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  2. Jack Wilshere

    And that's the crux of the matter Shukes, he can't be anything like you say he is if he's injured and not playing. We have enough money going out in medical bills as it is.
  3. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/2018/03/19/kanchelskis
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  5. Ramiro Funes Mori

    The clever one didn't need to use Google. The clever one knows that being contrary has fuck all to do with being clever and more to do with wanting to appear clever. I' not even a wordsmith ffs but "Contra".... Latin... Look it up. Contra-diction, contra-ception, contra-clockwise So a winger who twists and turns as part of his game and changes direction is at less risk of damaging his knee than a centre half? Another classic from you. Paul McGrath and Lesley king were able to play with knackered knees....you see any wingers do that? Nope.
  6. Jack Wilshere

    Guys Wilshire is a class act ability wise. I’m guessing most of you have only watched highlights etc... and I do t mean that disrespectfully, as he plays for another team. I watch Arsenal quite a bit due to my son, and when he is on the pitch, he is the player that everything happens around. He controls their whole team. I have no idea if he is over his injuries or not, but if he is, then we can’t turn players like that down. He would be better than anything we have. The comments about Gibson mk2 are good insults, but just insults. He is a world away in ability from Gibson. He is a hundred times the player that Gibson was at his best. The only question is his injury record.
  7. Antonee Robinson

    Most assists for Bolton this season and apparently his all around game has been great. Didn't realize the loan was going that well. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-defender-antonee-robinson-gets-14429203
  8. Ramiro Funes Mori

    I'm not a Dr but they had different injuries so I'd imagine different timescales of recovery, Mori only played an u23s two weeks ago. Plus one is a winger. Much easier to ease a winger in. I can't remember any managers giving a centre half 45 mins to help them get up to speed. Oh wait, I don't like like fat Sam lets jump on it. Pathetic. Mourinho chats bollocks too, he's probably the best manager this decade. I'd rather be contrary than believe the world is flat. Nothing to do with being clever. Just Googled the definition having or showing the ability to learn and understand things quickly and easily I think it's safe to say one of us isn'tt clever.
  9. Ramiro Funes Mori

    So allardyce plays bolassie within 2 weeks of his under 23 comeback but Dr peteo says that's too soon for funes mori? How so??? You are just pissed off you got caught on that. Mori has been in training for 8 weeks now. You talk shit. Allardyce said our weather was too cold for tosun yet he played him against stoke in the snow. He talks as much psychobabbling bullshit as you. Always looking to be contrary to be clever.
  10. Ramiro Funes Mori

    Training for a couple of weeks is hardly gonna get you ready for the premier league, it's the hardest and fastest league in the world. If Alladyce threw him straight in and he got injured you'd be first to jump on him because you don't like him, that's a pathetic mentality. You should learn to judge by his actions and rant the same as if it was any other manager making the decision rather than jump at every opportunity, you've already had your eye wiped over Tosun that it was actually Allardyce who scouted/wanted him yet unbelievably you try to take credit for saying he'll be a good player and allardyce is an idiot. Arguing against you isn'ttt exactly going against common sense, maybe it's going against the crowd. Whereas I'm making my own mind up based on the information there to see. I'm sure you'd have laughed at Columbus.
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  12. Ramiro Funes Mori

    Do you think funes mori would be playing competitive football without being safe to do so? Do you think he would have been training without his knee being fully recovered? Bolassie played for the first team within 2 weeks of his under 23 return.... was his a broken leg? No. It was a knee injury. The desperation to have a counter argument in the face of common sense is pathetic more like. Fact is Pete - allardyce is disliked. Whether you like it or not it' gonna be open season on him because of the disdain he's treated our fans.
  13. Manchester City (Home) Saturday March 31st

    Really looking forward to Coleman and Sane actually!
  14. Ramiro Funes Mori

    He only just went into the u21s. Coleman had a broken bone, a lot easier and a lot less riskier than a knee injury. The desperation to blame the manager for everything is pathetic.
  15. Jack Wilshere

    I have nothing against him as a player but I’d be careful to sign too many injury-prone players.
  16. Brexit...

    David Davis is probably the worst public speaker any government ever had.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-43456502 Well done for sorting a transition, we just need to work out (small point) what we're transitioning to.
  17. Jack Wilshere

    Waste of transfer money and waste of wages. Walcott was a bargain at £20m due to the inflated market - superb goals and assists combined, proven talent if not always fit. Wiltshire is a Gibson mk2 waiting to rot somewhere for the rest of his career - and now I've said that he is bound to sign and become a superstar!
  18. Ramiro Funes Mori

    i'm laughing because that's exactly how it will go. damn haf you've got Sam down to the T
  19. Ross Barkley

    Still up his own arse.
  20. I was born in Newcastle bar my brother and cousins who live in Canada most of my family are still in Newcastle, I can still remember how much they hated Allarydce when he was there didn’t really get it or care, but now I can sympathise with what they went through they protested at every home game and boycotted some to force Ashley to sack him.
  21. Bond 26

    No. The character is not specific to an ethnicity, but it is clearly a man, per Fleming's creation. There can be plenty of women spy characters, but James Bond is not one of them.
  22. Ramiro Funes Mori

    Well.... I'm sure Mr Allardyce will bring cart horse Ashley Williams back in and say that funes mori needs to get fit..... (conveniently forgetting that he threw Seamus pretty straight in) Only after he has to play funes mori and he looks solid will he then state that he had to hold him back so he could teach him how to defend and that he is the reason he looks good.
  23. Jack Wilshere

    It's wilshere... but no I do not see where you are going at all. Wilshere when fit played the majority of games for arsenal in the centre. Theo Walcott has had similar injury issues over a longer period of time and spent time not nailing down a steady role. I'm made up we got Walcott but it bemuses me how someone is ok to have Walcott at £20m yet scoffs at getting wilshere for £8m.
  24. Gutted im not renewing mine. I can hardly afford it but if i pushed the boat out i could pay for one. Thing is, I'm not throwing my money away in order to watch Sam destroy this club week in week out. If I can still get one after Sam is confirmed as sacked I will
  25. Darron Gibson

    Old is the new young.
  26. Manchester City (Home) Saturday March 31st

    Unfortunately a 2 or 3 man press with Bolasi, Walcott and Cenk is as good as a 1 man press. For pressing to be effective it has to be a team effort, one which we aren't used to or good enough at right now. Our midfield lacks pace, strength and a tenacious attitude and the only way to get anything from the game is to defend flawlessly and take any chances we get on the break.
  27. Jack Wilshere

    The whole point of this is that he has come through injuries..... hopefully has learned how to manage himself. He had a good spell of games with Bournemouth and of recent his games for arsenal have shown him to be getting back the quality he had. Lots of young players can suffer injuries early on and get a good spell. Look at Gerrard, giggs. £8m signing fee..... bargain if we get him at that.
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