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  1. Rupert's Tower was bigger than I thought it was going to be. First time I'd actually seen it strangely.
  2. DavisJD

    Lucas Digne

    Yes his delivery wasn’t the consistent quality we have been use to this season. But I think you are all forgetting, he should have had 2 assists against Newcastle. He found Gylfi in the box who had the goalkeeper to beat after a neat touch, but chose the wrong side of the goal and his shot was blocked by a defender. He also belted a ball which found Cenk’s boot half a meter from the goal line, and it was saved. not his best day, but his teammates let him down more than his left boot.
  3. pete0

    Cenk Tosun

    Tough to say which one was yesterday, only Gomes and Pickford justified their place in the starting eleven.
  4. Shukes

    Liverpool (Away) Sunday December 2nd

    Who cares? Klopp celebrated an unexpected win like a child.... just the same as every person to a T on here would. I’m not bothered, this is why I love football, passion and heart on sleeve moments.
  5. Cornish Steve


    Henry's on his way, DC-L will continue to improve, and Cenk will regain form. Personally, I'd not be in any rush to buy a striker.
  6. Sigurdsson has 7 more tackles and 12 more interceptions than firminho this season 🙂 In fact he has more interceptions out of any other forward (ST, RW, LW, CAM) and is only behind Hughes for tackles completed. (Whoscored) He's a great presser.
  7. duncanmckenzieismagic

    Summer Transfer Window

  8. MikeO

    Liverpool (Away) Sunday December 2nd

    We're not going to agree on this so no point in dragging it out, having said that do you not give him any credit for the instant apology and the acceptance of the FA charge (even before it was made)? I don't believe I'm sticking up for a Liverpool manager but why in the World would he need to seek attention? Hate myself for it but I respect the man still. (Having said "no point dragging it out" I just have)
  9. sibdane

    Liverpool (Away) Sunday December 2nd

    I actually hope to see Silva celebrating like that one day, especially after what will now be a 20-year gap since our last win at Anfield.
  10. If you get your facts from memes, that would explain an awful lot
  11. sibdane

    Liverpool (Away) Sunday December 2nd

    I have to agree. If we scored a last minute winner and Silva ran onto the pitch I absolutely would not care.
  12. Got to say I think his pressing is one of the strongest parts of his game. He's not the quickest but he implieents his press well.
  13. I have usually restrained myself from coming in here, but some of the statement's and observations in this thread are ridiculous. More tackles, more interceptions, and covers more miles than anyone else on the pitch, some of our members need to pull their head out from their arses so they are able to see more clearly.
  14. aaron

    Liverpool (Away) Sunday December 2nd

    Exactly, double standards on here, if it was Marco we would be pissing ourselves laughing. I couldn't give a fuck what Klopp did, just gutted he wasn't double footed whilst on the pitch by one of our lads.
  15. Paddock

    Liverpool (Away) Sunday December 2nd

    I agree- not arsed one bit by it.
  16. Wiggytop

    Theo Walcott

    It's every game I'm afraid, and there's no one player the main culprit, needs to be worked on, eliminate it and we will,be far more threatening.
  17. markjazzbassist

    Jordan Pickford

    Think of the positive, the United transfer rumors will now die
  18. He did but also showed his immaturity a few times too. He worries me when things get tense.
  19. Finn balor

    Ademola Lookman

    Doesn’t mean much
  20. duncanmckenzieismagic


    I know it’s the Everton way to find a whipping boy but FFS give the lad a chance. As Pad says he was out for a long time and he is just bedding in, give him time I think he gives us balance and he is contributing already. Brilliant dribble to the byline and cross for Richarlisons goal at Leicester . Good run off the ball to take the defender away then good one two with Sigurdsson for Richarlison goal at home to Brighton prove he can beat his man and that he doesn’t just play it back
  21. hafnia

    Liverpool (Away) Sunday December 2nd

    He's a mardy tit. Spontaneous my arse.... he actually stopped before thinking "fuck it". Loves the attention. If another manager did that he would be fucking livid. That lot make their own rules. They were crying all sorts of shit when mourinho did it along the touchline.. yet their manager runs on the actual pitch and he's all fooking great and it's passion. Their fans got all pious about one of our fans punching a player when their fans actually destroyed a teams coach with players on board. Rightly so our fan was dealt with.... that lot? Nothing happened. If we held on for 0-0 his interview would have been pure whinging and sarcasm. Never used to mind Klopp but he's turned into a prick. After his pitch invasion our fans apparently threw things on the pitch which we are being investigated for. He's accountable for much of that shit.
  22. My point is their are better out there at it, Sigurdssen doesn't have the fast twitch muscles to excel at it. Have to agree to disagree on that unless you can find the stop watch stats. For me Sigurdssen is very flat track, one paced whereas players like Firminio have a burst to close the gap quicker.
  23. pete0

    Cenk Tosun

    Thought these comments were on about Gylfi when I first read them.
  24. pete0

    Summer Transfer Window

    Balotelli is on a free. Worth a one year deal. He's class when he's arsed, playing in France might have helped humble him.