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  2. We managed to get to nearly 6.00pm UK time without anyone mentioning it and then somebody has to go and spoil it for the rest of us.
  3. Boris Johnson becomes new PM? I'm sure Trump is very happy about this.
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  5. oh i know i'm totally wrong and unreasonably biased, but sadly it's just the way i feel about MLS currently.
  6. (Provisional, as it's too hot to think so I'm sure I'm forgetting loads) Southall Azpilicueta Kompany Carvalho Cole Silva Alonso Speed Aguero Drogba RVP* Manager: Mourinho Swap for Robben if you can't pick anyone who then went on to play for united. Likewise for Mourinho, Bobby Robson.
  7. SSN disagrees though: 12:08 CITY IN £16M TALKS FOR 'NEW MESSI' Sky Sports News understands Manchester City are in talks with Velez Sarsfield about Thiago Almada, the 18 year-old Argentinian already being dubbed ‘the new Messi.’ City have identified the midfielder as an emerging talent and he is understood to have a release clause of around £16m.
  8. I’m going to play 4-3-3 methinks Cech carr King Campbell. Cole Viera D.silva Gerrard Suarez. Shearer. Henry carr probably stands out as the odd one but he used to get up and down the park. Good engine just thought he was underrated
  9. hah basically the same for me, the minute i hear "he's been in portugal since he was 12" i think this guy could actually be good lol. when i hear "he came through the dallas academy" i think this guy will probably be crap. biased, yes completely, the MLS game doesn't interest me and the quality still isn't great. old ass wayne rooney is lighting the league up says it all
  10. Hudson odoi was just finding his feet before he got injured and that Sarri was a bellend with him. He’s deffo talented
  11. the german league is not premier league quality. bayern and dortmund are good but the rest are lower prem/top championship quality. players frequently leave the prem not doing well and have wonderful careers in germany. call me crazy but i don't know that pulisic will light the league up and neither would sancho. its a more difficult game in england. i'm just ribbing you guys on hudson odoi and your wild media americans feel the same way about pulisic (not me though)
  12. There was interesting programme on sky with the class of 92 players to pick there best all time prem team with no united players. It was weird. They had either courtouis or “spunky” seaman in goal. Their right back was either zabaletta or lee Dixon!! All time best players and they were the choices. So boys and girls what would your team be?
  13. Bit harsh on Hudson Odoi, the kid only got in the team a handful of times. If Bayern were offering the kind of money reported then I expect the lad to be a good player. They are not mugs. Also dont think you’ll find anyone here claiming that there are any “new Messi” anywhere to be honest. English or not.
  14. Don’t get haf going mark 🤣. I agree though when you solanke going for £20 mill and Wilson at Bournemouth priced at £40 + it’s crazy.
  15. Abraham to me is a championship player. His one season in the prem he was terrible for Swansea. Pedro is decent but pulisic could go either way and we all know about Barkley. I just feel that fourth is going begging this season and with the right signings we could be up there. We need definitely a creative player in case one of Gilfi or Bernie gets injured and certainly a striker. Saw a link to das Bost again today. He scores some goals that lad does but not the type of forward I want
  16. i agree wholeheartedly with the striker comment. @pete0 made a great comment saying there are really only 2-3 great strikers in teh league, the rest are all meh (aguero, firmino, kane). striker in the PL is a very hard position to fill, imagine what we would be with an in form lukaku....
  17. Looks like a really good player in tight situations, which we could definitely use. He provided an assist in Ajax's most recent match. https://twitter.com/noone_tz/status/1153356594517819392/video/1
  18. Jesus I rate he’s just not great on crosses
  19. hudson odoi is unproven in the prem, he's english so he's the new messi (not for me but for all of you guys) but he scored a sum total of 0 goals in the league last year. vault me he won't hit double figures. giroud is ancient and he has never scored 20 in the premier league EVER. last time was 2011/2012 in ligue 1 21 goals. he's also going to be getting a lot of attention now that hazard is gone. pedro and batshuayi don't scare me at all, pedro is getting old too at 31. i'm not saying tosun and niasse dcl will score more, i'm saying they are not a good side on paper and i truly believe that they will be outside top 7.
  20. To be fair I’ve not seen much of Jesus, but when I have he was a handful. But it also proves my point that the striker definition requires to improve on DCL is just so difficult to find in this league so we’d have to gamble.
  21. Don't forget Chelsea have Hudson-Odoi to come back in and Giroud was scoring around the 20 a season mark for Arsenal. Pulisic could do be good or bad. Willian and Pedro will chip in but I doubt it will be double figures. The bottom line is that I would expect al 3 of their strikers to score more than our 3 strikers. Abraham has scored goals at this level for a relegation side, and then good numbers in the Championship, Giroud has it in the locker and Batshuayi will get into enough good positions to score goals and its whether he converts. They have a quality midfield too and Id imagine Loftus-Cheek will bag a few if he plays enough games. DCL is a worse goal scorer than Abraham. Tosun wont get more than 5 unless he plays 20 plus games and if Niasse plays we wont be able to keep hold of the ball enough to score the goals in the team even though he may score 5-10 himself. The real question is the Lampard factor, and whether he can bring the best out of those players, rather than the qualities of the individuals themselves.
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