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Moyes Admits We're Skint

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#41 Pat


    "Former Coca Cola Yo Yo Championship Runner Up"

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Posted 22 Jul 2007 - 07:56

Yes I do now feel, That as Evertonians we shall forever & from this point be forced to refer to "The Transfer Window" period as " The Poker face Window".

Consequently then, I Cant argue with the suits that be in regards to this apparent Sale's time policy that has now been in place the last few windows.

In this instance I can take being a Mushroom, until the egg has hatched.
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#42 Simon


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Posted 28 Jul 2007 - 15:57

After reading today that we are trying to do a player + cash offer for baines, i have to say i am starting to have serious concerns at the overall financial state of the club, we look as though we are in a right mess and that it just seems to be getting worse not better. I think BK should stick to showbiz, and leave football to the big boys, he knows that he'll get a lifetime season ticket and a free plate of prawn sarnies each week. :D
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#43 Gwlad all over

Gwlad all over

    Leon Osman

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Posted 28 Jul 2007 - 23:38

C'mon lads, it is mostly the squad with which we achieved more than we could have expected for last season and we are in Europe. Let's get behind them and be positive. Yeh we are disppointed with notbringing in big names but we are EVERTON, with the greatest supporters in the world. I keep looking at my tkts for seeing them at Selhurst (ok my son's a CPAL supporter, sorry he was born in the south) but I love this club and negative comments aren't going to help.
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#44 Hans sagars is my hero

Hans sagars is my hero

    Joe Parkinson

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Posted 29 Jul 2007 - 10:06

agree with the above, too many negative and bk bashing comments on here

how quickly people turn, if it wasnt for him we would have done a leeds and ended up in a proper mess looking forward to an away trip at yeovil

people say him and wyness are a bad combo...confused. if it wasnt for them, this kirkby deal wouldnt be on the table ? didnt bk employ davie moyes, who is quickly becoming one of our best ever managers ? a manager, imo, who will be talked about in the same league as harry catterick and howard kendall in years to come.

i dont see what all the big fuss is about us haggling over transfer fees, why not ?? if you know a player is unsettled and wants to join you, why not use that as a bargaining tool ? i work for npower and when we discuss new contracts with large suppliers, do you think we give in to the first offer ? no way, we haggle over every last detail to save money - its good business practice

dont forget, its not just the transfer fee the club has to pay, theres the signing on fee and then the wages on top. so why not try to save a few pennies on the transfer fee ?

yes we are not cash rich but we are hardly boston utd !!

if we save two mill on this deal and ship out one of our squad players, we can re-invest the saved money on getting other players in (paying for vogels signing on fee etc)
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#45 Blue 250

Blue 250

    Bob Latchford

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Posted 01 Aug 2007 - 21:53

These big signings everyone wants!!.......you mean the ones like Kroldrup!...
...VDM!......Beattie!.My point is every BIG signing is a BIG risk.We missed out on
Parker last year,where did Newcastle finish?
We finished higher than Blackburn last season....and that after they beat us to
McCarthy!Plus the numerous other teams who spent big money last year.Spending
money doesn't guarantee success,as West Ham will discover this season.
For some reason Moyes doesn't have much money to spend....there's nothing you
can do about that...ok! stop going!.....Then he's got less!!
Get behind the the squad we've got....and the manager who for how he's turned us
around from a few seasons back,deserves our support.
That 300million stadium the rs are having built,it will end up at nearer 400million
by the time it's done.....and they need to win many trophies,and fill every seat for
the yanks to get their money back.......by the time they get to their kopless stadium
Gerrard may be passed his best....OH DEAR!!

We beat teams last season,who had spent more than us!......we can do it again this
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