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  1. Now that it's done, I wish him well. Even though his tactics can be called into question, I don't think you can question his commitment to the team. What pissed me off about Koeman is towards the end he didn't look like he gave a shit, we were shipping goals left, right and centre without looking arsed. Silva always looked as though he was desperate for a win (or a point) but just wasn't getting the run of the green and/or good enough. Unfortunately, I don't think his tenure will be remembered in 10-20 years time. Moyes took us from fighting relegation to Europe, Martinez brought that attractive, attacking football and I think at the start Koeman looked really good - I just don't know what identity Marco has brought to the club nor do I think he's really progressed us as hoped, quite the opposite. It'll be interesting to see how we respond against Chelsea. As much as I wanted Silva to go I'm filled with anxiety due to not knowing who we'll get next. A bad appointment could put is in an even bigger mess.
  2. I just want someone who will play the best players, in the best positions for them, in the best system for them. That doesn't fucking include playing so many bastard slow players in a system that requires us to play quick football, and break teams down that sit back. Also it might be handy to play an actual playmaker as a playmaker, not Gylfi fucking Sigurdsson. And if there is no playmaker in the team don't pick a fucking system that requires one to succeed!
  3. I for one will not forgive you for that. You should always want us to win, no matter what, but especially when we're in such a precarious position and with a tough run of fixtures.
  4. Or this guy understand that going into a game at Leicester in the form they are in, followed by an Anfield Derby, with no manager in place could be a whole lot worse. This guy has plenty of experience running a football club and is a lot less reactive than us fans. He can think through this situation with his head, we all can’t react without our hearts taking over. He isn’t out of touch with the fans, he’s doing his job.
  5. Not the case for me personally, I said from the outset he has been the best of a bad bunch lately, the way he looks for the early forward pass has been a breath of fresh air. However it doesn’t take away from the fact that it was an horrific performance from him yesterday and it’s quite clear he cost us the game Hopefully he reacts in a similar manner to Sidibe who bounced back well after his shit show against Norwich As for ‘supporting our players not tearing them to bits’ whilst I understand the sentiment it’s a forum that I seriously doubt any of the players even know exists I go home and away and always get behind every player wearing the shirt , I’ve honestly never abused any player at the game or on social media as it’s clearly counter productive , so think I’m allowed to vent in here !
  6. A bit of sense! We've not even completed the first 3rd of the season and people are talking about relegation - 5 points off the bottom three, 3 behind an automatic EL spot... Silva isn't even half way through his 3 year contract yet and people want him to undo years of damage, whilst win everything, whilst playing beautiful football... Maybe we should be pissed off that he doesn't give us the winning lottery ticket numbers each week too! This kind of negative short-sighted talk, whilst understandable because of the frustration this season, ended up with the previous manager in charge last time we panicked.
  7. I admit I’d lost my temper after the Burnley game but otherwise I’m still trying to be patient with him. Reasons 1&3 are principal for me, option 2 less so. I think he is trying to play the long game and trying to be patient with instilling his beliefs, not throwing kids into fray (hence sticking with the more experienced players even though they’ve been poor) and instead letting them take their time, etc. It’s the beginning of his second season. There was so much to correct from the previous 3-5 years, especially the 12 months prior to his arrival, it was never going to be undone and built on in 18months. I suspect we’ll see Kean regularly after Christmas, like he did with DCL last year. I think Iwobi would’ve been starting more in the middle if Bernard hadn’t been injured, but with all of the injuries mounting up he’s having to plug holes with whomever can play that role even remotely and we just need to be as patient as ever until the squad gets settled again. I didn’t want him here but I’m not in a rush to get rid of him. He showed end of last season that he can turn things around and play some great football. Patience, as well as consistency (as much as we can with players dropping like flies) are absolutely key.
  8. Gone for Mina. His second half performance was a proper defenders match. Diving into last ditch challenges, roughing them up, annoying them on corners. shame he has an absolute dud beside him. Kean was good when he came in and so close to a goal. Love his heart. Battled for the team today.
  9. I thought we deserved something from that game. I’m devastated to be honest.
  10. It’s because he doesn’t need to worry about his defensive positioning as there are three at the back.
  11. Too many fans haven’t got over the training ground incident. Though I’m sure similar would have happened many times since then but stayed in house.
  12. Personally I don’t think he could put a stamp on an envelope.
  13. In other words some SSN intern has been tasked with scouring the internet archives for managers that were previously linked with Everton and now they're throwing out names to keep people watching their channel.
  14. Could be that he’s actually doing well behind scenes.
  15. I think the fans now need to wake up and realise that our squad is fucked and needs major surgery. We are going to have to play horrible football to just lerch our way through the season until the transfer windows come around and we get a new manager. We have spent millions on a mish mash of players who just dont fit into any kind of system
  16. Traore isn’t even much of a footballer tbh. He’s an athlete.
  17. Coward... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50592259 ...but unless the polls are miles off (wouldn't be the first time) he's going to get his majority. UK's Trump, I'm really ashamed to be British just now, what is the matter with people? Do they have no compassion or conscience? Let's vote in the nasty party because we'll be OK, screw the poor.
  18. Based on the same issues and misery of last winter, I fully expect us to get 7 from 9 and go on a rampage...
  19. The Sex Pistols went to court and won when they were told they couldn’t promote their never mind the bollocks LP in public. They proved that bollocks was not an offensive word.
  20. He brought in youngsters like Stones and players like Lescott and turned them into world class players going for millions and costing pennies. He gave us Arteta who was on the scrap heap in Spain, he got us Cahill for peanuts, he got Jagielka a relegated midfielder and turned him into one of the best CH in the league, he got us Baines and helped turn him into one of the best LB in the world. Moyes knows a player when he sees one, something that no one seems to know how to replicate since he left.
  21. Don’t forget MoM doesn’t mean you played well, just that you were the best of a pathetic bunch.
  22. We should have had someone lined up weeks ago. But I know what will happen. He will get sacked and Unsy will have it until we find a manager to extort us again because we are desperate. The shit in the club runs deeper than Silva. Mosh has brought us out and literally ran it like a child would. Throw money at it with no thought or conviction. The only decent thing he has done is brought in brands and I'd imagine from the previous dross that's just luck
  23. We're three points off 5th. The season is far from fucked up.
  24. Above or below when there’s a 5 point gap is a pointless comparison at the moment. 2 wins for us and some losses from those above us and it all changes. It’s simply too early.
  25. If you're getting paid a fortune to do very little you better make sure you're on time otherwise you'll be doing even less. Deserved to be dropped. Age isn't an excuse he's already a professional.
  26. Bailey before every game you need pull every player on what you think there not good at, so they can go out prove you wrong. That’s what you call a tactical master at work on how to get the best out of your players, instead of Silva’s approach of there all very good.
  27. mjb, I don't like to hear that a manager is pushing the medical staff for a player's fitness.
  28. Thought Sidibé’s defending was truly awful at times, rescued by a couple of good tackles and that perfect cross. Schneiderlin’s play, for me, was opposite of Sidibé’s: solid throughout, save an awful moment when they scored. Davies good, Mina good except for that likely penalty that wasn’t called on him, Holgate probably MOTM, I like Sigurdsson, but he deprived us of 3 scoring opportunities, with 2 pathetic passes to attacking teammates and a weak shot on clear goal-scoring opportunity. Thrilled to win, but overall we still don’t finish well, and barely beat an awful team today.
  29. Then he shouldn't be crossing the ball. May as well boot it out of play.
  30. Tom only wants to move the ball forward, I think he brings a much needed energy to our game, and as such should be a starter, yes he still makes a couple of mistakes, but dont they all.
  31. And not as good. but stays out of trouble.
  32. No. He either plays RB or he doesn’t play at all.
  33. Keep them away from the mini-bar....actually better still drink everything in it about now to dull the upcoming pain, with a bit of luck you'll be comatose before KO.
  34. A wing back and a full back are just the same mate. The only difference is a wing back is what people call a full back who can’t defend. So is basically not a good enough full back. That’s no my opinion on this player by the way, jury is still out for me.
  35. Lucas got beaten by Ricardo at every attempt. Not sure what that was about, but if other teams can do the same we'll be in trouble on the left.
  36. Whilst he was a fault on the ball for both goals, theres more to it, he needed more support around him, he was stretched, and after about 70 mins looked knackered and should have been subbed. I don’t think either Maddison or Tielemans had good games, but didn’t get caught like Tom, did they go missing or did we nullify their efforts?
  37. Ahh didn’t realise he hires and fires the coaching staff as well. Thought the DOF would do that like in other teams. But the point still stands, we need to look at the whole set-up and not just the manager, as the bigger problems may lie elsewhere. This is where I’m expecting Brands to step up and earn his wage.
  38. He did and that’s why he won’t do it again. He was burned once, he won’t sign a 6 month deal again. If he is hired then I’m finished with putting any effort into this season tbh.
  39. We used the same site there! I think it's hard to judge transfers more now. Every PL club is getting ripped off, well, below the top 6 anyway. It's all an expensive gamble.
  40. Maybe this is exactly why he won’t be dictating who the next manager will be. Im sure he didn’t get to where he is in business by not learning from his mistakes.
  41. We weren't actually promoted, Notts County folded in 2017 and we successfully applied to take their place.
  42. I don’t get the hate for Moyes. He did excellently for us with no budget. First manager in a long time not to get the sack.
  43. I wish people would stop mentioning Benitez. He made odd decisions that cost games when at Liverpool and hasn't exactly had much success since then. Benitez or Moyes or Crooked Sam would be something of a disaster, in my opinion. Given the games coming up in the next six weeks, whoever is in charge is likely to lose most if not all, so a new manager is going to be hesitant to start until after that period. Kudos to Unsworth if he's willing because it's something of a poisoned chalice right now.
  44. After a series of successful loans rather than playing in the u23 league. It seems Brands is wise to this with the Hornby and Kenny loans as 2 recent examples.
  45. I think I’m now in the minority in that I still want VAR but it has to be massively improved. I believe if it’s abolished now it’s not likely to be reintroduced in a generation or two. The concept is completely right but the execution is so poor. What people forget is that decisions on the whole that VAR have got wrong would still of been wrong with the ref (as they hadn’t overruled) so therefore we have parity. What I’d like to see with offside would be clear offside and what I mean by that is daylight between the players to overrule (as the attacker should be given any element of doubt). For example in cricket it goes to ‘umpires call’ if the ball is partially hitting the stumps. It could therefore be linesman’s call unless there is a clear error (daylight between the players). The problem with most other decisions is that it’s open to interpretation. For example the sky survey on whether City should have had a penalty against Liverpool was around 53% 47% it should have been given. I was convinced it was a penalty but that shows others thought differently. I just want the ref to go to the monitor and to explain decisions better and inform me at the ground what’s going on. I think it’s time we had a separate VAR thread.
  46. I would agree, I actually think he is worse in attack than in defence. Right then lads... The highlights show 7 clips of him defending. 1. He tries to control a highball and boots it out of play (I would personally consider that a skill, but I shall compare him to other premier league quality right backs). 2. Good defending against the attacker showing good strength HALF TIME 3. Wins a header, again decent strength to hold off his man. 4. Silly challenge on Djenpro, he must have hacked him about 5 times in the small time he was tracking him. 5. Completely misses his first touch and the ball goes under his foot meaning he is out of position in the counter attack. He gets back well enough though. 6. This is the foul he gives away which I think is great defending, getting his body between man and ball but each to their own. 7. Good defending in the left back channel sticking with Boufal and stopping the ball in. He shows that he can only tackle with his right foot though, its actually quite awkward to watch. What wasn't on the highlights is that he is very quick into the press. The opposition doesn't have time to take a touch and turn, he is straight into them. He also seems to cover pretty well, he made a great challenge in the first half when we looked in a bit of trouble and he does get up and down the wing. He isn't someone who is going to watch the attacker run past him and give it up. In my opinion the two worst bits of play were the two fuck ups when in possession, in the miscontrol and the first touch clearance. In comparison with Coleman, I think Sidibe has more energy to get up and down and their crossing is of a similar quality. Defensively though I think Sidibe is stronger, quicker and probably fitter too. I don't think there is a lot of difference in their positioning or ability to read the game. There isn't a lot of difference between them but I would be sticking with Sidibe for now and see if he will continue to improve for more exposure to the Premier League.
  47. I’m going to implement my right to remain silent and no comment 😀. Like I said negligence is no defence he’s guilty of breaking Gomes ankle with a dirty challenge from behind, which should have stood as a 3 match ban, but some are trying to portray him as innocent of any wrongdoing, and even worse in my opinion actually feel sorry for him whilst Gomes is going through a nightmare for a footballer. For me justice has not been meted out even if yellow stood that wouldn’t be the correct punishment.
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