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God We Were Shit Last Night

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#1 djlduffy


    Mikel Arteta

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Posted 15 Dec 2005 - 14:49

Worst performance i have witnessed this season i think. We didn't seem capable of keeping possession of the ball which is a very basic skill required to win a football match. Kilbane, Osman, Weir and Bent were dreadful last night and i think i may cry if i see Bent wearing the Royal Blue again. Beattie took his goal well but still seems slow of the mark and hardly a 20 a seasoner.

Weir had a nightmare. Would anyone please explain the Per Koldrup situation to me? This is fast becoming a 5 million pound farce.

:lol: :lol: :P
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#2 Bill


    Alex. Top player

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Posted 15 Dec 2005 - 15:48

Yeah it was another west Brom performance, if one plays bad, they all play bad.

Cant work it out, we are better than that. f f s it just does'nt make any sense. :lol:
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#3 FairWooney


    Kevin Sheedy

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Posted 15 Dec 2005 - 16:10

definately wasn't our worst performance of the year.

it wasn't good but there were times when we looked very good, unfortunately not often enough. and some players were playing very well, Beattie, Yobo (again) and Arteta when he came on.

I've seen a couple of games this season where I couldn't say anything about us was good.
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#4 Zed


    Dave Hickson

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Posted 15 Dec 2005 - 16:24

i may cry if i see Bent wearing the Royal Blue again

You and the rest of us I think, what a one season wonder

Beattie took his goal well, and its fecking typical, him and Faddy started well and look like developing a good relationship and faddy gets injured.


Anyway, you wont see me for a while, Everton are making my brain hurt, so I dont want anything to do with them until Saturday

See you then
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#5 Adam


    Dave Hickson

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Posted 15 Dec 2005 - 16:55

Anyone know how long Mcfadden is out for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God how times have changed. 1 month ago we most prob wouldn't care how long McFadden was out for
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#6 jared


    Lee Carsley

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Posted 16 Dec 2005 - 03:17

I think we all should forget the West ham game and start support them for the Bolton match on Saturday.
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#7 Guest_fozzie22_*

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Posted 16 Dec 2005 - 03:30

Its going to be an up and down season thats for sure,at this moment in time a top 10 place looks a long way off.

Once again our lack of depth is costing us dear,that and a fuckwit called weir
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#8 GoldfishMemory


    Dave Hickson

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Posted 16 Dec 2005 - 13:18

You and the rest of us I think, what a one season wonder


And exactly which season mite that be Zed!

He has neva had any good points to his play! Fast - what use is that if u cant control a football, shoot, dribble, take people on or cross. We signed him and shortly after i took my bird to the League cup match, sum 1 started a song that i still think sums him up!

Your Bent & you know you are! <_<
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