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  1. Stole a plane as well then the taxi, proper shit version of the A-Team
  2. i'm rooting for him too. hates trump and is a moderate republican, something that is going extinct these days.
  3. Supposedly, he was the driver! They were all too pissed to get served in McDonalds so sent the driver in and Gaz Baz jumped in the driver’s seat and off they went!
  4. Some players aren’t happy just picking up there millions each year they actually want to play week in week out, he would have been sold that he was gonna be an integral part of the team not a bench warmer at best.
  5. Sick and tired of hearing these Olympic athletes going on about how hard they train, the sacrifices they make. What do they want, a bloody medal.
  6. It's a bit concerning that after only a couple of weeks he's happy to stay there permanently. On it's own it's nothing to worry about but when you consider that Lookman was desperate to get out as well, it doesn't say anything good about the club at the moment. I can only assume that the atmosphere around the place isn'tt great. That's not a slight on the current manager, but more of an observation on the whole club.
  7. You couldn't make it up! Today was stair lift fitting day. The fitters said they were coming at 9.30am. Set alarm for 8.00am, getting dressed and the front door bell rang. Her indoors was already downstairs and I heard her open the front door and then close it again almost immediately. A minute later the phone rang, I answered it on the bedroom extension. A guy said he was from Stannah and could I confirm my house number. I told him the number and he said that he'd just been to that number and the lady sent him away. I went down and let him in. When he came the first time, Her indoors thought he said he was from Satnav and was selling something! To be fair, we weren't expecting them until 9.30. He's gone now, did an excellent job.
  8. This board is already labeling signings we haven't made yet as failures, Peter - much less Cenk Tosun who's time is clearly up here and Klaassen, the dinosaur who has been stealing a wage from us for the better part of a decade
  9. Klaassen is not a failure yet. Give the lad a chance.
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