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  1. Fucking bored of this gana pissing contest on this site
  2. Gomes is pure quality people need to be patient
  3. After a few good early games his form has slowly deteriorated, but he's a class player so I think he will improve once he's up to speed with the League and his match time fitness.
  4. I'm actually worried about this move for Pulisic. Chelsea isn'tt exactly known for giving youngsters a chance. This move just feels... commercial.
  5. Apart from the near post, no way could Jordan cover both, absurd to lay any blame on him imo.
  6. We could’ve done with someone being in the box and anticipating things against Leicester when Bernard fizzed a ball in and Tosun and DCL were nowhere to be found for an easy tap in.
  7. Not doubting his quality.... I'm concerned by his mentality. Same feeling I had about Barkley.
  8. He is only playing when dyer, dembele lamela etc are not fit he is not a regular first team player therefore not a top 4 player. Tom Davis could go to spurs and do the same job, with good players around him, he takes it off the ch pass to the fb nothing special about him, Erickson is a top 4 mf
  9. Best thing all round, I'll be surprised if he's able to play on a regular basis.
  10. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/west-ham-want-everton-midfielder-15618254 If we let him go then we have to sign a player with the same attributes because we have no one capable of stepping in for Gana. No one.
  11. I really hope you are right man, my view of this country is not great at this moment in time.
  12. Don't think we watched the same game Bailey, both sides were total shite first half (Gana and to a lesser extent Kenny aside for us), I've seen better football when my lad was at primary school. "Gomes starting a little lazily...."? He was a disaster from the start to when he was hooked for me, Walcott as bad. Sure we were screwed by the schedule we had but that was embarrassing today.
  13. It’s from a fake Charles Stevenson account.
  14. I think Sigurdssons defensive limitations are as big a problem as Gana's lack of creativity on the ball. When teams play three players centrally we get overrun.
  15. We are what we are: A mid-table side that is about as far away from the Champions League as we are from relegation. This is an opportunity to invest in process, not players. We absolutely shouldn't buy in-their-prime players in January. There are very few of those players that would actually lift Everton into the top six and even fewer that want to play for Everton and fewer still that we can actually afford. The ones that are for sale will demand exorbitant fees. The bottom line is that Everton is not in position to buy in prime players as a way to make it into the top 6. We can, however, invest in youth development and youth talent identification. We have very few players that have come from the Academy...off the top of my head DCL, Davies, and Kenny. All three of those are too young to make final judgments on, but they don't look (to me) to be Champions League quality players. Our academy has to improve. Further, club leadership needs to have a pathway/plan for the club. Are you confident that Moshiri/Kenwright have a vision for how to lift us into the UCL? I sure don't...so far Moshiri's plan has been to buy in-prime players and hope for the best. It is hard to say how much of that is on the previous coaches and directors of football but the owners are the accountable parties for vision and club culture. Maybe Brands and Silva have taken steps in that direction--it is hard for me to tell from where I sit. The bottom line is that we are not going to be able to compete with the same strategies as nation state supported clubs and plutocrat owned clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea. But even worse, I'm not sure Everton has a strategy to compete with those teams at all. Not even a bad one. A well run club doesn't buy Cenk Tosuns and Omaur Niasses in January. (And I like both of those players more than most people.) In neither case were we a striker away from the UCL or relegation. That's why I think we stick with Silva and Brands. The purchases we made this summer were much more savvy than in previous years. You'd hope though, that those purchases would be a reason why you'd expect to beat Leicester City at home. We didn't do that (and haven't beaten Newcastle and Watford at home either), which is disappointing but it shouldn't lead us to panic and bring in an overpriced and mediocre striker this January.
  16. He's not as injury prone as people make out. https://www.transfermarkt.com/james-mccarthy/verletzungen/spieler/45333
  17. Be lucky if he can play a handfull of games a season, he's a very bad sicknote and we should sell to the first club who shows any interest.
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