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  1. In light of the government intentions explained in the White Paper, the most significant effect of Brexit on equality and human rights are likely to be: the loss of the Charter of Fundamental Rights which includes some rights which are not in the Human Rights Act, for example on the rights of the child and a general right to non-discrimination. The Charter also provides a stronger way of enforcing human rights, in some cases, than the Human Rights Act. the loss of the guarantee for equality rights provided by EU law. As a result of Brexit a future government could seek to pass laws which repeal or weaken our current rights below the standard of EU law rights https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/our-human-rights-work/what-does-brexit-mean-equality-and-human-rights-uk The tories are using health care as a bargaining chip for favourable terms with the US. NHS is under funded by them but a full brexit almost guarantees the death of free health care. I agree about self serving politicians but at least they get pulled up by the EU such as the recent poverty review.
  2. Bill


    There you go lads, between Rubes, Mike, and Pete, i think you got most of them. DITLOIDS 1. 2 = OEPN -- Two Only Even Prime Number 2. 2 = W on a B -- Two wheels on a Bicycle 3. 3 = T a L -- Three Times a Lady 4. 4 = H of the A -- Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 5. 4 = A in a P of C -- Four Aces in a Pack of Cards. 6. 5 = T on a F Five -- Toes on a Foot 7. 5 = L in a L -- Five Lines in a Limerick 8. 5 = R on the OF -- Five Rings on the Olympic Flag 9. 7 = H of R -- Seven Hills of Rome 10. 7 = C of the R -- Seven Colours of the rainbow 11. 7 = S on a FPP -- Seven sides on a Fifty Pence Piece 12. 8 = N in a O -- Eight Notes in a Octave 13. 12 = M of a J -- Twelve Members of a Jury 14. 12 = A at the LS -- Twelve Apostles at the Last Supper 15. 15 = M on a DMC -- Fifteen Men on a Dead-man's Chest 16. 18 = H on a GC -- 18 Holes on a Golf Course 17. 20 = Q in a R -- 20 Quires in a Ream 18. 39 = B of the OT -- 39 Books of the Old Testament 19. 64 = S on a CB -- 64 Squares on a Chess Board 20. 66 = B of the B -- 66 Books of the Bible 21. 76 = TL the BP -- 76 Trombones Led the Big Parade 22. 118 = E in the PT -- 118 Elements in the Periodic table 23. 180 = MS at D -- 180 Maximum Score at Darts 24. 360 = D in a C -- 360 Degrees in a Circle 25. 1000 = Y in a M -- 1000 Years in a Millennium
  3. I agree on the loyalty bit, other than does he see us as the team that gave him the chance to resurrect his career, and value being around other Portuguese speakers or nationals? I hope so. Living in London could be a major pull or it could be the opposite, some love a big city, some don't, and on a footballers wages the cost of housing doesn't really have much of an impact on their decision to where to live, it's only us mere mortals it affects.
  4. Let's see what he's made of, greed or loyalty. I think he'll stay. Actually we can compete with Tottenham over wages, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  5. As much as people have been calling for a striker can we say we have given tosun the right amount of time. As much as gylfi and charlie have been in good scoring form I think we need a player who just sticks to the centre backs and looks or through balls and crosses. Over the last 3 games we are in danger of being like a bobby m side moving the ball around the box for 5 minutes before losing it with no threat. I want the opposition defence to be nervous about a striker on their shoulder who will score with one chance. the other thing I am not sure about is tosun hasn't been given a run of games in the current set up when we are creating more chances.
  6. Don't agree with that. He would have mostly sat on the bench or played occasionally out wide, never getting a real chance to press his case. Vlasic is showing the benefit of regular, competitive, first team football. We need to get as many of the, non playing, kids out on loan as possible.
  7. Don’t agree at all. You build up from a solid foundation, and we already have a solid foundation. We’ve been a solid top 8 team for years. No point building sideways onto marshland, build up, build towards something. City went out and brought a star player the second they had money, they made a massive statement.... it’s done them well. liverpool have always done it, has t always worked but mostly it has. They have never tried to consolidate. Even spurs have brought big name players, always. I do u derstand where your coming from, don’t rush and make mistakes. But we have the foundation already set.... it’s time we started laying bricks now.
  8. Yeah dom is probably best suited to that. He's not the most aggressive but he's certainly the strongest, quickest and best in the air out of all 3. Playing him there gives us a more dynamic counter than any of the other two. Get it to him in the air and he will win it, or put it down the channel and he will chase it. He's already filled out a little from last season and if he can put more weight on without compromising speed he will be an absolute beast of a player - just needs to learn how to finish!
  9. Energetic, great control and could pick a pass. He is made for Silva’s tactics but didn’t prosper in the previous season for no fault of his own. Id love to get him back
  10. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/2018/12/11/gomes
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