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  1. For me this season has delivered exactly what it promised. A season of transition whereby we’d have a rough patch or two and also get some brilliant results. Our football would improve but there’d be teething problems and we’d struggle implementing some of our plans. This was a season of learning - finding out which players would work in what Marco (and Marcel) wants this team to be, finding out what problems we need to fix to make it all work. I’m pleased with the season when taken as a whole and can see the progression. I hope for a bigger progression next season though and I’m excited to see what we’ll do this summer.
  2. 100% it was us, when they came to Goodison it was in their own hands; when they left it in City's. Delighted. Also would we have had stats like this at Spurs under Allardyce?
  3. Officially discharged 😁. I got quite emotional actually which I wasn't expecting.
  4. The commentary just said only City have beaten us home and away this season. I’ll take that sort of progress over the drivel and numerous wallopings we took under that dinosaur.
  5. This thread is such a joke now, we have one of the best midfielders in the country at doing what he does and yet rather than appreciate what we’ve got Pinky and Perky are constantly trying to pick holes in his game Its not his job to score goals or to be a creative force, that what the likes of Gylfi, Bernard and Richarlison are in the side for Gana is absolutely crucial to the pressing game that Silva wants to deploy, he is higher up the pitch because Silva wants us to press higher up the pitch , it doesn’t mean he should suddenly have the goals and assists stats of a number 10 Gana’s form has been nothing short of fantastic lately but Pinky and Perky are in such a constant state of denial that even if he was top scorer for us next season and had 29 assists they would be saying he was still shit because he hasn’t saved any penalties
  6. I think you’ll see that we carved them up until the final third. Coleman had so many chances to get a good ball in ( granted he got that one to Cenk and was saved well ) but generally put in a nothing ball. DCL was off, which is unfortunate for him but that happens. For me another game where we looked defensively strong and competent, never under threat. I can see the foundations Silva is laying and I’m getting back to believing we could be 2/3 players away from being a seriously good team. So yes, I am happy with what’s getting served up because I can see the potential in what we are doing and where we are going.
  7. To answer the original question, yes, Everton might be able to crack the top six: 1.) The main issue is about us, Everton. As some have stated above, we were collectively optimistic going into Koeman's second season. That didn't turn out so well. The big question: Does the finish to this season suggest Silva's system is beginning to click or a run of luckier than usual results? Secondly, on this point, can Everton find a right back, striker, and cover for Gylfi at the 10? Does Brands decide to roll the dice on DCL at striker? Can Brands find the Digne and Benards again this summer? If we can't sign Zouma, can Mina stay healthy for 30 minutes? And if Mina can stay healthy, can he be as good as Zouma? 2.) United are an absolute mess. They'll splash a lot of cash this summer, but I don't think their management has any idea what they are doing so those dollars may not be well spent. I think they can be passed in the table, assuming their transfer policy is as incompetent as it has been over recent years. 3.) Chelsea might get hit with a transfer ban. Hazard is likely going out and he has been one of the best, if not the best, player in the EPL over the past several seasons. That's not easily replaceable. I don't know exactly how they replace that and even though I love Christian Pulisic (I'm American), he ain't it. 4.) Spurs, who I hope play the best game of their collective lives on June 1st, are due for a dip. Their main guys play a lot of minutes and managers are a genius until they aren't. As someone stated above, Klopp left Dortmund in the middle of a season when Dortmund were in the relegation zone. Could we see a similar drop-off from Spurs? I seriously doubt it, but crazier stuff has happened. 5.) Arsenal: Still can't defend but I'd expect they do something in the transfer market to address it. Auba turns 30 next month and pacey strikers don't typically age well. Oh and he wore out his welcome at Dortmund by missing practice and generally being a dipshit. Also, are we sure Emery is a decent manager? (He probably is) 6.) Maybe Liverpool slips a bit. I can't see how Real Madrid doesn't come after Salah, but what do I know. They seemed to get every lucky break this year save the Stones goal line clearance. Don't see City slipping at all and in fact, they might even strengthen their side in an attempt to win a quad. Wolves, Watford, and Leicester will all be thinking the same thing though.
  8. Evidence?! Already mentioned multiple times but you are deliberately ignoring basic facts. Couldn’t give less of a shit if the teams we’ve dominated and battered weren’t in form, they are games that we would’ve lost embarrassingly except we didn’t regardless of their current form; the amount of teams that made us a springboard for their season or stem a flow of bad results over the last 3-4 years is sickening. Whatever changed at the derby and since couldn’t be more obvious. His job, along with Brands, was to get us to the top 6 and further. This was never going to be possible in 9 months. You’re honestly at super Trump levels of troll, denial and idiocy at the moment.
  9. I find it very hard to take you seriously as a supposed fan of this club when you cannot find it in you to give any credit you OUR manager and OUR players for a run that included drawing with the best Liverpool side in 30 years and beating Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd at home.
  10. Football is as much about playing football that people enjoy watching as it is about winning trophies. Dislike that as much as you like but very few teams will walk away with a trophy in a season but tens of thousands will turn out every week to revel in the action of their team. We all hope for a top 4 spot or a cup victory but know that it will be tough to achieve. The least we could want should be to watch games where we enjoy the football being played, feel excitement from what we see and some hope that we can challenge for those goals. in the last few months that’s how I’ve felt about our team and the finishing position didn’t really matter to me in the end. I’d seen exciting positive football with some memorable victories and can look forward to the next season with some hope that there will be many more of those moments.
  11. Yet even with these problems, 3 of them get to Euro finals. I get what your saying, we’re such a lucky team that teams only ever have problems on and off field when playing us. I mean it would be daft to say that our set up limits these teams and stops them playing. Yet when were beaten, it’s the opposite isn’t it PeteO, it’s because we were at full strength but the other team just tried harder. Lets be straight here. You see the team in a different way than the majority, and that’s fine. Your down on the team and club at the moment and look for negatives. Im a pretty positive guy and will always look for the positives. You can see in my posts I’m a glass half full type. What we need to accept, mainly you 😉 is that yours, or mine, or any others opinions are just that PeteO, opinions. Your trying your best to prove them as facts, while ignoring actual facts. The most glaring example is this not creating chances comment you keep going on about. Yet in one match we created more chances than Sam did in his whole tenure. That wasn’t something is fans made up, but a factual stat put out by the ssp team. And this is where I struggle to understand where your coming from sometimes.
  12. Joint player's player of the year (with Digne); what do they know?
  13. thank you @Cornish Steve for all the work you did with this
  14. The facts are we've gone backwards since Moyes left. Martinez was a massive disappointment after a fabulous first season, Koeman an absolute disaster after a strong second half to his first season. We really need to hope that pattern doesn't continue, otherwise we're facing the start of another cycle, another three, four years away from where we want to be. Top 6/Europe this season could have been another false dawn. Silva has seen the size of the job in hand, he's faced the backlash from the fans when we play shite, he's stuck to his principles and made another pretty bleak season end with some promise. There is serious work to do with the squad as we have nowhere near enough depth in quality, but with the best youth system in the country at present and a DoF who has shown already he can be pretty shrewd about how he deals for top talent, I'm confident Silva will have us make a real tilt at the top 6 next season.
  15. We’re going to finish with more points than we had last season and more goals scored. And I actually enjoyed watching us play for most of this season whereas if that dick head had been in charge I’d have not gone to a single game.
  16. We haven’t fell that far behind Palfy. Unfortunately, however much it hurts, we have to give them credit for pulling that far ahead. However people want to spin it, we have IMPROVED this season. Not as much as we would have hoped, but we have improved. We need to make sure that we continue it this summer now. A new outlook, stadium on the way, should make us more attractive to players as well.
  17. We’ve scored 6 more and conceded 14 less ( at the moment ) with 2 games to go. That’s improvement for me.
  18. Jesus Pete you really are reaching new levels of stupidity now. Silva inherited a complete shit show, we had a mish mash of a squad full of unwanted players due to having a revolving door policy to managers. He had to pick the players back up and instil confidence and belief back in them and get them playing actual football again after lard arses brand of anti-football last season. He had to make massive changes not just to the playing staff but the entire philosophy of the club. Changes on that scale do not reap rewards overnight and so if you believed this was going to be anything other than a season of transition you need to give your head a wobble It took Klippety and Pochetino three seasons to turn their clubs around and they both had considerably better starting points You keep banging on about how he has signed 5 first team players so why not judge him on his signings? All of them, with the possible exception of Mina who the jury is still out on have, been unequivocal successes. Surely that’s a massive positive given some of the shite we have signed since we came into money? We have just kept 7 clean sheets in the last 9 games, including a run of 4 games against the Sky 6 where we won 3 and drew one and collectively they mustered a grand total of 11 shots and no goals. Surely even you can see that as a massive, massive improvement ?
  19. And there’s your arguement you bellend. Arsenal made one change Tottenham none we made five first team changes. Your argument again is that uniteds signings flopped but ours didn’t? So that means silva did well in the transfer market? No wait that would be brands? Your an absolute sausage.
  20. Unlocking tight defences is clearly a problem for us, but we've shown (the team and manager) that we're capable of solving problems when they arise. We struggled to defend set-pieces and that looks to be sorted. We struggled keeping clean sheets and now we're keeping them more often than not. We struggled with our tempo and pressing at times this season, and both look massively improved. We've struggled putting 90 minute performances together but that has been put to bed recently. We've struggled getting results against the big 6 for god knows how long but we've shown that we're capable of going toe to toe with them and beat them. It's a lot harder to solve this problem at this time but I have confidence that we'll do all we can to solve it over the summer.
  21. I dont think anyone on here believes we’ll be pushing third place or even expecting us to break into the top six Palfy. I think a lot of us have seen a team start to show signs of identity, of a higher work rate, of creating chances, flashes of flair and imagination and its left us feeling positive. We’ve all seen so many years of negativity at this club. Relegation battles, selling players to keep the banks happy, Mike Walker 🤮, that now the club are aiming high. I though after January I’d probably not see a home win again this season. Then we beat these teams, didn’t concede a goal, attacked them. Really attacked them. Not the old 1-0 wins Moyes used to get, a lot of us moaned that we didn’t put four past Arsenal. I’ve seen them put six on us. It was a nice complaint to have. We’ve got stadium plans around the corner, we have money to spend, we’ve got some good players and a manager who is starting to look like he knows what he’s doing, Brands who looks very good, Suntan Bob has gone, the kids have retained the u23 league. There are a lot of things to be positive about Everton. We aren’t going to win the league, we more than likely aren’t going to get in the top four yet. But there aren’t too many negatives are there? I can’t wait for next season.
  22. From the BBC feed...my answer would be yes on all counts.
  23. You won't know what this lad brings to the team till you play tosun or Richarlison as a striker.... In all my lukaku rants my biggest issues of him were that he can't do the unappreciated stuff which is what DCL does in abundance. Drop deep, hold the ball, win it, press, pass..... physically engage the defenders. It offers the attacking midfielders a platform to get forward. Take DCLs attributes out the team and watch the midfield fold..... However.... if there is a hybrid striker who can give 15 goals and what DCL does I would pay £50m now...... the fact is there aren't many who do what he does...... if he develops his finishing you are talking about a player who all the best teams will be after.... I'm not talking aguero levels of finishing.... I'm talking vardy or firminho levels.
  24. We haven’t fallen behind at all, they have pulled ahead. Just because they have improved doesn’t mean we have weakened. Before last season they needed more goals, they bought Salah. Before this season they needed to concede less goals, they bought Alison and Van Dyke. If you look at us in the same way, only Liverpool, City and I think Chelsea have been better defensively in recent months, so we aren’t too bad at the back (if we keep Zouma). We’ve not scored enough goals. To close the gap we need to go and get a striker. The idea of buying young and up and coming players is all well and good, but we need a proven goal scorer. If it means buying someone a bit older but more reliable then so be it. Tim Cahill has been banging the drum about Costa for a while. Even if we do improve, we might close the gap on Arsenal because they just can’t seem to sort it out at the back. We might close on Chelsea if they lose Hazard and get the transfer ban. Closing the gap on Liverpool and City? That’s a completely different level, right now I wouldn’t even be thinking about that. Maybe a win against them, but getting close to anyone at that level is years away for us.
  25. Did a great job again tonight, I was thinking we would be alright if we lost him in January. Now I’m really worried at the thought of losing him, he’s doing so much work in the midfield and his 20 yard bursts forward with the ball are getting us up the pitch quickly. Never expected that from him but it’s a great bonus. If someone wants him we’ll need at least £40m to replace him.
  26. Keane - Fundamental in a defence which has the 4th best clean sheet record in the league, 7th most headed clearences. Gana - Second in the league for most tackles (by 1) Gylfi - Our joint highest goal scorer, most assists for the club.
  27. Margins are so much smaller now on value for players. Mediocre players and going for 25-30 million and someone who’s shown some signs of being above that is worth upwards of 50. Very easy to get it wrong and lose lots of money. Gana for 7 million though....
  28. Name one manager who we could realistically expect to attract who would have had us challenging top 6 this season? Our squad is threadbare, we have nearly a full team out on loan because most of them aren't good enough, the players who have come in have ended up doing great but it is not enough to fix the shit show that was last season. Aside from that, you are an absolute hypocrite for blaming the manager for every poor result but refusing to give him any credit when we win.
  29. Hmm, the two god awful draws Allardyce oversaw versus West Brom, or the final day defeat at West Ham, versus smashing Man Utd, beating Arsenal and Chelsea at home and giving the other lot a genuine run for their money, twice, in a season they broke their record points tally... I think we can a now accept that the only reason we're still debating this is one member who's determined to try to convince everyone else that black is white!
  30. The club have paid a week's wages for the Bolton staff. Can't find any news reports to say who's foot the bill but really nice gesture from whoever it was at the club.
  31. To be fair, Palfy has given credit where credits due for a few months now. Or, at least, knew when to quit flogging a dead horse (Pete, I know, I know... a dead horse would be better than Gana)
  32. I really like Gylfi this season I have seen a side to his game I wasn’t looking at before, I used to think if he hadn’t set up a goal or scored himself he wasn’t doing his job, but when you see the work he gets through you begin to realise what an asset he is to the team.
  33. Shown determination.... had a massive and quite alarming dip. The saying "Will get worse before it gets better" springs to mind. Have to give him huge credit for the turnaround and our ability to give the better sides a game.
  34. The last three times a PL team has been top on Christmas Day and not won the league: Liverpool 08-09 Liverpool 13-14 Liverpool 18-19
  35. Morgan is so frustrating for me. When he’s on his game his such a good player, his first six months with us I thought he was our best player by a very long way. If he doesn’t leave and we can bring in Gomes and keep Gana, picking two from Morgan, Gana, Gomes and Davies isn’t a bad choice to have.
  36. Was game management for me, something we've not been great at in recent times, never gave them a sniff. Makes me optimistic.
  37. https://www.football365.com/news/silva-everton-must-play-every-single-season-in-europe I'm glad the man that matters thinks this way.
  38. Just one more comment from the BBC report before I retreat from this discussion again (can we even call it a discussion? It's actually an embarrassment). MOTM "Idrissa Gueye was central to Everton's play, regaining possession 14 times while having more touches of the ball (106) than any other player."
  39. I’ve seen this in a few places now. Decent keeper to support/challenge Pickford. Means Stek will go - who I don’t rate. I’d prefer Virginia go on loan in the Championship and play every week rather than play 2nd fiddle to Pickford.
  40. Forgot to tell everyone that we greatly enjoyed our trip! The food, the drink, the Beatles Tour, the Cavern Club, and of course the 4-0 ass whooping of United was all amazing! Thanks for the tips everyone, can't wait to get back.
  41. Jannsen? He’s not scored for ages so I’m he’s deffo going down as first goal scorer
  42. Pete you're just wrong mate. Richarlison was garbage for a couple of months, Zouma looked a walking mistake at first, Gomes started doing a very good Schneiderlin impression after a promising start then picked up again. Your point about would I swap them from anyone last season is irrelevant because I'm not arguing they arent improvements, I'm making a very simple point that new players, new teams and new managers take time to get to their best. I've made that point in the past on another thread and you just carried on with the same 'we should be better than we are' line. Fine, think that. But the reasons you give dont stack up.
  43. And we will, eventually. These things take time. Imagine if Klopp was sacked after his 1st season finishing 8th.
  44. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/idrissa-gueye-proving-important-everton-16194225
  45. This thread is funny. Gana was everywhere yesterday - he won back the ball 14 times! That’s 14 potential threats removed. He had more touches than any other player 103, so must have shown all over the pitch for the ball in a tight game. That’s just the stats, with my own eyes I saw him belting all over the place doing just the above. His shooting is bollocks though, fair enough. And Palace aren’t a bad team, they are well organised and have given plenty of teams better than us a black eye. That they didn’t yesterday is much down to Gana. Well we'll see next season won’t we when he goes to PSG, who can basically buy whoever they want, how good he is when we have to replace him. He hasn’t been disloyal, we’ve had 3 years of his prime when regardless of his performance he’s always been 100% committed to the club on the pitch (how many other players - especially midfielders - can say that in the past 3 years), we paid 7 million for him and we’ll get at least 20-25 for him. Gana has been a bargain and will make us millions when we sell him, and he’s been one of our biggest hearted and consistent players in pretty much the worst period to be a Toffee that I can remember; Worse than Walker, HK3 and Walter Smith. You don’t have to think that Gana is the best player ever, but some of the slatings he gets on here from some? You must be madder than a bottle of crisps.
  46. It’s because he doesn’t have bells ringing on his feet when he runs. He is a calm, professional and level headed player that goes about business. I don’t think people are clicking onto the Keane to Gana to forwards play yet. But if you watch the link up between these players, it’s easy to see they are the backbone of our team.
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