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  1. There is an article in today's Telegraph Sport about match-day mascots, the little kids who run out holding a player's hand. My jaw dropped when I read that most clubs charge for this experience. First, the only clubs that don't are: the big six (includes Liverpool) plus Huddersfield, Southampton and Newcastle. We charge £599 plus Vat and the fact that this goes to the community programme doesn't, in my book, make it any less of a rip-off. With all the billions swanning around the Premiership, this is penny pinching at its worst.
  2. How others play doesn't actually make him a disciplined player.
  3. I have had a very quick response from Everton. All is not as it seems. There are three seperate packages for 'Mascots'. 1. Free for the children of season ticket holders and members. 2. Corporate hospitality for which there is a charge (no details given) 3. Everton in the community - 3 games per season for which the charge is £599 plus vat. I have suggested in my reply that they advise the Telegraph of the true situation. I have also suggested that as none of the packages appear to cater for children in 'just managing' families, that maybe something could be set up via the schools to provide this facility for free. We are, after all, the People's club.
  4. I was done when I read Davies and disciplined in the same sentence
  5. One swallow does not a summer make. Let’s not write off players based on one poor game. IMO, he’s been contributing well in many ways. I’m sure we won’t be writing off Pickford based on one subpar performance.
  6. Bit harsh to say we will get battered again. West Ham had 3 chances and scored every time. At different points of the game we could have turned it round if we would have scored. First time we have lost and we should be sitting on a lot more points. Let’s get Silvas first eleven on the pitch eh?
  7. Should do him the world of good getting regular football. That’s all I feel he needs, it’ll help him to get consistency and refine his game.
  8. Scored a 95th minute pen to equalise, also got a good assist from a cross in a 2-2 draw. Looked to be on the left wing.
  9. FFS... I didnt say it doesnt work ever but unless I have missed something we arent managed by Pep and we arent Barcalona. This isnt football manager. Rakitic isnt a 10 either he is an all round midfielder. Its about a players appetite to defend and the system they play in. We dont keep the ball well enough nor invert the full backs nor have the mobility at 6 to afford ourselves 2 attacking midfielders in the same time. Siggy showed at the weekend that he isnt disciplined and I doubt Bernard will either. Gana and Siggy made Davies look like Makelele this weekend they were that all over the place.
  10. Great blogpost; every word true. https://mainlymacro.blogspot.com/2018/09/why-brexiters-look-defeated.html
  11. I have emailed Everton fc and asked for clarification.
  12. I don't see the logic behind Bernard and Sigurdsson being torn to shreds yet Davies and Morgan wouldn't Both slow one physically not much bigger than Bernard but technically no where near as good Sigurdsson is wasted in the system we've been playing he needs to sit further back where he can dictate play and make those forward runs that he used to for Swansea where he's far more effective and Bernard could be the creative spark people have banged on about for years He's a big physical presence we should be utilising that until we get a chance to see what Gomes has to offer imo
  13. Of course he did, he’ll bang ten in for them now. Come to Everton and be shit.... it does t matter, your only coming to be sold. And when you do, form will magically reappear!
  14. Congratulations to Rubes for winning this round. Not surprisingly, our predictions for the West Ham game were poor. No one predicted a loss. What was surprising was that our leader, Matt Tiger, lost a point for forgetting to predict. The same is true for Sir McGiven and three others. Mind you, if there's a week to forget, this was it.
  15. No need to apologise mate, subjective opinions are always welcome. And I am usually also always wrong haha. I jus didn’t want to get another thread dragged into a Gana argument.
  16. i disagree, we don't need 2 defensive mids, it hampers our ability to transition to attack and to attack well.
  17. Strikers came to Everton to "die" under Moyes. Dress it up any way you want but that was the reality.
  18. I'm ready to send Tosun back to Turkey. Fucking garbage is what he is. Might as well start Sigurdsson as a false nine and have Walcott and Richarlison as wide strikers. After the West Ham debacle there needs to be wholesale changes. Some of those players are not fit to wear the shirt.
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