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  1. Cardiff offer so little in attack having 3 at the back would be a waste. I would rather we keep the formation that the players are used to. As for who is available we will have to see after the internationals. I want to see Lookman start, I would drop Theo rather than Bernard as both have been poor the last couple of games, although Theo was better in the last game vs Chelsea. I would keep Bernard as he needs more game time to adapt to the premier league.
  2. The bit in bold is one of the main arguments you used against Lukaku when he was here and now you want to use it to prove a point. You are so blinded by this Lukaku argument that you don't even realise it. I haven't said that Martial played badly, I just said that you don't notice him unless he scores. His runs are easy to pick up, this isn'tt someone constantly on the move like Hazard, feinting one way and then going another. He make less sprints than similar players of his ilk. I don't believe I have ever said he is a bad player. I have said he shares similar qualities to Lukaku when comparing them to similar players in their position. A brilliant finisher, who doesn't have the all round game to be an elite player. For what its worth, yes I did watch the game. If City didnt take their foot off the pedal, then they could have put another couple past them. 20 goals a season mean they are capable of scoring 20 goals a season. It shows how blind you are to Lukaku that you only picked him out of the list despite him doing once in the PL only and then doing it for 4 seasons in a row in all comps yet you ignore that I said it for Martial (who has never done it in all comps let alone the PL), nor Sanchez who has done it once in the PL and 3 times in all comps. Its even more hilarious that you quibble over 3 or 4 goals with Lukaku and don't mention anything I said about any of the others.
  3. Back on topic (for fear I'll have a mental breakdown) - Coleman's tongue is definitely too big for his mouth.
  4. It certainly is, I put up a post several weeks ago with exact timings of when he'd done so in a match (I forget which one) but it was ignored by the hate brigade because it was an inconvenient truth. This thread is plumbing the depths, makes the Lukaku thread seem like civilised debate. Please stop it before my head explodes.
  5. Go on the Premier League App and look at the player stats comparison tool and select Gana vs Kante - there’s actually not a lot in it in any department. I’m sure Gana doesn’t play forward passes is another ToffeeTalk myth.
  6. He’s still getting into his stride, he’s played barely any football since March- he’ll get better, the lad has class he will come good but we may have to wait until next season to see him in full flow. Hate the way he’s being slated for playing poor when he had no pre season no competative football for 5 plus months he’s in a new league and a new country. He’ll be sound.
  7. Just a thought, I met my wife about 200 yards away from where Harry Patch, last surviving British WW1 soldier died. Drive past that nursing home many times (as well as the place I met the wife although that's long been demolished) to this day and always think of the two events, though obviously they have no connection.
  8. Strengths: Always seems to be in Everton gear, pictured at a petrol station - Everton gear. Picture uploaded to instagram of him in his kitchen? Everton gear. Im not convinced he owns any other clothing items except for ones with the Everton badge on...
  9. I disagree Rubes, I think they will lessen the punishment.😄
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