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#1 comeonblueboys


    Tim Howard

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Posted 06 Apr 2007 - 22:25

I think that Lescott seems to be getting better and better in the left back role. OK he's also a great cb but does anyone think that longterm he could become an equally excellent fullback? He's got pace and is reasonably comfortable on the ball, and can get some good balls in. I think Gary Neville started off as a centre back but because of his height moved to rb. OK he's never been the best going forward but you can't deny that he's had a great career in that position.
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#2 aaron


    Everton Aren't We

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Posted 06 Apr 2007 - 22:36

after the last few games of him LB i'd play him ther emore often, he is like Ashley Cole, goes forward and helps attack and gets back and defendes brilliantly.
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#3 CraccerC


    Simão Sabrosa

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Posted 06 Apr 2007 - 23:01

good at it, can play both, but stubbs wont last forever... so left back or centre alf we need to bring in and i think id prefer a quick LB

but he does do a good job there
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#4 Pat


    "Former Coca Cola Yo Yo Championship Runner Up"

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Posted 07 Apr 2007 - 03:20

He is potentially the Best C/Half in the land.

So on that note I would seek a left back :)
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#5 jofanon


    Kevin Sheedy

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Posted 07 Apr 2007 - 07:51

I'm really surprised how good he is coming forwards!

He plays some lovely balls (the one to Carsley against Fulham last night was Aretea-esque) and he regularly seems to beat a player.

Love him, quality.
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#6 Sickboy


    Duncan McKenzie

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Posted 07 Apr 2007 - 07:55

his crossing last night was fantastic, hes solid at the back & always looks dangerous coming forward. Top quality. The way stubbs has been playing though, we should keep him at left back for now & move him back when stubbs is out/gone.
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#7 Blue 250

Blue 250

    Bob Latchford

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Posted 07 Apr 2007 - 09:22

What ever way you look at it Lescott must rate as one of the best signings
in the prem for years.....thank God Kroldrup was shown the door!Other wise
he'd be playing for one of the teams above us.
Where do you start with Lescott?....Big,strong.....can play across the back,
good at going forward,hardley ever wasted possession last night!
Oh yeh!.....he's young,he's English.....a certain choise for our player of
the season.....He even showed last night he can create goals/chances..

The signing of Lescott.....Was a good days work Mr Moyes!!
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#8 sheedysheedysheedy


    Leon Osman

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Posted 07 Apr 2007 - 10:52

He's a great player all round and a snip at £5m. As for long term left back, whilst he can do the job, Centre backs are nuch harder to come by so I can see Moyes moving him into CB as soon as we can find a decent, reliable LB (easier said than done looking at the current lot).

Give us so much more though having full backs that will venture forward, think that's why we missed Hibert so much this season.
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#9 Romey 1878

Romey 1878


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Posted 07 Apr 2007 - 11:16

He's a good left back but that should not be his permanent position IMO. He is a cb first and foremost and thats the way it should stay.
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#10 Bill


    Alex. Top player

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Posted 07 Apr 2007 - 11:18

Nooooooooo please dont keep him at fullback, he's a great centre half and would only ruin him switching to fullback, as was done to another good centre half Unsworth, (england cap) but got turned into a faily average fullback ....... god knows why.
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#11 Jackelz


    Jake da Snake

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Posted 07 Apr 2007 - 11:40

he is really great left back and we know that cus thats more a less what we have seen him do all season but just imagin what he could do in the position he plays if we give him a proper season there ;)
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#12 StevO


    Blagging on the basis of knowledge

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Posted 07 Apr 2007 - 12:22

he is a very good left back, but no thanks, centre half all the way!
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#13 thebluenose


    ALEX:Immortal Justice Lead Guitarist and backing Vocalist

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Posted 07 Apr 2007 - 17:21

same here. id keep him centre back. but if the need calls. put him at left back coz we know he can do a job there.
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#14 RuffRob


    Peter Reid

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Posted 10 Apr 2007 - 10:06

If I could clone Lescott I would. He has been as good as left back as I have seen in the Premiersip this season considering it not really his position. Gets forward really well and is just so good in the tackle. For an unfavoured position just awsome. It is no wonder he is miles ahead in out 3-2-1 players poll, easily my player of the season, and has acheived that playing out of position for the most part.

I wouldn't swop Ashley Cole surposedly the best left back in the county for him right now.

Great centre back and a great left back.

Just so glad he is an Everton player
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#15 thebluenose


    ALEX:Immortal Justice Lead Guitarist and backing Vocalist

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Posted 10 Apr 2007 - 10:47

ashley (im betrayed by arsenal as they didnt give me 70k a week. my lifes shite) cole isnt themost overated left back in the country

thats the thing with this country. the media dont half say some shit. overhyping our players every world cup/euro cup. and when they dont deliver 90% of the country are disappointed.

Edited by thebluenose, 10 Apr 2007 - 10:47.

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