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  1. You see, this is where you make me laugh. You did all that complaining you've just mentioned, then when he actually is in the box and alert for those sorts of chances you laugh at him for it. You're so blinkered when it comes to him, it does not matter what he does he's always going to be wrong to you.
  2. His recent poor form is due to coming from Barcelona where he hardly played a game to playing for Everton in a much more physical League without a winter break. He has all the quality to be a top midfielder, and I have seen nothing so far to suggest his mentality is anything other than good.
  3. His final season for us he played 3266 minutes which is a little over 36 full games, getting 25 goals and 7 assists.
  4. Gomes is pure quality people need to be patient
  5. To be fair if there's someone I don't want to leave any time soon, it has to be Pickford. People shouting for his head must be crazy. The lad is quality and yes he makes mistakes, but finding a good goalkeeper is the hardest task for every club, because simply there aren't enough of them. If we sell him, who are we going to replace him with?!? This must be the best keeper we have for years and years to come, I hope.
  6. The man looks so tired still! He needs to be miles away from the squad for the Lincoln game, maybe a few days off and he’ll have had about ten days recovery to be fresh for the Bournmouth game. Not even a debate about his quality. If anyone needed an insight into his mentality, if that’s what we are going to call it, read or watch his interviews where he talks about how he was in Barcelona. He’s a player who needs an arm round his shoulder and encouragement.
  7. He does look a telented keeper, but not in Jordan’s class for me.
  8. There was a game tonight? I had no idea. For me if Liverpool were to win the league it'd piss me right off but after a couple of days I'd be over it; it's the local lads I'd feel for having to put up with it for months. So I really hope they fuck it up again, sadly this year they don't have Gerrard on hand to fall on his arse; hopefully they'll find a stand-in.
  9. Referee is trying to gift Liverpool this. Honestly. Pep nearly lost the plot there.
  10. Seeing this thread active while they’re playing always makes me nervous...
  11. Did I mention I had tickets for June`, @sibdane?
  12. This competition is the only bit of real excitement left in this season. Let’s not take anything for granted. I remember loads on here moaning about the team selection that led to us going out of the league cup. Let’s play a strong side (with a few like for like replacements) and make the changes and give key players a rest when the games won.
  13. Just to back up my point a little, I have found a good little website which talks about what would be expected from a given performance. The Leicester match can be found here: https://understat.com/match/9402 I have copied two images, the first is the expected goals scored (xG) over the 90 minutes based on what was happening during the game. If you take out the goal which was a 0.33 chance of scoring, they would have had an xG of less than 0.5. I.e they were statistically unlikely to score based on the quality of chances they had throughout the game. It also shows that bar two chances in quick succession, we weren't much better! The second image shows the stats from the game with a couple of interesting additions. First and foremost, 17 shots and only 2 on frigging target! In terms of the interesting ones: "Deep" is noted as passes completed with an estimated 20 yards from goal. "PPDA" is noted as passes allowed per defensive action in the opposition half. This essentially shows how well you press, so on average we allowed Leicester 5.8 uncontested passes in our half. "Xpts" is expected points based on that performance. Another tab shows the shots on goal, who they were taken and assisted by and where on the pitch they were taken. In his short time on the pitch, Cenk registered 4 shots whereas DCL managed 1. I like the lad, but DCL just isn'tt effective as a starting striker.
  14. The only person at Leeds I'd be seriously interested in is their manager, but we're not in the market atm.
  15. Worth a rad this lads, absolutely spot on, atmosphere at Goodison is dead, I'm in the main stand and I can tell you now, its fucking dead as a dodo.
  16. I would like to see some kind of news, but not sure if I should be expecting. First new stadium for me. Didnt really take notice if Wembley etc. I live in a very small world that involves Everton and my family/ Friends haha.
  17. could you imagine gylfi, bernard and gomes feeding him? he's be scoring left and right.
  18. New episodes to finish off season 5.
  19. Thought he looked quite credible in the summer.
  20. Josh just been going through some old boxes before he goes home tomorrow and found a pile of my old tickets including....happy days!
  21. I agree. If goalkeeping was as easy as some make out there wouldn't be so few quality keepers around, of which Jordan is one. Even his 1 mistake in the Leicester game was palming the ball onto the byline. We have far bigger problems than having one of the best keepers in the league between the sticks.
  22. you're cherry picking your facts to suit your argument, look at his whole body of injury history, he's weak, the sooner we sell the better.
  23. If right wing populism that arguably has delivered nothing to the swinging voters who gave Trump the electoral college can mobilise votes, I would argue that left wing populism can do the same. Keep in mind that Trumps numbers were pathetic, the Dems just failed to get people into the polling booths.
  24. We are what we are: A mid-table side that is about as far away from the Champions League as we are from relegation. This is an opportunity to invest in process, not players. We absolutely shouldn't buy in-their-prime players in January. There are very few of those players that would actually lift Everton into the top six and even fewer that want to play for Everton and fewer still that we can actually afford. The ones that are for sale will demand exorbitant fees. The bottom line is that Everton is not in position to buy in prime players as a way to make it into the top 6. We can, however, invest in youth development and youth talent identification. We have very few players that have come from the Academy...off the top of my head DCL, Davies, and Kenny. All three of those are too young to make final judgments on, but they don't look (to me) to be Champions League quality players. Our academy has to improve. Further, club leadership needs to have a pathway/plan for the club. Are you confident that Moshiri/Kenwright have a vision for how to lift us into the UCL? I sure don't...so far Moshiri's plan has been to buy in-prime players and hope for the best. It is hard to say how much of that is on the previous coaches and directors of football but the owners are the accountable parties for vision and club culture. Maybe Brands and Silva have taken steps in that direction--it is hard for me to tell from where I sit. The bottom line is that we are not going to be able to compete with the same strategies as nation state supported clubs and plutocrat owned clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea. But even worse, I'm not sure Everton has a strategy to compete with those teams at all. Not even a bad one. A well run club doesn't buy Cenk Tosuns and Omaur Niasses in January. (And I like both of those players more than most people.) In neither case were we a striker away from the UCL or relegation. That's why I think we stick with Silva and Brands. The purchases we made this summer were much more savvy than in previous years. You'd hope though, that those purchases would be a reason why you'd expect to beat Leicester City at home. We didn't do that (and haven't beaten Newcastle and Watford at home either), which is disappointing but it shouldn't lead us to panic and bring in an overpriced and mediocre striker this January.
  25. Completely agree. If a player we are after becomes available then great but the last thing we need is another window of sigificant incomings and outgoings.
  26. I've been critical of Pickford, but it's way too soon to be calling for him to be sold. He's still young and GKs get better with age. He's been one of our best players and we probably won't get a better keeper than him.
  27. dear god these sky sports team photo shots with them striking all these poses are fucking pathetic
  28. Yeah Mike, those sparklers can be pretty dangerous.
  29. It's very easy to forget how good a fit James McCarthy was. Martinez first major mistake was playing him when not recovered from his groin or hamstring injuries... then you had the koeman vs Ireland nonsense which tested McCarthys loyalty/common sense. We could sell gana for £30 to £40m if McCarthy is anywhere near the player of 2012/13. He was as close to a combative gana... with a bit more playing ability and passing range. Sell schneiderlein for £15m if a team near the bottom is desperate enough... Thats Gomes paid for.
  30. He's got work on his hands... First point of call... meet Silva and try and establish if he knows what he is trying to do. Seems to be throwing darts at the moment just hoping to land a bullseye. Second point of call get rid of a few players If we could get a profit on pickford then sell.... he's lacking in between his ears. The supposed money would be too good not too. He should have thrown his cap on vardys shot. Walcott... got to go. Poor. Coleman or Kenny not good enough... need a proper technical striker.
  31. I'm not sure... Couple of moments today where he turned a non threatening situation in to a red alert cos of his decisions. Schmichael had one thing to do and was smart about it.
  32. Good thing it’s a loan first, he needs to improve to be purchased in my opinion.
  33. How often is the point.... you can't score from 2 yards after being shite all season and give it the big shushes. He's a 90m sub....
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