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  1. It’s nothing to do with not replacing him because he’s better than Williams and everything to do with the fact he’s only 27 is naturally left footed and our 2 other centre halves are 34 plus- so we’re left with Keane who had a mare of a first season and Holgate who don’t know if he’ll make it. We now need 2 new centre halves and defo one who is left footed. Mori done ok when he played, he scored goals and played like he cared. I honestly think we’ve dropped a bollock selling him.
  2. Brilliant player and will only get better if he leaves Chelsea If we are in for him hopefully the injury murmurs aren't true or exaggerated, he's like Barkley with a brain
  3. £17.5m for a relatively young full Argentine International doesn't sound all that incredible to me. Five years ago yes, in today's market pretty standard.
  4. No body on here voted for May but she is our prime minister I never heard anyone say that's not right I voted for Cameron to be prime minister and leader of the Conservative party, and now he's left I want another vote. So how was May democratically elected she wasn't her party was and in the same way that's how the union decides in who is president and the E.U was voted for by the people in a referendum as a union of country's working together and that is what it does, it's not a separate state or country as some Brexiteers would have you believe, it is a union based primarily on trade and human rights for the people in countries with in the union, what's so wrong with that.
  5. I use a private fitness instructor I see him 3 times a week been with him about nine years now, when I started I was teetering on 18st with no definition high blood pressure high cholesterol and borderline type 2 diabetes. I now weigh 14st and have a really good definition and my waist went from 40-34 my glucose and cholesterol levels are bang on all though my blood pressure is still slightly high but much improved from years ago. What I do with my instructor is 3 hourly sessions in his gym based on 40 minutes weight training and 20 minutes cardio, he also puts together my weekly food plan, which isn'tt based on calories but eating the right food at the right times of the day. Without out trying to sound like a dick I'm proud of what I have achieved and the long term benefits to my over all life, and when your kids tell you your more ripped than most people half your age that's a good feeling.
  6. Im currently at the end of my jollies in sunny Spain. Prior to which I had 2 months without a drop of alcohol - done couch to 5k (In under 2 weeks at 17st 10). Got my time down from 31 min to 25 mins in another 2 weeks with weight at 17st 2..... the difference in my stress management, general wellbeing, brain function was off the scale. Diet wise I was still eating more or less what I wanted. Less chocolate and crisps and loads of protein based meals. For me the key is controlling blood sugar ... eat low g.i meals and I can control my snacking and hunger pangs. These footballers like baines get my utmost respect. I'm 42 now but was pretty fit at 25/26.... getting older is tougher. Body just retains fat easier and muscles lack that surge of power they once had. We should have a thread where we track our fitness goals.
  7. It went from Guidetti taking a shot on when he should have squared it to a free teammate to the winger diving in when he should have just shown him the line. From the freekick Olsen seemed to get stuck in the ground by not using his feet well enough and from what should have been 2-1 Sweden became 2-1 Germany. What a bloody shame!
  8. Id be amazed if we got 20-25 mil for MCCarthy if he came back from.injury and then barely played for 4 months after. We would be lucky to get half that. If he came back and played lots of games and proved himself it would be different.
  9. Sweden made a mega tactical mistake. When Germany went down to 10, Sweden should have put the quickest sub on with instructions to find space on the centre line. Germany would have had to have a man back marking him or maybe even two. Instead, Sweden had all 10 outfield players dropping back to the edge of their own penalty area with no outlet. Served them right really.
  10. Been outstanding. £4m - bargain. Bit of a dodgy start but once into centre half and especially with lescott alongside him we looked great.
  11. This has been explained to you at least five times in this thread alone. Also Juncker is not a head of state, come on now Rubes.. its been two years already.
  12. Very true Jags has been huge player for us.
  13. Rubes there is no dictatorship in the EU forced or otherwise no one person or country dictates to another and every country has the power to veto any policy that union wants to implement, so unless everyone agrees it doesn’t happen how is that a dictatorship you have either been misled by Boris and his cronies or your using dictatorship purely for effect to had weight to your argument, and I dare say it’s that sort of inaccurate scaremongering that has led us to were we are now.
  14. I suppose it all depends on your opinion of Mori, for me he was a poor mans Joey Yobbo. I think Jags , Holgate and Keane would have started before him so to get a good fee for him is a no brainier. I would be very surprised if we don't bring in another CB who would go straight into the first team. We know we need to trim the squad down so getting a good fee for your 4/5th choice CB is good business
  15. I feel the same. Seems to make better decisions as well.
  16. It'll be a load of bullshit then if you're going off the ITK's of Twitter who know absolutely nothing.
  17. The Echo say we got our money back on him (£9.5m), with possible add-ons giving us a small profit.
  18. Well we got Michael Keane for double that. I would rather have two Ramiros than him.
  19. As with most of us mate I'm pretty clueless to the vast majority of football not played on these or close shores... I mentioned this lad in previous posts as being a player i'd like to see here but it's a big risk for that kind of money tbh I don't want us pissing money into the wind again albeit it isn'tt mine... Personally I'd go for Lascelles who knows the league has all the attributes you'd want and will be cheaper if not the likes of Mawson Gibson etc or for experience you could do worse than Blind who can fill in at LB if needed at times
  20. Yeah, we were close to signing him earlier but he broke his ankle which ruined that, it was many years later when evrybody thought he was ffinished that we finally signed him. Didnt work out to bad cos he was a good player for us.
  21. no worries Paul, I asked because I thought you may have had some idea.
  22. Apart from being lop sided in the shoulders and having a right arm that doesn't work properly plus being one jugular vein short along with not being able to talk in the mornings (wife likes that bit) and getting exhausted by picking up a (heavyish) spoon I'm in tip top shape.
  23. NEVER! ….………………... Oh fuckit true enough but who? where? and when?
  24. Not good enough! Bite ya fucker.
  25. That's just brilliant! One of the most memorable gigs I ever saw was him at Wembley arena in his first post Wings solo tour in 1990; not the best one I ever saw (that would go to Neil Young at the same venue a few years earlier) but what an amazing show. (Just) Too young to have seen The Beatles but it was a pretty good second best!
  26. The fact he s better than Williams is no basis to keep him, neither are good enough so we should get shut of both
  27. Im not sure if your taking the piss as well but the negging is all done in jest! 👍
  28. Can anyone account for where Sergio Ramos was at that time?
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