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  1. Mum's a red and my dad (and pretty much all of his family) is a blue. Apparently I was a red when I was a very young kid but there is no photographic evidence of this and I don't remember it at all, so as far as I'm concerned it never happened. My dad is a massive blue - used to follow us everywhere and saw us win things (!) - and I think I just wanted to be like my dad and spend time with him I suppose, so would follow Everton too. One of my earliest memories is the 95 Cup Final and my mum helped me make a scrapbook of the whole journey through to it, and I still have the game recorded on VHS . My first game it was actually my uncle that took me (mum's brother) and it was Neville Southall's Testimonial against Celtic. It was 0-0 and boring as hell but going to Goodison was magical. There weren't many (any really ) Evertonians in my Primary School class but any time it was 'wear your own clothes day' I would always wear an Everton shirt, and get the piss taken out of me. But I didn't care. My birthday was in August so I'd always get a kit for it - mostly my mum would take me over to Liverpool to get it and we'd make it a little day out and get the train and some food. I live and breathe this football club and have done for as long as I can remember now.
  2. He's not technically good enough for this level of football - I don't think that's open for debate really.
  3. My first experience at a kiddy football side when I was about 5, I was given a blue shirt to play in. I asked my dad who played in blue and, stupidly for a lifelong Liverpool fan, he said Everton and that was that. To be fair to him he never once tried to change my mind and even joined the family club and took me to Goodison several times a season.
  4. Baffled as to why everyone is going back and forth about the substitutions. No professional football team should be conceding two goals in the 94th minute regardless of whether Oumar Niasse, Greaham Norton or a paper bag has been brought onto the pitch. As I mentioned in my earlier post, putting it down to a "freak occurrence" is naive and quite frankly short sighted. There were clear errors from the players on the pitch that allowed the goals to happen - argue all you want about who should or shouldn't have been taken off but the point still stands for me - no professional football team should crumble like that. Unacceptable in every sense of the word.
  5. We need a brand new pair of central midfielders BADLY! Even if Gomes and Gbamin come good once fit, we need more options, because those we have right now are not good enough for backup. I would keep Davies as a fifth option only because he's homegrown and still young. As soon as Delph, Sig and Morgan leave the better.
  6. If we'd have done that we wouldn't have got Ancelotti.
  7. It's not his fault he is on a big contract and has, no doubt, been advised not to move by his agent. All that any of us can do is our best. And that is something that the lad always tries to do. The fact that he is maybe not technically good enough for us and should never have been signed is the fault of the set up that signed him, not his. He can be very frustrating to watch but while he demonstrates the excellent attitude that most of the rest of the team have been missing, he will get no criticism from me.
  8. Funny Newcastle make defensive subs and score 2 we make defensive subs and loose 2 goals and blame the manager, strange Carlo did what most managers do shut up shop and waste a bit of time, this disaster is 100% down to the numptys on the pitch. How many times have we got to through this before we sort it, please make it stop Carlo.
  9. I was just composing my post congratulating you Steve; then the World tilted on its axle.
  10. Why are we comparing him with Lukaku or anyone for that matter, he’s 19 had a hand full of games in what is his first season in the toughest league in the world, let’s give him a chance to settle in and judge him end of next season when hopefully he’s playing in a far better team with a manager who knows how to get him up to speed.
  11. Thatsca great bench. 2 talented young lads ready to come in..... this is what we need.
  12. That's fine. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I've always been more of an idealist than a pragmatist. It's not that I claim to have superior morals or anything like that: I'm suggesting that the journey can be more important than the destination. How can a less compassionate leader result in a more compassionate society? How can a leader who mocks and ignores the law lead to a more just society? How can a war-monger lead to greater peace among nations? How can an intolerant narcissist encourage society to be more tolerant and inclusive? I just don't see it.
  13. Baines will get another 1 year contract I think. It’ll give him a wage and allow him to concentrate on his music stuff
  14. Richarlison DCL Bernard Soares Gomes Gbamin Starts to look a bit better doesn't it? When everyone is fit mind you
  15. Absolutely no need for a keeper at all.
  16. Richarlison. Worked his socks off the whole game. He was on fire and just about shaded it from Bernard... only because Bernard came off early. Bernard was amazing today. Ran the show on midfield. Edit: mention for Holgate as well. Pretty solid throughout and made things look simple.
  17. Good to stir up a response there!!! Haha I know it seems to stir up a negative reaction if you say anything slightly against Don Carlo...even if you aren't actually doing so! Let me say, I'm as excited as anyone to have him here. Awesome pedigree. However, as far as I'm concerned, it's an open book with empty pages that need writting. I'm just calling it as I see it. And the last 2 games we have alarmingly turned to going backwards - A LOT. Under no pressure. Then put ourselves under pressure. I may just be scarred from previous attempts at this same play but we looked to making progress in this regard, first with Dunc where we absolutely did not do this. But the intensity has dithered and been replaced with much more passing about that back. Noticeable against Newcastle aswell. Now I know there is more work to do, but the players haven't just decided to play this way themselves. They're being told to do so from somewhere. Basically I'm just a bit fearful that we try playing in a way that we don't have the players for. Stay calm. It's not a critiscm. Just an honest innocent observation.
  18. I'm embarrassed and ashamed by our performance. We were terrified of a bunch of kids ffs. A very similar side played against Villa and Villa took them apart. That's all I can be arsed saying about the game. The one positive of the game is that at least Ancelotti now knows what utter shithouses we have playing for us and he won't keep them around.
  19. Mooy is gonna run rings around our midfield and the fans here are still gonna turn their noses up at him because they'd rather have players with Pogba attitude.
  20. They had more energy than us - simple. We played our best team although most of them had played a serious amount of games in a short period and it showed. Gylfi and Morgan were a training drill for the young, faster kids. Delph and Davies would have given more energy. Walcott should never have been the last sub - Carlo got that seriously wrong. We went 2 uptop and started giving Mina hospital balls at the back trying to play it out. Since Martinez’s downturn we’ve started this 3/4 pass procedure that ends up with the fullback or CDM going back to the keeper and a rushed clearance forward resulting in the ball coming back at us. Our initial intent is sideways or backwards - it needs to change.
  21. It’s only open for premier and Europe at the moment. Everton's doesn’t open until January 30th at 11.30pm.
  22. We head into a morally bankrupt new decade all over the World with our two countries at the forefront. Lessons of (relatively recent) history forgotten; if I was a religious person I'd say God help us but I'm not so I have no idea where the hope is. I fear for my grandchildren.
  23. Dear friends! Happy New Year. I wish you all health and happiness. Fulfillment of all desires. And may our Everton play the best in the new year and please us with positive emotions. Thank you all for the warm welcome. It impressed and touched me. Good to all.
  24. yep and it showed last match when bernard put a beauty in the box and no one was there. absolutely criminal that no one was there. DCL will be that hard worker and the man all CB's hate, kean/richarlison will be banging em in.
  25. Total coincidence. I became a footy convert around mid-90s, when US hosted WC. Had a friend who played at my college in US, D2 All-American. He was born and raised in Wigan, his family lifelong Evertonians. I started following Everton and EPL as much as possible, but mostly I just became more and more a footy nutter. Whatever was available on my area’s cable system — La Liga, good bit of CL, WC of course. Loved Les Bleus in ‘98. Love Derek Rae, think he’s the best. Gradually more EPL, so I’d catch a few Everton matches. Then NBCSN got EPL and I’ve been able to follow the Toffees passionately since. As I say, total coincidence. Or fate.
  26. Cunt. When I read it back I knew someone would say that
  27. Happy for him, definitely eases the pain of the result. DCL is looking like a goal threat and once we get Richarlison back we will have some goals in us
  28. Just got home from the match and even though I’ve had a number of hours to calm down I’m still fuming. I had a great 90 minutes, my son was all smiles after some recent poor displays, Kean got his first goal, DCL carried on with his scoring form, Bernard was superb and Delph had one of his best games in an Everton shirt then came stoppage time. They were coasting and completely switched off. Carlo was waving his arms like mad in front of me and we were so naive it was untrue. Pickford tried a quick throw that gave possession away, Davies and Digne played themselves into all sorts of trouble. It was just pitiful. On many other days they would have got away with it but not today, a real sickener. A number of people sat round me left just before the 90 so god knows what they thought when they turned the radio on in the car. We were in total control and dominated throughout. I believe if we were only 1 up it wouldn’t of happened as they would have been more concentrated. With nearly two weeks to dwell on it I just hope this won’t have longer reaching consequences.
  29. Mina completely done my Almiron. Sidibe excellent again in covering for his centre backs.
  30. Keep your sexual preferences to yourself, Barry.
  31. Opportunity missed there, should be 2 points off 5th. Kean was about early, but there's no real rapport between himself and DCL. Will take time. Thought Gordon grew into the game. Has good feet, knows how to keep the ball, and got into some good areas. Holgate by far the standout, Pickford also good. Thought DCL's touch was pretty good today, but service was poor and he got more frustrated than usual.
  32. Gordon for Bernard!? TAKE WALCOTT OFF
  33. Unlucky mate. Look at it this way, the only way is up!
  34. Only because Trump ripped it up. Until then it was limiting Iran's Nuclear ambitions, allowing regular inspections and calming fears of nucular proliferation in the region.Not perfect but doing what it was designed to do.
  35. I think comparing DCL with Lookman is a testament to what hard work and lesser talent can achieve vs lots of talent and a questionable work ethic.
  36. Schneiderlin's last appearance in the league was a 3-1 win against Chelsea.
  37. Missed this one; why would they not? There is no language called "American" because all but the few natives left are immigrants. A little different but William Rees Mogg wouldn't stand in Newcastle because no bugger would understand what he was saying; if you're educated enough to talk to your electorate in their mother tongue why would you not? It's not "pandering" it's communicating.
  38. No, he didn’t. He trusted Bernard and that was when he played best.
  39. In general no, but in this lad yes, it would be like missing out on Maddison when he moved on
  40. Cantwell was really impressive at Goodison this season. He’s an interesting one.
  41. We thought we had no chance with Carlo. Stranger things have happened. 👍
  42. I have given him praise when due so I don’t disagree with your recently comment. I just thought he was a very weak link against Newcastle and they exploits him.
  43. Matt go back 6 weeks or so those who were panicking, were panicking because of the manager they new he was incompetent and we would have more than likely gone down with him. And if you go back to your posts on Silva you were adamant he shouldn’t get the sack, in your words he should be allowed to see out his contract. Well I was one that wanted him gone and If that makes me a negative Nelly then fine, because you are now one of the Ostriches who buried their heads in the sand and are benefiting from Silva being sacked and not staying.
  44. But he was good here last year and we desperately wanted to keep him; maybe he's shite for Chelsea because Chelsea are a shambles and if we got him back he'd be the man he was last season.....or better.
  45. You watch the papers will have DCl sold tommorow to man united or spurs
  46. Richarlison has been superb this second half.
  47. We were the dominant force from start to finish and the scoreline really should’ve been a lot more comfortable (but I’ll take a 1-0 with DCL scoring ). We won though, that’s what matters. Especially in Ancelotti’s first game after not many days of being at the club. You could definitely tell that the players have been instructed to play more football already though.
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