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  2. I agree with Carragher on this.... https://tbrfootball.com/jamie-carrahger-claims-everton-attacker-bernard-is-not-powerful-enough/
  3. There's always an excuse with DCL. I dont wanna just slate the lad. As I said, it's not his fault, he tries hard. Unfortunately, people need to raise their expectations of what is required to break into the top 6. Who helps DCL? If you go on the other threads on this forum, people rave about how good Bernard is and how Richarlison has doubled his value since joining us. (he hasnt by the way). Also, I didnt see anyone complaining when we bought Gomes so clearly there are other players in the team who everyone rates. So basically, those players. I know one thing, he can help himself by scoring from 6 yards out with a half empty net. Phil McNulty couldnt have put it any better in his tweet. He never looks like scoring, yet there are people who still want him in the team. He's not even good to have on the bench as he hasnt got a goal in him. Usually the bare requirement as a substitute striker. The only thing which matters is results....we need to score more than the opposition. We have too many players who dont score goals. We have scored one goal in three games and had 6 shots on target. DCL isn't a scapegoat, he's just in the key position where goals are required. Trust me, I could wax lyrical about the two who started alongside him on Saturday but my fingers are getting tired.... .
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  5. Why does it matter of they think they're bigger. We're talking about success.
  6. How many chances does Salah get thanks to Firminio making space? Who helps DCL? Any how, point is the kid had one chance and people are getting on his back like no other players ever miss. We could've challenged any of the teams below us for the strikers they've just bought but chose to stick with DCL. Bar Jimenez I'd rather the club kept DCL and money in their pocket to strengthen elsewhere. Apart from Man city and Arsenal DCL would be at worst second choice for any club.
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  8. For the record, I wasn’t defending DCL there. I’m saying if we are to progress we need our striker to be scoring those, I’m pretty certain Aguero scores it because that’s in his skill set. The others I’m not as certain, just asking if people think they would have scored it or not.
  9. But Liverpool fans will still think they are bigger won’t they?
  10. Are you serious? Mo salahs banged in about 60 goals in the last two seasons. He can have an off day. In fact, he can have three off days. DCL hasn’t scored In about 15 games. Shall we give him til Xmas to see if he can score a couple? if DCL goes up for sale tomorrow, who buys him? That’s how good he is.
  11. Not bigger but more successful. Alex Ferguson knocked Liverpool off their perch by overtaking their league title haul even though Liverpool had more European.
  12. I’m still pretty sure their fans won’t be thinking we are a bigger club, as much as I think we are a bigger club.
  13. Nine league titles to their seven. The league is like a gold medal, rather have one gold medal than two silver.
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/Squawka/status/1102272628239282177 Like StevO says bar Aguero the rest aren't sure things.
  15. Urgency and threat are hardly words you'd associate with Gana and his two assists a season. Most on here were calling for Sigurdssen to be dropped and also said Gomes had his worse game for us. Tbf attacking wise we've had this problem since last year and I was moaned at for saying we were lucky the opposition was poor and that our players had been clinical.
  16. Would strikers in the teams above us have scored it? Aguero, Kane, Rashford, any of Liverpool’s three? Either of Arsenal’s two? I think Aguero does 9/10, the rest I don’t know. If we want to be competing and Dom wants to be leading the line, we need him to score chances like that. I hope he scores his next chance so this can be put to bed.
  17. Villa fans really think that? They won the European cup! The best cup we’ve ever won had been shut down. Think Villa fans are treating themselves a bit harsh.
  18. Cant believe the drivel on this thread. He should have buried that all day long. Yes, it may seem stupid to put 90 minutes of football down to one moment but that is what football's all about. When a team plays well and scores 3 goals, a la Liverpool on Saturday, it comes down to the moments where the goals are scored to define how they played. Simple as. If you have players who miss chances then you dont win games. If we all just ask for good contact and for it to be on target we would be in League two in a few years. These guys are professional footballers. It does come down to that one chance, one moment that can define your career even. Im not getting on DCL's back. Its not his fault, he's doing his best. He's just not good enough for top 6 ambitions. All this crap about we play a certain way which doesn't allow him to get chances is an embarrassing, lame excuse Id expect from someone who knows f*** all about football. By the way, if anyone does think this, you need to get on Marco Silva's thread and ask what exactly he is trying to do with his tactics. If we had Mo Salah, Mane, Aguero, Kane or any other top goalscorer - you are telling me they wouldnt get any chances? Look at Mo Salah's goal the other night. So direct, he gets the ball and wants to score. Yes he's top drawer and maybe an unfair comparison. But is he really? What did he cost? 30 odd million from Roma? How much was Mane? You see where I'm going with this. We put barriers up to ask why on earth we cant get players of this calibre. Our recruitment has been poor for years. We lack players with any instinct to score goals. DCL is not, ever, going to score a reasonable amount of goals at premier league level. I'd literally put my house on it. However, this thread will keep on going with excuses, and hard work, endeavour, and running the channels, blah blah blah,, while we keep on scoring an average of 1 goal every 3 games......
  19. I rate Jimenez and they have a good squad. This will be a tough match, let’s hope the lads are up for it. Pickford coleman keane Mina digne Gomes davies Richarlison gylfi bernard Kean
  20. Anybody got a spare ticket going for the Wolves game next Sunday. Need one for my nephew on his birthday. Can pick up or meet outside the ground on game day. Would be most appreciated.
  21. terrible finish. Compare the composure and finish of Aguero's first goal against Bournemouth overnight, more bodies around him, less time to see the ball come to him and react. Yet takes a touch and places it in the corner, that's where goal scorers place there shots if they don't have the time to pick there spot. That's the difference, that's what a goal scorer needs to do.
  22. Is that Vera Lynn I can hear in the background? Anyway hope those Brexiteers are happy jumping into deals with the most dim-witted global leader ever, unless you count ours as a global leader in which case they come joint last. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-49462613
  23. Already said I don't see the league cup as worth anymore than a preseason tournament trophy. Villa fans recognise Everton as being more successful than them. If league cups were worth more than squat they'd have an argument.
  24. I think Pete has actually managed to out Pete himself! if I’m reading this right you have no interest in winning or even competing in this competition ( win a trophy ) but you would happily take relegation if it meant winning the FA Cup because the trophy drought has gone on too long ? Thats some fucked up logic even by your standards
  25. Got a couple of points I could make but people made their minds up and not a single post made me think it’s worthwhile explaining further.
  26. At this present time the league is beyond us. Either cup I would take in heartbeat. I’m hoping Man City give everyone a chance and go for the prem and champs league and leave the cups to the mortals
  27. Everyone ready for the peaky fucking blinders tonight?
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