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  1. Just because he wanted to leave and wasn’t happy doesn’t mean he has a bad attitude. It just means he wants something else in his career.
  2. Schneiderlin was very very good under Koeman.
  3. You are comparing this deal to Remain. Ofcourse it is worse than Remain. I'm saying this deal is pretty much the best she could do. Brexiteers who now say, well if this is it, I'd rather remain are a bit dim if they were expecting something else.
  4. BUT HE REMOVED EVERTON FROM HIS INSTAGRAM! GET HIM playing more often please. So Marco Silva says his attitude has been great since he came in yet some on here were convinced he was a rotten egg who needed to be sold, gone quiet there hasn't it.
  5. Stream it on your phone whilst bevvying and scranning!
  6. I read your post as conditional: If Sigurdsson is out, then Walcott.
  7. i meant it more in his case. didn't have a good time at Barca, sure he will get offers but what if those club situations turn out like Barca? Everton he likes, is settled, knows what to expect and has the fans/club/manager/players already on his side, i would think having that in hand would give us the advantage over the clubs that just try and throw money at him. his depression at barca was well documented.
  8. I’ve been getting it too this afternoon, never seen a message like it before today either
  9. Not many better cities in the world than Barcelona. Not many bigger clubs either.... yet he was miserable. Maybe he knows more than anyone that his happiness isn'tt aligned to money, location or stature of club.... it's the feeling that he is wanted and appreciated for his talents....that he is fulfilling something dear to him. He can do that here.
  10. Koeman line up that, swerve the square pegs in round holes. Sig isn'tt a striker nor should he be used as one.
  11. That's a very difficult skill you've just witnessed stop taking the piss there's not many that could pull that off.
  12. Correct: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/aug/15/everton-over-the-odds-richarlison-marcel-brands-yerry-mina The former PSV Eindhoven director of football added: “I went to Barcelona twice at the end of June or beginning of July to speak about a few Barcelona players because [Lucas] Digne was on our list and Mina was on our list. They told me about the other players who it was maybe possible to get. I asked about Gomes and they said no, he was only for sale. I knew the price and it was not possible for us so we left that. In the end, he got injured in pre-season and we started talking about him again. “I asked Marco [Silva] to talk with him because he knows him very well and the player was enthusiastic about it. I went back to Barcelona and asked if there was a possibility of getting him on loan. At first they were not so happy with that but in the end they came back and said maybe it could be an option.”
  13. I would definitely not be changing formation to a back three in the derby.
  14. I disagree. Consistency is the best thing for a team, even if a player is crap game after game but we win, I'd still be hesitant to mess with a winning formula.
  15. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/2018/11/26/silva There really does seem to be a great team-spirit with the lads. If you watch the behind the scenes videos and stuff it looks like a really happy group of players. The basis for that was always there but I think Marco and Marcel deserve praise for the players they brought in, because those players have certainly played their part in building that team-spirit.
  16. Good write up. It’s frustrating to think of the dropped points early in the season. We could have been right in the mix. We seem to have got our defence sorted now and we don’t seem a team to crumble like we have done in previous derbies. I would kill for a win I really would. Imagine that with two games at home to come? Liverpool are not unbeatable. We need a strong ref for a change and a bit of luck
  17. They play with width with the full backs getting forward Coleman needs to be on his game if Walcott plays he will track back, not concerned with Digne he’s class but if Bernard plays he needs to do his share of the dirty work, I can see us getting at them through the middle with Gomes Gylfi and Richarlison. It’s looking like it could be one of the better derby games we’ve seen for a while, were definitely in with a shout.
  18. I hope to see the same team start that did against Cardiff. We are building momentum and although some struggled last time out it's imperitive that we build consistency. Bernard might have struggled, but we've been getting the results with him in the team and if he has a good game this weekend that could kick start him into gear. Walcott has a game changing moment in him, and is working hard. Lookman will be keen to come on to change things if push comes to shove - a decent weapon to have off the bench. Although a win is unlikely, would I hell as like take a draw, and neither do I think would Marco. Excited, terrified and optimistic all at the same time.
  19. This will be a closer game than most imagine. I can see Liverpool ekeing out a win due to a controversial refereeing decision but we have a real chance to grab at least a point. Looking forward to it myself and not scared in the least (which is very different from my mood last season). I agree that Lookman absolutely needs to start, but at the expense of Walcott and not Bernard. Lookman and Bernard would torment Liverpool’s rather stodgy defence.
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