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  2. Darron Gibson

    The majority of working men and woman would be potted if they had their name etc plastered all over a local paper The man has an abundance of money and outlets to get the help he needs the average Joe could only dream of and he is a multiple offender, no sympathy for anyone that does this kind of thing He's lucky that at that time of day on a weekend kids weren't knocking about
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  4. Bond 26

    Tom Hardy with Tarantino directing.
  5. Manchester City (Home) Saturday March 31st

    Very nervous about the next two games. De Bruyne will destroy us in this one and Salah in the next.
  6. Antonee Robinson

    He has to be. It's a problem position for the US too. I knew it would happen eventually.
  7. Theo Walcott

    I don't even want to agree with you because of your dislike, but... I agree. [emoji41]
  8. Darron Gibson

    I'm a huge sceptic of the big pharma world .... the fda wanted to ban vitamin d because vitamin d deficiency creates a whole list of diseases which require treatments. Niacin.... Check it out for high cholesterol vs statins Cannabis.... Richard Nixon ordered a document that detailed its potential in treating cancer to be hidden back in the 70's. Tryptophan..... natural occurring amino acid. Banned just prior to the launch of Prozac. It can help with mild to moderate depression/anxiety.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Manchester City (Home) Saturday March 31st

    I think Cenk's confidence will be massive now so hope he gets the support he needs and I think we could get a point on home turf.
  11. Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    The 6 points they took off us being the difference 😔
  12. Manchester City (Home) Saturday March 31st

    ------------------Pickford--------------- Coleman Jags Keane Baines Walcott Rooney Gana Bolasi ---------------Tosun DCL-------------- Need some pace along side Tosun up top, either Niasse or Dom. Lets not forget Burnley, Palace and Leicester all picked up a point against them on home soil, as did we at the Ethihad. We have a chance to get at least a point here. They're not completely un-doable so let's get 7 points minimum in our last 3 games before the Derby. Like some have suggested, its sensible to save Klaassen for after the Derby.
  13. Stadium - All ifs, buts and maybes...

  14. Who do you NOT want

    I like it - very good!
  15. Predict our result: 2017/2018 season

    Everton 3 - 0 Man City Walcott we beat them once we can do it again with a little help from the crowd and a prayer
  16. Who do you NOT want

    jokin here = Joe Kinnear it was a play on words
  17. Bond 26

    I would go for Henry Cavill. I'm wondering what's happening with Daniel Craig? He isn'ttt doing many movies lately, if any.
  18. Bond 26

    the wire is my favorite Tv show of all time. truly amazing script and underlying commentary on politics, drugs, poverty, etc. i never knew elba was english, his portrayal in that show is so spot on i thought he was american. when i first saw him on a talk show i thought he was messing around with an english accent, i was shocked when he kept at it and i realized he was english.
  19. Bond 26

    Never Say Never Again doesn't count!!! Though, I think Roger Moore did A View To a Kill in his late 50's, right? Watching "the Wire" as we speak - in the middle of season three. Idris Elba is incredible. That being said, I really don't think making a misogynistic, womanizing, killing machine black is some monumental step in race relations. Not saying Bond can't or shouldn't be a minority, but I really don't think that it is much of a landmark for society nor is it some sort of advancement for the character. That being said, if Idris Elba is the best man for the job, of course I'm all in.
  20. Bond 26

    hiddleston would be fantastic, night manager was excellent.
  21. The Wine thread

    Only four hours left John.....pass me a glass and I'll assist!
  22. Bond 26

    Sean Connery (probably the finest Bond ever) played him at 53, age is just a number. Hiddleston would be my choice, The Night Manager was the perfect audition.
  23. Antonee Robinson

    ?? Wow totally slipped. Congrats antonee hopefully you are better than the steaming pile of poop that missed out on the WC
  24. Darron Gibson

    Thanks mate I need to do this with him being involved from the beginning, just got to find the right way to bring it up.
  25. Bond 26

    Idris Elba for me, one of my favorite actors (the wire is a masterpiece) and about time bond is black
  26. Darron Gibson

    It isn'tt supported by the NHS for use with drinking.... they prescribe it for abstinence. Despite the string evidence that it works the nice guidelines state it's not to be used when drinking?! As far as I know people can buy it online etc but that's ridiculous. Maybe your friend can go the gp and get it under abstinence but follow the method. I looked online and it seems there is an online community:- optionssaveslives . Check it out and see what you can get.
  27. Bond 26

    James mcavoy is a good character actor but he’s not a lead man.
  28. Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    At the moment Burnley’s not a move down it’s a move up if you take the table into account.
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