long chat with a psychiatrist who advised me that I was running on empty with my neurotransmitters all over the show due to the stimulants/depressants. He helped me to understand times when I was depressed but didn't know it... how to rationalise thoughts etc. He told me that I had already learned coping mechanisms and to put them in place.

6 months of antidepressants (which have their place but switched me off)... exercise, fish oils, vitamin b, quality sleep, support of my family, not touching a certain glamourised drug and cutting down drink helped. I was at an age that seems to be common for men to have an episode of depression. It is very common.

The fact is - I like many men have pre disposition to depression. It's important that anyone who reads this "talks to someone" if they ever get low.... I'm a strong person and all that stuff..... it doesn't matter. Depression is a real illness and when it hits it hits hard. It's a lonely place and people need to be able to talk to beat this stigma.

Wanted to share this in case anyone who reads this struggles themselves.... it's not a sign of weakness.... it's a sign you've been too strong for too long.
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#399155 Loans - what drivel

Posted by Louis on 13 Apr 2014 - 09:45

Oliver Kay in the Times:

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#395309 Seamus Coleman

Posted by MikeO on 19 Mar 2014 - 13:40

£15m :rofl: . Glad the United board have given that the green light :rolleyes:.


Be interested to see what signal they get from the Everton boardfinger.gif!

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#391135 Same old Everton

Posted by NyarkosLeftToe on 18 Feb 2014 - 11:36

New to this site so I don't know anyone or how people are, i've just come on here during work time hoping to have discussions with some proper Everton fans. Winds me up how much doom and gloom goes along with being an Everton fan, you get it at the match all the time people moaning because a player misplaces a pass or we draw with a team a few places below us and its the end of the world.


This season has been a good season whether we finish 1st or 11th, we have a new manager that plays football the right way and knows how to make posiitive substitutions, we have been unlucky with timing of injurys but you can't expect any new manager to come in and perform miracles immediately! Its a working progress and we are definitely moving in the right direction, the McCarthy shout was beyond deluded, the lad has been brilliant.


I'm looking forward to the next few years under Bobby and I think all Everton fans should.

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#537988 My debut for Everton

Posted by Bearveton on 08 Sep 2016 - 11:42

Hi all,
I became a toffee when I came to Liverpool to see my friends in 2004. Some where Liverpool fans, some Everton (and one Tranmere) but the Everton blokes were nicer blokes so they took me to Everton vs Middlesbrough in September 2004. Everton won 1-0. I have been an Evertonian since that day.
Five years ago I moved from my home country Australia to Hong Kong. I recently found out about the Everton supporters team and have recently joined. It was a great honour to play my first competitive match playing wearing the famous Everton shirt. Unfortunately we lost 2-1 to Spurs but loved the experience of wearing the badge.
The team was very respectful wearing black arm bands and holding a minutes silent for the young lady and fan who recently passed on.
I made a short video highlights of my touches (including my two bad ones!) in this video. We are hoping for a good season ahead!

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