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  1. Im not sure why Cenk has dropped so far off the radar. Personally I like him. Im not sure where the obsession with pace has come from - we have lots of that elsewhere in the squad. Hes at least as fast as Harry Kane... He works hard, good finisher, offers an aerial threat, holds the ball up... He's been here 5 minutes and been messed around since day 1. Give him a chance!
  2. I (mistakenly) thought that was what Wooney was hinting at.
  3. About to let off fireworks for my grandson; if you don't hear from me again you'll know why.
  4. My first game of the season so hoping for a relatively strong side. Hopefully Lookman is fit to play and rest Walcott. I'd give DCL and Tosun game time as well. Is Kenny fit and available? If so him ahead of Coleman. 100% Baines plays
  5. Ferguson didn't exactly leave the club in a good spot, though. They are still trying to get back because for the last few seasons he wasn't interested in the long run anymore. And Manchester United can afford to throw 30 million away on a short-term solution.
  6. See Man Utd buying Van Persie to win the league, no sell on value.
  7. On the money side, we still don't have the muscle (or the European football) to be competing at the very top end of the transfer market, which is clearly where Moshiri wants us to be (and so does every fan). But almost out of frustration at not being able to grab the kind of players the top 6 in the PL want or the big CL teams, we've been lured into spending what still amounts to big money on players who simply are not in that top bracket. Either that or we've paif over the odds to get, ie Sigurdsson and Richarlison. I'd like to see two or three under the radar signings in January at most, a few million each on youngsters that Brands has identified as having big potential but are yet to be attracting the real top clubs. Over the past four years or so we have missed out on some real talent in the sub-£20m, u23 market while spunking silly money on shite like Bolasie and Schneiderlin. We're suffering from that approach week in, week out because our first team squad still doesn't fit a coherent way of playing. It's like name and price tag came before strategy and actually building a football team. I want to see an end to that once and for all, I want to see shrewd signings for hungry young talent that can be coached to play a certain way and fit a long term football vision.
  8. It’s a sad state of modern football though when even the fans want clubs to be ran as a business. I understand it’s the reality of the modern game, but doesn’t make it any less saddening. Many clubs rely on the business side more than the clubs fortunes, which Unfortunately don’t run hand in hand. I remember reading about perennial mid table clubs like Southampton and how the owners don’t really care about where the club are going, only about the cash flow. I never thought we would end up here as well. Sad days indeed.
  9. Not dissing them but Wolves are happy to be in the prem and have nothing to lose. We on the other hand have expectations that aren't being met at the moment.
  10. Hypocritical as the reds cut the away allocation for a big match earlier this year. I honestly can’t stand them, fans and club, the entitled pricks.
  11. " Reds fans who missed out on tickets in the away end will be intrigued to discover this " Naughty.
  12. For a player who has already played 30-odd Premier League games I would have liked to see him go to a EPL team, however I know that this is probably not possible and playing in the championship is certainly better than him playing no competative football at all. Best of luck to him, hopefully he can return in the summer and prove a point pre season.
  13. I don’t think that means he’ll get his chance, more that if he’s on loan we only have one right back. Kenny is still miles away, even with Seamus being off form there is a gulf between them.
  14. Treat the cup with respect. Treat the opposition with respect. Full strength squad please and a drubbing would do a lot to improve morale, dressing room and fans alike
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