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  1. If any manager was told you have three years in the job don’t worry I’m sure they would blood younger players for the long term but unfortunately they don’t and can’t do it because if it doesn’t work out in the short term they get sacked. And it starts from people moaning about managers not taking responsibility because they’ve lost pre season friendlies largely consisting of a youth squad. Oh the irony
  2. Arghhh ......... all this talk about the stadium and all I want to really know about is the transport links and in particular the rail opportunity.
  3. If our fans have their way it'll be a long time until we play European football again, what with them not wanting EL. Because it's going to be a very long fucking wait for CL.
  4. Wow, they're massively over-paying for a slightly better-than-average CB.
  5. We have a lot of big strong players out there now. Even the best teams won’t find it fun getting knocked around by Mina, Gbamin, Kean, Gomes, Keane etc..
  6. It probably is a generation thing, I did elude to that in my initial post Some younger fans from the Premier League era consider success to be finishing in the top 6, some of them don’t want Europa League either so it’s top four or bust For me success in football terms means having a trophy to show for it. Maybe it’s because the younger fans have never actually experienced a successful Everton side that they feel this way , who knows , I just don’t get it For some of them, the most ‘successful’ Everton side they’ve seen was 2004 when we finished 4th but to me that is not success because we still won fuck all and therefore have no trophy to show for it. Take a look at the clubs honours list and you will not find any mention of that season Success to me is winning trophies, and success breads more success I want us to win every game we play so the apathy by some to the chances of winning a domestic trophy is not something I will ever be able to get my head around These shouts of it being an unwanted distraction are bollocks, a distraction to what?? We haven’t as a club take this competition seriously since the 80’s and we’ve still not got a pot to piss in from any of the other competitions
  7. I agree leave this one and move on, the price being reported is ridiculous.
  8. Kean’s A footballer - proper footballer
  9. I'm kind of torn on Schneiderlin. He gave us some pretty good minutes especially late in the season and what I have seen n the preseason. He looks like he can still have value to us beyond a transfer fee. I never would have said that in the January window.
  10. I worry that he needs to be centre of attention and thrives off being controversial. I can’t believe he truly believes in what he says as it’s so far off the mark. Im trying hard no to bite. Stadium, Gana, Silva. 🙄
  11. Well, they initially named 2 key signings; Gomes and Zouma. Gomes signed, Chelsea changed the management structure which looks like it killed the Zouma deal. One was sorted out quickly and cheaply, the other was taken out of our hands. So far as I remember, no one else was identified by name. There’s still weeks to go until the window closes and the season begins. I really struggle to understand your stress
  12. He’s been training so I would think there’s a good chance he’ll play.
  13. What’s the point, ? If i showed you a blackboard you would argue that it’s white
  14. I don't really care. I don't think Kean will be the 20+ a season goal machine everyone thinks he'll be, at 19 the pace and physicality of the Prem will take some getting use to. And even if he'll never be prolific, DCL has that side of the game sewn up. What I'm just as interested in is Richarlison, Sigurdsson, and Iwobi scoring, Bernard has made a start so keep it up. We'll rotate in all four forward positions, let's have goals from them all
  15. classic walcott, does all the hard work and beats his man and then skies the cross FFS
  16. As always you’ve missed the point. Back then we had a young up and coming side and the mere fact they got to Wembley and more than matched The Shite over the two games, we would have won it if the ref had not ignored Hansen's hand ball, instilled a lot of belief in them. It made them realise they could compete with the best So much so that we went on to have a strong finish in the league that season and were back at Wembley a few months later to lift the FA Cup and the most successful ever Everton side was born Most say the real turning point for that side was even earlier , that it was a late equaliser by Adrian Heath against Oxford in the quarter final of a cup competition, guess which one? Either way if Kendall had your attitude to winning trophies back then he may have rested players against Oxford and lost that game , lost his job and the great side of the 80’s may never have come to fruition By the way it was the FA Cup final where Watford played their second keeper, so should we not try and win that either?
  17. If we win this this year, we get the added bonus of Cornish Steve concession speech
  18. Agreed. We could play those players and still have a very strong squad -- the main benefit of having depth. I really want us to go for the cups this year. It's been too long without a trophy.
  19. If Silva is ever going to drop Siggy (which I can't see coming any time soon) then I would hope we would just get rid of the 10 position completely and not just put someone else in there. It's just a waste and adds no real tactical advantage (assuming the player could play as well in midfield).
  20. Your spot on mate there’s definitely a good player in him, shame it didn’t work out for him here but a couple of shit managers in Koeman and Aladyce didn’t do him any favours on top of that his injury woes.
  21. So, we lost 2 starters (1 who wasn't ours anyway), one bench winger who was goalless last year, made a loaned starter permanent, added a starting MF and a high quality squad player (Delph/Gambin not sure which is which), added a widely coveted 19 year old striker who will likely play 30+ games and maybe start many of those, added quality competition/cover at RB and a quality young #2GK For a net of 15M. That's....pretty amazing.
  22. Oooo it's getting real, the thread is open!
  23. Can we please just stop feeding the troll?
  24. Not quite panick mode for me yet. For all we know we could be deep in contract negotiations with several players by now... and honestly, I’m guessing we are. Usually we have a few delegations going out and sorting things out, after we have targeted and spoken initially to agents etc. This year is probably the same.
  25. Neres, Lozano, Malcom. Even Fraser from Bournemouth.
  26. The difference to us from last season to this season is that we are in a much better place. We dont need half a squad again and we shouldnt rush out and buy the wrong players or fill positions that we already have competition for (ie number 10 a few years ago). We have differences of opinion on DCL but that position is our only first 11 weakness and if DCL got injured then we would really struggle. We would have the same problem with injuries at CB too. We needed a 3rd keeper to allow Virginia to go on loan so thats an important signing too even if its not important to the first team this season. If we dont have another CF or CB by the close of the window I will be a bit concerned should the current players get injured but it doesnt mean we still wont compete as we did last year, hopefully better given our wobble in the winter.
  27. We signed five players last summer, the first of which only signed on the 24th July 2018 (which is tomorrow this summer). Basically, what you're saying is that you want our whole transfer business to be complete in a quicker time-frame than we began it last season, in what was considered a successful summer by the majority of the fanbase? You say it as if these players aren't even being spoken to, just because we haven't heard anything about a new striker doesn't mean that we aren't working around the clock to get one. If you were Silva would you be listing off each and every player that you wanted to sign in a press conference and sticking it on Twitter for the world to see? It's a secret for a reason, nobody is going to disclose what they are doing behind the scenes transfer wise as it'd be business suicide. Just out of interest I didn't say anything about rumours either so not sure where that part of your post has come from although I think it's clear you didn't read mine fully as you're complaining about us not signing four players when I've stated in detail how football business in the real world differs greatly to that on a PlayStation. Just because you personally aren't being made aware about Everton's transfer business doesn't mean that Silva and Brands are sitting in Finch Farm smoking Chilean cigars and doing crosswords. Edit: @Finn balor if you want a better example regarding who has signed what then look at Wolves; playing European football this year and are yet to sign a single player. I'm sure some of their fans are jumping up and down too but they'll be in the same boat at us and the other 18 teams in the top flight.
  28. Everyone is the new messi remember they lad from Scotland? Gauld? The Scottish messi? There will not be a player like him again
  29. It's taken its inspiration from the Brexit referendum, we all have to vote with absolutely no clue as to how things will pan out. As such nobody will be allowed to change their minds when they observe the reality of his performances for PSG and there will be no second vote under any circumstances.
  30. Kean hasn't scored for us either this season though 💁‍♂️
  31. I watched MOTD from last night and it really didn’t look like Mina won the ball on the penalty incident. To also have VAR look at it and not give them penalty doesn’t give me much faith in VAR. Dont get me wrong, I’m glad they never got the penalty but just doesn’t give me faith that the right decisions are being made.
  32. Like others have said eventually we might be when players get up to speed and we get used to a different style of play. At the moment I don’t see how we can be better off without him.
  33. It still has a prestigious place in English football, it gives 92 clubs the opportunity to go to Wembley and win a trophy in front of 35,000 plus of their own supporters, that's not an inconvenience that's a dream for a lot of people including the players and staff. And if you are lucky enough to win it you are further rewarded with a place in European football, but I suppose you would find that an inconvenience as well. I have agreed with you on certain things in the past, but I must say you and Cornish are way off the mark with this one.
  34. We’ve been strong at the back for a while - Mina coming in is the only question mark for me right now. Completion for Coleman will hopefully keep him at his upper levels. Its not to be more attacking but to allow Bernard and richarlison to stay higher and get more of the ball in the final third as Gylfi just isn’t getting on it enough. Hopefully force him onto it deeper!
  35. Think he’s more direct and much more of a goal threat than lookman. Think he can play across the forward line which is a bonus.
  36. We might be getting lead astray and another club is in for him! BUT...I think with the stadium plans and the signings we have made, the set up of the club etc...we're becoming more attractive to players.
  37. Eriksen, no doubt. He would immediately take over Siggy's spot. He's a brilliant player.
  38. Your right it is subjective, but allot of laws are, threats to kill, harassment, and laws that require Police to prove criminal intent for example. I would imagine that Red flagging would have to have the right of appeal (the weapons should remain with authorities while the appeal is heard). It would also have to be re-applied for by authorities after a set period of time, so it may not be permanent, and may only be limited to certain types of weapons. Every system needs checks and balances, but ultimately it is balancing the rights of the individual to hold weapons against societies right to say what is an acceptable level of risk. Never going to be perfect but has to be tried.
  39. Your right, guns don,t kill people, people kill people. Guns make it allot easier though. How many people can a person who has had firearms training from being a member of a club, or having lessons, shoot using a fully automatic rife with 30 round mag's kill in 5 minutes? The answer is too many. Why 5 minutes, that's a reasonable response time. Simple things like mandatory background checks for all firearm purchases, red flagging people with extreme views, a history of violence / gun enabled crime or certain mental health conditions, and banning full auto conversion kits, extended mags and the carrying of concealed weapons would help. In the longer term banning military grade weapons like assault rifles, unless they are stored at registered gun clubs or made single fire with 10 round clips, reducing the caliber of weapons that can be sold would all make a massive difference. You can never stop gun crime, especially in a country with a history and tradition of gun ownership, what you can do is look to limit the impact a shooter can have.
  40. What a guy and they were all so humble. I worked with a guy in the early 1960's and knew he'd been in the RAF during the war, but didn't know any more than that. I found out some years later that he had been in Spitfires in the Battle of Britain and was awarded the DFC. He never spoke about it. Wish I'd known, I could have shaken his hand and thanked him, which I suppose I should have done anyway.
  41. Can we have no more Gana in this thread please? He won't be part of the season ahead.
  42. I put a lot of detail about this in the survey. They should offer a similar seating position. They should also try to give you the option of sitting with friends and family if it can be accommodated. I meet 9 other people at the match, I sit next to one of them. We are all in the same block though. If we could be put in the same area that would add to our experience and our atmosphere, multiply that and I think the atmosphere grows. I also think they could condense season tickets to the front of each stand, leaving no single or double untaken seats. That way general sales tickets will be available in bigger quantities, so better suited for groups. Say in a 35 row stand the first 28 rows could all be season tickets with 7 rows of general sale. These kind of things can make a huge difference, and worth noting that West Ham didn’t do anything like this.
  43. Each to their own mate. I’ve been to one a few summers again and it was great fun. Music, alcohol and good food, and the right people all in one place is always a good thing. Stuff going on on the background, is just background 🙂
  44. What natural skyline, the sites a fucking derelict wasteland.
  45. Got it too, half price and was made up. Shame it wasn’t our actual kit. I hope we do something retro and special for our last season at Goodison.
  46. That would work; I'm sorry but since Boris got elected PM all UK citizens have had their IQ halved, it was one of his "election" pledges. That's my excuse anyway.
  47. Abraham to me is a championship player. His one season in the prem he was terrible for Swansea. Pedro is decent but pulisic could go either way and we all know about Barkley. I just feel that fourth is going begging this season and with the right signings we could be up there. We need definitely a creative player in case one of Gilfi or Bernie gets injured and certainly a striker. Saw a link to das Bost again today. He scores some goals that lad does but not the type of forward I want
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