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  2. i meant to say the market as a whole is slow this window. if teams were popping off signings i'd be pissed, but they aren't. something is wrong be it fees or agents or whatever, i still expect a big signing and i think well get that. we just have to be patient.
  3. I agree, the shite have done nowt, united have bought cheaper signings. It’ll take one big un and then the dominoes will fall. I’d have loved more movement but we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. These players are multi millionaires it wasn’t like back in the day when a bigger club comes in for you you sign straight away. Clubs are desperate for quality and agents are agents
  4. McKennie is an great example of our system getting better - as is Tyler Adams. But both cases, when it was time for "finishing school", where did they go? Our better prospects, and in some cases players, are under 21 in Europe. The problem, IMO, is the players we have that come up in our system are mid-20's before they ever get their call up and even then have limited experience against world class players/leagues.
  5. The point being as well we want to be better than everyone else not copy everyone else, and not worried that we aren’t improving because there not improving, so 8th or 9th it is then.
  6. he's plying his trade in a lower portuguese side, still only 23 but i'd say the description missed the line-ol
  7. Funny you should mention Ryan Gauld as he's just been released by Sporting and in turn has signed for SC Farense who play in the second tier of Portugal. He played quite a lot for their "B" team but never made it to the top class, even struggling to get game time for Hibernian when he went back on loan. Everyone is the new Messi these days, the only player looking remotely capable of being like Leo is Kylian Mbappé but he won't be as good because nobody can touch Messi, the absolute GOAT (greatest of all time) when it comes to football. We won't see another like him no matter how much the press think otherwise so let's just enjoy him while we can.
  8. no one has made a big signing, it would be too much to say who hasn't, so lets say who has made a big signing: 2 teams in man city (rodri) and spurs (ndombele). a whopping 2 big signings, so no i am not worried, we are doing the same as everyone else.
  9. I thought I would repost this and see if the people who criticised me for being a tad premature still feel the same way, I’m more concerned that we haven’t made the statement signings that we need, we keep hearing from the club particularly Silva that he’s after another 4, that’s great I would like to see them but again typical Everton lastminute.com, which worries me that we end up with panic buys. Am I still on my own again feeling very disappointed with our in comings to help us Iimprove from last season.
  10. Everyone is the new messi remember they lad from Scotland? Gauld? The Scottish messi? There will not be a player like him again
  11. Dumb and Dumber becomes reality. I knew I should’ve put a bet on that when the racist Wotsit took charge...
  12. We managed to get to nearly 6.00pm UK time without anyone mentioning it and then somebody has to go and spoil it for the rest of us.
  13. Today
  14. Boris Johnson becomes new PM? I'm sure Trump is very happy about this.
  15. oh i know i'm totally wrong and unreasonably biased, but sadly it's just the way i feel about MLS currently.
  16. (Provisional, as it's too hot to think so I'm sure I'm forgetting loads) Southall Azpilicueta Kompany Carvalho Cole Silva Alonso Speed Aguero Drogba RVP* Manager: Mourinho Swap for Robben if you can't pick anyone who then went on to play for united. Likewise for Mourinho, Bobby Robson.
  17. SSN disagrees though: 12:08 CITY IN £16M TALKS FOR 'NEW MESSI' Sky Sports News understands Manchester City are in talks with Velez Sarsfield about Thiago Almada, the 18 year-old Argentinian already being dubbed ‘the new Messi.’ City have identified the midfielder as an emerging talent and he is understood to have a release clause of around £16m.
  18. I’m going to play 4-3-3 methinks Cech carr King Campbell. Cole Viera D.silva Gerrard Suarez. Shearer. Henry carr probably stands out as the odd one but he used to get up and down the park. Good engine just thought he was underrated
  19. hah basically the same for me, the minute i hear "he's been in portugal since he was 12" i think this guy could actually be good lol. when i hear "he came through the dallas academy" i think this guy will probably be crap. biased, yes completely, the MLS game doesn't interest me and the quality still isn't great. old ass wayne rooney is lighting the league up says it all
  20. Hudson odoi was just finding his feet before he got injured and that Sarri was a bellend with him. He’s deffo talented
  21. the german league is not premier league quality. bayern and dortmund are good but the rest are lower prem/top championship quality. players frequently leave the prem not doing well and have wonderful careers in germany. call me crazy but i don't know that pulisic will light the league up and neither would sancho. its a more difficult game in england. i'm just ribbing you guys on hudson odoi and your wild media americans feel the same way about pulisic (not me though)
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