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Just A Few Things I Can't Understand As A Blue...

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#1 herefordblue


    Daniel Amokachi

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Posted 31 Jul 2008 - 20:53

Myself, Im delighted that Wyness has left, that bloke really was a Liar, and hopefully now we won't be moving to Kirkby, as a feared it could have had huge implications for the Club as a whole, financially ect...

Now, IMO, Moyes signing a contract is brilliant news, top man, however Kenwright really needs to go. Fair enough, the bloke is a Blue, but we need someone with Financial backing, and somebody who has the belief to push Everton back to Great things, as we've waited too long. Were struggling to compete with Villa and Spurs ect, and in the end, they will take us over, and we'll lag behind with the chasing pack once again.

Moyes is a manager who needs money. He has worked wonders with little money, so Moyes with Money could be amazing. We need a signing like Moutinho to really give us something to breed off before the Season, something that will show the others we are intent on keeping our position, or improving it. Other areas that worry me are striking options, and especially Hibbert at RB. The lad is loyal, however for a Club chasing Europe, he just isn't good enough, and Im suprised he is still here.

The money we got for Johnson needs to be spent wisely. A move for Moutinho is key IMO, and also perhaps a move for Bent, and a replacement RB. Like Moyes stated earlier, we need players challenging for First Team places to get the Places more competitive to put in the Performances.

Last Season, was good, and was an improvement on the last few, however we really haven't shown much in the way of intention on moving even further forward, which is what we need to do as a Club, because we are certainly big enough to compete, with a bit of financial backing, which hopefully we will get sooner rather than later, before its too late.

Here's hoping Moyes gets some Star Players in, and we can have another successful season ahead.

Another thing that really annoys me, is my Local JJB, Don't even stock the Kit, which is Pathetic as they are the official Everton Kit sellers. I have to travel to Cardiff just to get the Everton top sometimes. I really hope we get a decent Shop willing to actually place the kit in. Everton need a Big Club shop in the Middle of Liverpool Immediately.

I will probably get slated for this Post but I felt I needed to get my Points Across.


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#2 Bill


    Alex. Top player

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Posted 31 Jul 2008 - 21:12

Herefordblue ............. Now, IMO, Moyes signing a contract is brilliant news.


Has'nt signed it yet, said his priority was to get 3 or 4 players in first, but he hopes to sign in two weeks. Was more or less telling the board that if theres no money for players he wont sign, and would anybody blame him.
The smallest squad in the prem for the last 3 seasons is even smaller this season.
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#3 Fozastuta


    Mikel Arteta

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Posted 31 Jul 2008 - 21:18

Not off me you wont mate. I appreciate those who may support him, and i wont shout them down. However, Mr Kenwright lacks the business acumen and the business clout to move Everton forward. This is no kneejerk reaction from myself, i asked serious questions of the man and his backers when they took full control, after all they were part of the Johnson regime. The selling of assets, the lack of funding for our manager, 3m net spend in 6 years, people forget that when they spout the breaking of transfer records. There is serious problems at Everton, but because the garden isn't rosey, Kenwrights no where to be seen.
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#4 Guest_blueboy122_*

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Posted 01 Aug 2008 - 12:10

i agree with fozastuta. however licker moyes said we need 5 or 6 not 3 or 4. we would be buggerd if we only signed 3 or 4 players!
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#5 JD in DC

JD in DC

    Mick Lyons

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Posted 01 Aug 2008 - 14:16

The smallest squad in the prem for the last 3 seasons is even smaller this season.

Aston Villa has been the smallest squad in the prem for the last 3 seasons, though we admittedly haven't been that much larger. But I agree with your essential point...we need more players and we need them fast. It's too bad football teams basically only trade players for money and not (as a rule) for other players; it would've been nice to be able to get a package of 3 decent players back in exchange for unloading AJ, for instance, instead of a wad of cash that will disappear under mysterious circumstances shortly after its arrival.
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#6 Rubecula



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Posted 01 Aug 2008 - 19:52

IMO BK is just a fan like the rest of us who was in the right place at the right time with the right cash to get the club.

There are better people around to move the club forward, but while he holds the reins it is not going to happen.

However there may be some secret person in the background with money who wants to buy the club and is good at the business.

Be nice to think that there is a rich multi billionaire who loves Everton and wants a slice of it.
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#7 StevO


    Blagging on the basis of knowledge

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Posted 02 Aug 2008 - 14:51

Be nice to think that there is a rich multi billionaire who loves Everton and wants a slice of it.

Sir Phillip Green fits the bill, but not sure if he wants a slice or not.
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