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  2. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    As I said we have been gifted 4 of those goals so IMO we still have an issue
  3. Morgan Schneiderlin

    I just can't understand why he is still playing. Remember what Vinny Sam ways was like when he came to us? Utterly disinterested and fucking awful? Reminds me of him. I read someone post 'he needs to be in a team that keeps the ball'. Well I look forward to Man City or Barca coming in for him in January then!
  4. David Unsworth

    It must have surely, although when interviewed on international duty, he didn’t divulge much or insinuate there had been a falling out. He just said he wasn’t being picked. I mean, if we’re winning, or improving then I’m not really bothered but effort aside, we’re not......and we are in a relegation fight. We need our best players playing
  5. Oumar Niasse

    Mourinho was apparently scouting Niasse when we bought him.
  6. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    So come on then you've made it obvious what you think of Unsworth - get your balls out your pocket, who should we get in?
  7. Morgan Schneiderlin

    He’s never been forward, he would get a nosebleed and take the rest of the match to get back!
  8. Morgan Schneiderlin

    Cheers Dunc, broken clock and all that. Would rather have been proven wrong, but he's had enough chances now and hopefully we won't see much more of him going forward.
  9. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    I wasn't talking about the first 10 games of the season. I stated a fact - we've scored 5 in 2. If you want to bandy averages about, that means we've averaged 2.5 goals a game in the last two. I don't really think it matters how they come. We needed to start scoring more and we have done.
  10. Oumar Niasse

    So a goal every 76 min, only Martial has a better ratio on 75. Bet Utd wish they had brought him instead of Lukaku who only gets a goal every 140 mins. Sure I heard Mourinho talking about the one that got away.
  11. Sandro Ramirez

    Yep he looked lively- I’m pinning my hopes he’ll provide some much needed goals.
  12. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Cheers Palfy. Gana never being goal side and Schneiderlin's lack of commitment is doing my head in. It's got to the point where I'm wound up just from looking at the team sheet.
  13. Nikola Vlasic

    Where are you Vlasic? Injured? Unfit? Not working hard enough in training? Or is there something else going on? will be very interesting to see if he turns up in the Euro squad.
  14. Morgan Schneiderlin

    Our most overrated player for years. Came with a big reputation and has never had the ability or desire to live up to it. Even when he looked a better player, it was largely because we were so desperate for some light. I dont know what it is with this guy, but he just doesn’t seem to have the heart for it.
  15. Atalanta (Europa Group Home) Thursday November 23rd

    Robles Holgate Foulds Williams Besic Vlasic Davies McCarthy Mirallas Klassen Rooney Reckon they'd beat the first team.
  16. Sandro Ramirez

    Thought it was a don’t cameo from him today ,I’m still hopeful he will come goog once he has settled down
  17. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Two comments. First, let’s remember that Palace beat Chelsea and have been a bogey team for us in recent years. Second, many called for ugly wins or draws over exciting losses. We got a point away. I’m ok with that right now.
  18. Who should replace Koeman?

    We need an identity- just get whoever it is in and lets get the fuck on with getting to 40 points.
  19. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Agree with everything you said there good post.
  20. David Unsworth

    It’s an odd one , Vlasic really did look like a decent signing but has been totally bombed out since Unsy took over . Makes yo wonder whether something has gone on behind the scenes
  21. Who should replace Koeman?

    If Silva doesn’t materialise quickly and it looks like we have to wait, we are in trouble. I just don’t expect us to win any game right now. We concede at least two every game and lack any firepower. It’s a recipe for relegation. We’ve just picked up 4 lucky points which could have easily been zilch. I’d love Silva hope we get him
  22. David Unsworth

    Just why isn’t he playing vlasic? Bizarre. David prentice openly admits that he hasn’t been asked the question by any of the echo journalists. If unsworth wasn’t so well liked he’d be getting slammed by the media and fans for this decision
  23. Morgan Schneiderlin

    That’s the way I read it as well . Unsworth just trying to put the matter to bed, Schneiderlin’s performances of late are speaking volumes Hats off to peteO , not sure whether he’s cried this in or whether he was right all along!
  24. Crystal Palace (Away) Saturday Novermber 18th

    Other than one play at the start of the second half, were DCL should have scored, I don't remember us stringing a few passes together and surging towards goal. Niasse worked with scraps and I genuinely don't think any other striker in the league would have got us them two goals today. The midfield is embarrassing, left the striker isolated and didn't shield the defence at all. There's no fight in Schneiderlin, no brain in Gana, and Lookman isn't ready for this level yet. The midfield didn't even engage in a battle and sat that far back you'd think we were a league one team.
  25. Atalanta (Europa Group Home) Thursday November 23rd

    Agree. Also Mirallas, Besic, Martina. We’re out of this competition, so need to give players who haven’t played much some time, and save regulars for Southampton. Although I hope Rooney starts at Southampton, still like to see him for first 45 minutes on Thursday. Robles Martina Holgate Williams Besic Schneiderlin [who should not play at Southampton] Vlasic Klaassen Mirallas Rooney Sandro
  26. Who should replace Koeman?

    He's not consistent he drifts in and out you need to be focused
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