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  1. And (believe it or not, where does the time go) today is the five year anniversary of my last treatment, which means I'm all clear. I still have one final check to come in May but it's just a formality, five years is the magic number so I'll be around for a while yet. Sorry.
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/02/sports/everton-liverpool-merseyside-derby.html#click=https://t.co/BANmPuvGYI Everton made the New York Times today. A couple wonderful points: 1.) Everton makes its players sign an agreement to participate in community events; and 2.) At one point Tom Davies had to be reminded to leave an event but said, "I'm busy coloring unicorns." I love this club more than anything other than my wife.
  3. That’s why the strap line is ‘ for the thinking Evertonian‘..., you have to keep thinking what fucking thread am I in?
  4. I can sort of understand how some may not rate the guy as a player (despite the majority of fans/pundits/PSG scouts seeing him as a major asset) but I can't get my head round people questioning his character; if he'd have done the Gomes 100 hug thing they'd be questioning why he didn't do 1000. He's been nothing less than a model pro all the time he's been with us for me, don't get the vitriol. We have far worse players who put in 100% effort and are applauded for it, here we have a player good enough to be wanted by a CL team who puts in 100% every week and he's a figure of hate. Baffled.
  5. If only Gana could pick out a forward pass 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. https://royalbluemersey.sbnation.com/2019/3/6/18253080/everton-transfer-latest-idrissa-gueye-psg-rumours-marco-silva-marcel-brands
  7. VVD said we were celebrating a nil nil..... no we weren't you prick - we were enjoying you fuckers dropping another 2 points on city.... you were 10 points ahead now 1 behind you fucking nob.
  8. Any billionaire who’s in football for the money is an idiot, no one makes money owning a football club anymore. It costs them a fortune, unless you own Man Utd and you leverage your assets it’s very very hard to make money and be competitive at the same time. I don’t see why you think we are failing Palfy? Yeah haven’t won anything but we aren’t any worse off than we were under Bill. We’re just about the same, but with a bit of muscle in the market.
  9. You’ve actually showed what the manager did to change things. He’s obviously told them they need to be doing things like that run forward from Gomes. In the first half that sort of thing was non-existent and we were slow on the ball, with very little pressing from our players. But it was evident straight from the kick off for the second half that it would be a different story because we pressed from the first moment, and it completely threw them. We scored 4 minutes into the second half and all of those 4 minutes led to that goal, not just a run from Gomes We won because we gave our heads a collective wobble and played like a team that’s together and fighting for each other. I don’t think Chelsea imploded at all; we just didn’t give them a chance to breathe.
  10. He was very good today no arguments from me.
  11. Right let me say this I know there is a gana fued on here with two posters I can’t remember who hates him and who doesn’t so I have no agenda but fuck me he is amazing at what he does. He ain’t Zidane but his energy and tackling are stupidly good. He needs piss testing. I really don’t know how you can criticise him. He is immaculate at what he does
  12. Got lucky?! he did his job and, more importantly, got the players to do theirs. He needed that as much of the rest of us but it was he that got it right and fair play to him
  13. Was on a visit to a southern prem league club with work recently and they talked through their in the community scheme, theirs was a pretty good scheme I was thinking... but then they basically said that they aspire to be as good Everton’s. I smiled inside at that one, not the first time I’ve heard that.
  14. Anfield game was a big turning point for us, after we'd played the best we'd done there for many years; hopeful we can do the same to them. 95th minute winner would have me needing to be peeled off the ceiling.
  15. And before we go any further, let’s het a few things out the way. 1: what do you think about Lukaku’s first touch? 2: Is Gana Gueye a good footballer, or a glorified pub landlord? 3: Are you Palfys uncle, in law, or any other relative at all, or do you know him in any way whatsoever?
  16. Gana showing PSG how much he wants to play for them. He was brilliant today.
  17. People criticise DCL for his finishing but some of the work he does as a target man is superb, he has a beautiful touch with chest and both feet and good awareness.
  18. I just think it's a little overboard with Pickford tbh. And I don't mean just you when I say that either. The level of shit that's getting flung at him is ridiculous. Yes, he has shown a bit of immaturity and made mistakes etc but I think he'll learn and he'll be quality for us and more than likely be snapped up by a bigger club. If he doesn't learn then, by all means, jump on him. But do you (not you personally) not realise that you're just putting more pressure on him at the moment? Being a goalkeeper must be very difficult at the best of times because you're totally on your own. So lets not exacerbate things and put undue pressure on him which will cost us in the long run.
  19. He’s learning in the hardest league. What I like is he’s keeping his game basic, you may critique him for not creating a goal out of nothing but I feel he’s learning what he can and can’t do at this level. Keep it basic, keep the ball, get us up the field and bring other into play - now he looks to be adding goals. All ticks for me, then look to expand your game once you are comfortable executing the basic and know what you can and can’t do.
  20. Can’t understand why he brought Mina on. Taking out that Mina is fucking terrible, we just looked confused with another centre back out there and that showed by just how shambolic we were from that point onwards. I don’t know what his thinking was at all. A change was needed, definitely, but a pair of fresh legs in midfield - Davies, Lookman or even Schneiderlin Ffs! Let them push for goals and then just break on them over and over. I feel sure we’d have been returning home with the three points if we’d just stuck with what we were doing. That loss is definitely on the manager.
  21. The first article simply stated that he was interested in the PSG move and would try harder to get it. The second article confirms that he wanted the move but is still very grateful to Everton. I don't see any one "grasping at crumbs" except for you or Pete trying to delegitimize his importance to the club.
  22. My mother has figured out: a. how to use WhatsApp b. how to share memes on WhatsApp This isn'tt going to end well.
  23. I’ll take that. Clean sheet (well played Pickford), but what a comprehensive, structured, hard working performance. The best performance since the last derby. If we can do that every week, we’ll go from strength to strength. MOTM is the crowd. Even through a stream you could hear how they were behind the team in such a big game.
  24. i think we are doing well. in the game and not being outplayed we just need a litte more in the middle of the park. i'd pull off schneiderlin for gomes or pull walcott for richarlison
  25. Can’t complain about the effort so far. Hopefully someone finds a bit of quality.
  26. Can we have it in front of the goal? Be a great help to the defence and we'd never need to hire a bus to park.
  27. My apologies everyone. I was trying to move the site to a cheaper alternative. It didn't work out how I'd have liked. We will remain with the tried and tested hosts. 👍 Blame StevO. 😛
  28. DCL We could have a good player here, improving with every game. How well he played as a lone ranger, certainly let the big defenders know what he was all about and was a good out ball, Chesting and heading to hold the ball up. Mention for Gana And Keane but DCL definitely earned his wages today, well done.
  29. Saved us far more points than he's cost us in his time here imo; he had a daft head on on Saturday and hopefully will be told as much behind closed doors. I wouldn't swap him for anyone we could afford.
  30. (It wasn't an intentional Brexit analogy.)
  31. Several players done very well today and could have been any one of half a dozen for motm. I'm giving my vote to Bernard simply because nobody else has voted for him, he should be in the team every week because things happen when he has the ball. That can't be said about Richarlison or Walcott and I would play Bernard ahead of both of them.
  32. That’s exactly what I saw. Gave probably the best defender in the best league in the world a tough game. Well done DCL. Lads gonna be an Evertonian.
  33. http://www.espn.com/soccer/liverpool/story/3787667/silva-hits-back-at-jurgen-klopps-world-cup-final-taunt-ahead-of-merseyside-derby This does three things for me. 1) Boosts my opinion of Marco. Glad to see him call this out. 2) Further strengthens my seething hatred for Klopp 3) Hopefully is another added fire under us to go out there and get three points on Sunday
  34. Lovely finish for his goal. But also was impressed with the positions he got into. Second goal would never have happened without a player going near post.
  35. Gana made Cardiff look like fools after those two runs. Brilliant assist and great take from DCL.
  36. It's happening. First ever Everton game. April 7 v. Arsenal. Now I need your help... Which seats are best? As this will likely be my only trip for the next 20-30 years I want the full experience. Preference would be birds-eye view in a loud section or as close the pitch as possible in a loud section. Also don't mind standing at all so if there are sections that tend to that I'm in. I'll be coming in the night before from Newcastle (my brothers team - hopefully we see them stomp palace). What should we do Sunday morning? Best pubs for lunch and drinks before the game? Thank you all in advance. Words cannot describe how excited I am. The tears are literally flowing just typing this.
  37. These billionaires do it for the bravado, for their ego, so they can tell their other rich mates they have a premier league football club to match the yacht. To say the club is in a worse financial state is ridiculous, have you read the last two years accounts? We are financially stronger. He put money in, with loans that have no repayment date and no interest. We were paying millions in interest alone for the last twenty years. As a businessman surely you can see the difference he has made to how the company is now run? The complete corporate restructure, removing poor performance and bringing in experts in their fields. Yes the on field performance has been poor, he hired the managers, but that’s all he’s guilty of as far as I’m concerned. I know plenty of other shareholders who feel a whole lot more comfortable with what he’s doing than they have for the last two decades of amateurs running the club. People like Denise and Sasha are making a difference, he needs Brands to make the difference on the pitch now.
  38. I thought it was noticeable in the 2nd half that the movement around him is holding him back. He beat his man a number of times, looked up and no-one had made themselves available, then he had to hold on the ball for too long and got into trouble. He always wants to get his head up and the ball forward but you can only do that if your teammates are on the same wavelength.
  39. I’m trying to enjoy the irony of parliament being allowed multiple votes on a difficult topic with hindsight and much more information of the consequences, but the people who they keep saying chose this (no one did) don’t deserve another say. Honestly, we need a revolution in terms of politics
  40. What I’d give for Jags to be five years younger.
  41. I hope he plays every game between now and the end of the season. A run of games could really help him. He has a lot of attributes.
  42. I’ve been thinking about this in order to be fair. Each week I calculate the average prediction; you see it listed in the results as ‘TT Average’. For the Newcastle game, I shall apply the average prediction to those unable to predict.
  43. I think he was more involved with his mackem Geordie rivalry than he was with the game, more focused on trying to whined the supporters up than the game and the supporters won. He needs dropping and hopefully he will learn to focus on the job in hand.
  44. Loved that it was "Everton this , that" then he lapsed into "we should have done this, that" Loves the club.
  45. You need to sign up for the WhatsApp group for further explanation mate 😛
  46. Kepa should've come off regardless of the misunderstanding with the manager. You just don't do that. He also should've saved Aguero's take so that will work against him as well.
  47. If managers just keep coming here for the money like Koeman and Allardyce did then we aren't going anywhere fast. I also wouldnt want to be anything like Chelsea either. Their players used to at least turn up for one season but they cant even do that now. I am fed up with this spineless shower of shit as it is, I wouldnt want to see us paying some of the best players in the league to do exactly the same thing.
  48. You could use that argument for a lot things and crimes against humanity that have happened in the world, but sooner or later you have to wake up to the realisation that fighting hate with hate doesn’t work it just perpetuates the hatred.
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