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  2. Might have been a shit keeper but he’s one hell of a keyboard player for Pink Floyd!
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  4. Stek isn’t a bad keeper, he’s just no where near Jordan’s level. As a number two he’s ok. It’s not like he’s Richard Wright level.
  5. West Ham love a crock. Villa if they come up? Wolves, Bournemouth if they sell Wilson? There will be plenty after him I would have thought.
  6. I’ve not seen him play if I’m honest but can’t be worse than stek surely?
  7. Let’s hope nothing happens to Pickford while this guy is on the bench.
  8. Those first few months I fell in love with the guy. He was by far our best player, he seemed to control the team from the middle of the park. There was that video from the Chelsea game doing the rounds where we played about 25 passes before scoring and he made about 15 of them. It was lovely football. Hes always been tainted by the story of him and Mirallas having a bust up with the staff at the training ground, a lot of fans haven’t let that go. It’s probably happened 50 times since with various other players but these things don’t normally get out but happen on a regular basis.
  9. They would love him in Newcastle, shame Rafa knows what he’s doing.
  10. This. Corbyn seems to be very very popular in Liverpool and in his own front garden, but the rest of the country seem to hate the man. To me he doesn’t look powerful if that makes any sense, I don’t see him standing up to Trump if needed. Boris is an absolute plant pot, but I could see him taking no shit from Trump. Not sure I’d want him to be PM though.
  11. I just can’t see this move happening it doesn’t make sense. He is going to want a big signing on fee and huge wages. I’d rather pay a loan fee for someone who will actually play and stay fit
  12. So who won the election? 🤷🏼‍♀️
  13. Saha offered to join on a pay as you play basis and Everton refused that offer and gave him a regular contract.
  14. Palfy

    Jokes thread

    I was in bed with the wife last night when she said I know your an Evertonian but I want to have sex like a Liverpool supporter, I said how do we do that she replied I stay on top for a long time and come second.
  15. No exit polls so no indication yet what happened but this is an interesting read; I know pollsters have been hopelessly inaccurate in recent times but it concludes, "While the Brexit Party will pick up the plurality of the seats within the British EU Parliament delegation, the latest Panselbase poll suggests that 54 percent of voters want to remain the European Union." If that's the case then I hope Boris (or whoever) respects the views of the people.
  16. Her death will be celebrated around the country after the pain she's caused. Just like her idol, Maggie.
  17. Two murderers, another that will give Trump a run for his money, and one that I don't know who the fuck they are. Joy. And they will be our next Prime Minister even after a General Election because there is zero chance of a Labour victory with Corbyn around.
  18. Thank god. All these "decent" striker comments were making me feel like my head was going to fall off. Makis said Welbeck is hardly shit and I'd have to agree with him on reflection. He's actually very shit.
  19. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-48403705 oh the choices the choices....
  20. Very Christian of you! It would be a second swallow, because he was excellent for a long time when he arrived. Then the whole team went down the pan. The fact that he managed to come back and played well after so long out, stepping up when we needed him, deserves credit.
  21. Huge moaner? No not at all PeteO, never, no way! I mean why on earth would you say that 😉
  22. Eventually. He started off pay as you play and insisted you on that (if I remember correctly)
  23. He’s a shit striker. His goal record proves that. If he’s fit, he’s an average forward at best. He’s also not the level we should be aiming for. I don’t think he’s an upgrade on Sandro, let alone the others.
  24. He was poor for a long period and I could understand the criticism he was receiving was justified, but I have always maintained he had the ability to be a good player for us, I saw what he is capable of doing.when at Southampton and although he hasn’t reached those heights here yet in a better team and with the progress he’s shown I think we should be looking to keep him.
  25. Yeah this for me too. He’s a big dude and there’s nothing graceful about that.
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