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#1 jofanon


    Kevin Sheedy

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Posted 30 Apr 2007 - 07:26

As I'm in a constructive mood...

I can't believe how rubbish he is. He decision making is awful, he can't pass, can't shoot and he has the body strength of a 5 year old (a weak one).
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#2 GoldfishMemory


    Dave Hickson

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Posted 30 Apr 2007 - 07:36

He's gone missing this season for sure & only realy looked good in 2004 when we were playing 5 in midfield and he could "hide" amongs them!

I like the lad but he is being found wanting far too much for a premier league starter IMO!!
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#3 Bill


    Alex. Top player

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Posted 30 Apr 2007 - 09:21

I like Osman, and have said several times we always look better going forward when he is playing, but have to admit he has been below form on a lot of occasions this season but who hasnt, Neville and Arteta have had similar seasons, and why is this ???
Can anybody tell me what position is Osmans natural position, or nevilles, or arteta's,...... every week these players are being asked to play in a different position to a different system, and they dont know wether they're coming or going, this is the problem of a small squad and not having the players to play in natural positions,

Think we've had about seven players tried out on the left mid/wing this season NAYSMITH, MC FADDEN, ARTETA, VAN DER MEYDE, OSMAN, FERNANDES, and i'm sure there was some more, but everytime these players get switched around, everybody else has to be switched around, THATS NO WAY TO GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR PLAYERS.

Until we sign some natural left footed wide men we will always have this problem, i would be happy to see osman relegated to the bench and be a good squad player, because if we want to go up a level we need better players, but until that happens he is the best we have available. Managers choice...... 33 GAMES THIS SEASON.

thats just my opinion, for what its worth.
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#4 MikeO


    Scars are tattoos with better stories.

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Posted 30 Apr 2007 - 09:53

Like Osman also and agree with a lot of that Bill. He does sometimes hold the ball for too long but he makes chances for himself...not that he's put a lot of them away this year. Think he has a good brain, there were a couple of occasions against Charlton where he played what would have been defence splitting balls if Beattie had had the nous to spot the obvious...instead he looks like a fool because the pass goes nowhere. Said before that he reminds me of Trevor Steven (if not quite the same class) and if we had better players and a more passing game he'd thrive....hoofing long balls out of defence is never going to suit his game. Maybe not an automatic starter once the club gets the strength and quality we all hope it's going to make another step towards this summer but a very useful member of the squad.

As I'm in a constructive mood...
I can't believe how rubbish he is. He decision making is awful, he can't pass, can't shoot and he has the body strength of a 5 year old (a weak one).

...and if that's constructive I'd hate to hear you criticise someone :mellow: .

Edited by MikeO, 30 Apr 2007 - 10:30.

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#5 ooberman


    Duncan Ferguson

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Posted 30 Apr 2007 - 10:21

have never been able to make my mind up on him. like a few players that have come through our youth ranks i never think he looks entirely comfortable on the ball, and he's often too lightweight (spends half the game on the floor it seems!)
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#6 Blue4Ever


    Peter Reid

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Posted 30 Apr 2007 - 11:19

Osmans first touch is quality but he is one of the weakest players out there which lets him down.
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#7 Romey 1878

Romey 1878


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Posted 30 Apr 2007 - 11:21

If we can bring in someone of a better class the lad has to go, he just isnt good enough for the Premiership.
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#8 RuffRob


    Peter Reid

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Posted 30 Apr 2007 - 11:29

I think Osman is an alright player - nothing more nothing less to be honest. A squad player at best, especially at the level we are at now (what ever that means!!). against poorer opposition he does OK, but is found wanting a little against other decent players. everybody fit would think Osman would be forcing players out of the starting 11.

If a reasonalbe offer came in for him this summer, I would be inclined to cash in if I where Moyes. For example, get a 2m for Ozzie and bring in somebody like Steve Sidwell on a free, a player that would be looking be in the starting 11 week in and week out, using the 2m as a signing on fee.

If we are to improve as a team and a squad, then I would say that Osman is a player that is one we may look to sell with a view to bringing in somebody else.

A Premiership player, but maybe not one who would play for teams challenging for Europe.

Nothing against the lab, but don't think he is going to get any better than he already is.
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#9 StevO


    Blagging on the basis of knowledge

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Posted 30 Apr 2007 - 14:32

a lot of good points in this thread, but i agree mostly with this one!
manny is the ideal replacement

As I'm in a constructive mood...

I can't believe how rubbish he is. He decision making is awful, he can't pass, can't shoot and he has the body strength of a 5 year old (a weak one).

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#10 irishtoffee


    Mikel Arteta

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Posted 01 May 2007 - 06:29

not good enough for me , sorry to be brutal. As many people make the point his touch on the ball is quite good but then just get pushed off it. He really needs to work on his strength. He has always been a frustrating player , one game great ,next not in the game at all. Squad player only.
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#11 Blue_Scouser1878


    Tony Hibbert

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Posted 01 May 2007 - 11:24

I admit he has been very poor the last 5-6 weeks, It seems like when he makes a mistake he tries too hard to make up for it by taking loads of people on instead of just passing it & in the end he always gives it away.

VERDICT? Drop him
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#12 Dunny the Blue

Dunny the Blue

    Ian "Dunny" Dunstan

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Posted 01 May 2007 - 11:28

I think he is a god LITTLE player and that may be his biggest problem. He's obviously a talented footballer but just doesnt seem to keep up to high standards of consistency. I think he's more effective coming on from sub, like the Watford game, although to be fair Watford are now relagated so what does that say about them. If we had sufficiant players in the significant roles he wouldnt get in the team. Simple as that.
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#13 Everton_Worshiper


    David Moyes

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Posted 01 May 2007 - 14:53

I think he should be on the same bus as Beattie heading towards Celtic....
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#14 Joe


    Big Joe

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Posted 01 May 2007 - 17:05

He has moments where he plays very well but more likely than not he plays poorly. Not good enough to be in the starting 11 but I wouldn't mind having him as a sub, especially since we need to make our team deeper.
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