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  1. Talk about kicking a club when their down , poor old Stoke fans were already devastatrd after last seasons relegation and then we go and inflict Coco and Williams on them
  2. (with aussie accent) it's a mina injury......
  3. I hope we get him in... announce a big fuck off stadium with wi-fi, back massaging ricaro seats, hooters waitresses the lot. Start out bidding the big boys and have advertisement hoarding with Mersey billionaires on them... ban the journos and have our own tv channel and newspaper. .. fuck em
  4. Out of that list you picked the free wifi and not the hooters waitresses!? Whats wrong with you man!?
  5. Are they going to reimburse the fans that had Cuco Martina shirts printed for this season? Heard both of them are livid.
  6. They just don't want us to get that big stinking rich man in charge do they..... he spent £75m to sponsor finch farm. Why go to a rival club???
  7. United are a totally different club to the group of men they had wearing the shirts under SAF. All it took was Beckham to start attending a few fashion shows and pimping himself out as the other half of posh and Becks and he was gone. Now you have lukaku and pogba acting out like they are Floyd Mayweather and Lewis Hamilton and they are the supposed senior members of the squad.... Funny. SAF identified Liverpool wearing those white armani suits before the fa cup final as a sign that the team weren't focused.... now it's his old side who resemble posing idiots.
  8. No change from last season then, when the opposition wingers were dribbling towards goal.
  9. i just don't get why any manager wouldn't, it basically guarantees you a contract extension. more time to work with the team. it's also the easiest/fastest route to success. i'd rather win the league cup or FA cup than get 7th place and get last europa spot. it means more.
  10. We got Rotherham at home. Another game for me to go to
  11. I’m not arsed about Williams because his Everton career is effectively over but I sincerely hope that Coco “comes good” enough for them to buy him.
  12. In that case you should find the hooters more attractive! 😂
  13. Aaaah. For some reason I found the Wi-Fi more attractive. Maybe I've been tied down for too long.
  14. It’s a not a Yerry serious one though. So he’ll be back soon.
  15. someone with optimism I salute you sir. Hmm no saluting emote
  16. we will win it rubes, i know it. hell might even be this year. the FA cup is coming home soon too, i can feel it man, i just know it.
  17. probably the only prem player playing for curacao i would imagine a few people on that island have the kit and good for them they should be proud. true professional who people on here loved to make the punching bag, sad really, was an alright defender, he doesn't deserve the abuse he gets.
  18. I’m sure he can afford buying his mum and dad replacement shirts.
  19. And the fact that baseball is 162 games plus postseason, basketball and hockey 82 plus. But traveling 3,000 miles from San Diego to Boston or Seattle to Miami definitely contributes. My favorite baseball team plays in Seattle and has always struggled to attract great players because of the amount of travel they have to do; their closest opponent plays 800 miles away in Oakland.
  20. Had me then....until you said 'both'! Think he'll do well down in the Champ. More that level. I never thought he was that bad defensively but is not cut out for the role of a modern Premiership full back...especially playing on his opposite side. Another player made to look worse than he is by our poor policies of last season. Seems a great pro though.
  21. KDB will return and give them a boost too.
  22. I get the weirdest feeling that he'll never actually play for us. I hope I'm wrong.
  23. Adult film means something very specific over here. I had a moment of shock before I realized that MI was that adult film.
  24. I’ve been one of his loudest opponents on this forum, but in all fairness to the guy, he’s probably a league average RB. He just had absolutely no business being on the left side.
  25. See the subjects of poverty and wages here. Government just puts spin more people are working than ever.. Makes it even worse that they are paid less than ever. Fuck knows how there's not been a revolution here yet.
  26. Once he settled he made less defensive errors than most, but he'd already made a reputation in his first few games when he was an absolute farce. I thought defensively he done well on the left, only real critism was the Salah slip but even then I think people were too harsh on him for that one.
  27. He does say in his recent interviews that there was a price we wanted to pay for Mina and we didn't want to go above it, so took a risk and held out. And I'm sure he says Barcelona only wanted to sell Gomes, the transfer would be too expensive so he held out for a loan. Thing with these interviews, annoyingly, is you have to read several sources to get the full interview. Each source seems to just cherry pick different quotes etc.
  28. http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11473755/evertons-iconic-new-headquarters
  29. Mission impossible has set the bar for everything u want as a film. Took my eight year old to his first adult film and he was spell bound by it
  30. the pleasing thing is brands has connections to the top teams and will continue to do so. It’s also pleasing to hear Gomes was out of our price range on a permanent deal, and we had a budget on Mina that we never budged on
  31. Good for him. Started off a bit slow but has found his feet. Seems to be enjoying a bit of anonymity out there - won't stay that way for long if he keeps performing so well. Just hope there is no cloud over him and Everton. Would like him back as a coach.
  32. If I didn’t know better I’d think this was sarcastic and you actually couldn’t give a shit if he gets Steve’s seal of approval.
  33. Oh thank fook for that. He's passed the due diligence test. When does he arrive?
  34. The bits on Mina also blow out of the water all the mud that was being flung at Mina that he was using us, delaying etc etc. Why people continue to do these things without knowing anything...I dunno. Also shows that we had our targets lined up in plenty of time but it seems that the early deadline favoured European clubs who wanted to squeeze the pounds out. Encouraging that he says him, Silva, Moshiri and BK all sat and watched Mina together...you can't work closer than that. It's all going a bit to 'right'...not used to it...but love it!!!
  35. He’s certainly doing well there. The free kick goal would have been saved by just about any PL keeper, though. Maybe even Stek.
  36. Walsh and his cronies stole a living from us. Best move we made this season was to clear house and get Silva, Brands and co in, we look like a professional team now.
  37. 'Vlasic joins CSKA Moscow on loan' http://www.skysports.com/share/11473555 Hope he gets some quality game time and returns with a point to prove.
  38. https://www.football365.com/news/barnsley-send-brilliant-letter-of-support-to-fan A nice touch
  39. It was just cramp on Saturday, so he should be fine for this weekend.
  40. my wife went to school for nutrition, i've watched tons of food documentaries, but not that one........yet lol. honestly in europe your food quality standards are so much higher than anywhere else in the world i don't think you have anything to worry about. here in america is a different story.
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