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  1. Not that anyone's making comparisons but at Jordan's age Nev was loaned to Port Vale (4th division) for two months after a 5-0 derby loss at Goodison; he only played the last four games of the 82/83 season for us due to first choice Jim Arnold being injured. Start of 83/84 (older than Jordan is now) he was still second choice behind Arnold, only taking over as number one in October, the rest is history (curiously Jim Arnold was sold to Port Vale, his last act in an Everton shirt was sitting on the bench in Rotterdam). Not going to make a comment on these facts, just putting them out there.
  2. I just don’t think he’s good enough. Sorry but I just don’t see him adding anything to the side when he plays. He’s a headless chicken.
  3. Socialism is a brilliant concept until you bring humans into the equation
  4. He needs to go out on loan. His progress has really stalled (or even digressed). I hate it for him, because when he first burst onto the scene he showed some real potential.
  5. Unsure if I watched this here or on Facebook, apologies if I've done a Louis 🙃
  6. Compare his quoted price to what we paid for Niasse... it's definitely a no-brainer in today's market.
  7. I dont think he is too disimilar to Lukaku when he first came to us. More of a powerful athlete than a technically gifted footballer but he scores goals and he has a presence about him. At that price, or anywhere near it, its a no brainer.
  8. Guess who has been our third most creative player in the past 3 seasons? http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/three-key-elements-marco-silva-15656420#ICID=ios_EchoNewsApp_AppShare_Click_Other
  9. Safest place, other than the splinters 😁.
  10. I feel like he could be. I'm definitely not giving up on him just yet. He is only 20 after all.
  11. He could just be a late bloomer like Ossie was. I’m not writing him off but he does have a lot to learn and he needs to play to do that
  12. As demonstrated in Mark’s post above here, Chach, I think it’s you who are reaching here and who are appealing to emotion as you did previously in reacting sarcastically to my opinion of Warren’s mixed bag political record. Historically, socialism has, in the capital W Western world, always turned into a form of authoritarianism. That’s not what the theory of socialism actually is, however, and the socialism you speak of is so far out of bounds from what any American would tolerate based on leftovers from McCarthyism that it’s not within the realm of possibility to have an authoritarian socialist candidate here (an authoritarian populist, sure, as that’s what we have on our hands now). Additionally, you discussed how socialism, communism and capitalism are all academic theories to be tested and judged on their merits essentially. Mark and I would argue that we’ve seen the effects of unfettered capitalism (the kind that allows lobbyists to influence elections to the degree that the government has just become another cog in the capitalist machine) and judged it to be a pretty terrible thing to many of the people with whom we share this country.
  13. Makes me want to cry after "that" goal against City.
  14. i don't think current Pure Socialist economies have been implemented the way they should (venezuela, cuba, etc) but that doesn't mean the romantic notion of true socialism is a bad one in my eyes, just that well they got it wrong. Yes i get that true socialism is mostly theoretical due to the inability of humans to not be greedy and corrupt and power hungry especially when it comes to government, but i'm a glass half full romantic positive person, so i believe if somehow implemented correctly it could (in theory) work great. currently democratic socialism is kinda straddling both worlds, trying to make capitalsim less drastic and more equal, and trying to make government a mix of both "of the people" and "of the institution". That sounds great to me. Will it work out? Who knows? Democracy in the USA has turned out to be government of the big corporations, so it's not really working well in my eyes, i'd like to give something else a chance. Lastly, socialism and capitalism are forms of economies, not a form of government. So i can be a socialist and not a communist or pro-dictator. they are mutually exclusive. you can have a socialist economy ruled by the people (democratic socialist), state (communist), or person (dictator) or many other iterations in my opinion.
  15. Man city didn't win anything at the begining either, it took time. just like it has at spurs, and now they are consistent, the trophy and league is around the corner for them. i really believe that. no reason to believe we can't be the same.
  16. Why am I not surprised? I also don't think his comment comparing us to Spurs was really that much of a mockery.
  17. I agree with you, I just don’t think he should carry the can for the misspent money. He should carry the can for bad appointments though.
  18. @MikeO as well.. yes no matter where you sit in the Paddock you can walk the whole length of the concourse ( apart from the away end obviously) and Mikes right you wont be able to meet up if you seperate stands unless one sits in the Lower Bullens then you could all meet. Not sure there’s any good specs in the Lower Bullens though.
  19. Given that none of our wingers are great at tracking back I'd play three in midfield and let them cover the full backs.
  20. I'd say all the negativity is more to do with people watching a team in transition and expecting more than was ever really likely this season. We all hate losing, we all get frustrated watching us play shit, but the honest truth is we haven't got the players, squad or system of playing to be doing much better. We've been treading water on the pitch for five years, big changes have happened behind the scenes and mistakes have been made. We shouldn't sit back and accept one win in eight but there has to be some patience, let's talk about our prospects for Europe next January hey.
  21. In the US, there's much misuse of the term socialism. 99% of the time, people mean democratic socialist (as per the Nordic countries). Conservative outlets, though, immediately equate that with Venezuela. It's crass dishonesty. These outlets then go the next step. Offering healthcare for all is a step toward socialism, so we'd be like Venezuela this time next year! I know this sounds obviously stupid to observers in Europe, but this happens all the time here the US. It's raw scare tactics, and it keeps wavering independents from crossing from right to left. Marketing (or some might say propaganda) works.
  22. It reads very much like a comparison, you might not have said something as straight forward as you might think, but I’d be shocked if anyone didn’t think you were making a comparison. No need to get so wound up about it though.
  23. I don't generally disagree with your overall point but we are talking about DCL who played the majority of games last season and without calculating, I would guess the majority of games this season. He ha played 36 senior games before he got here and he has played 25 times for England. This isn'tt a guy fresh out of the academy who is wet behind the ears. He has almost played 100 senior games. If we plan another project around DCL it isnt going to get very far.
  24. I’m finding this thread really interesting lately. I’m a huge fan of the states, I’ve got family there and I tend to go at least once a year either with my wife or friends, I completely love the place. But at the same time it baffles me. I see people like Mark, who want the best for everyone, want a peaceful society where sick people recieve treatment and the poor get a helping hand to improve their lives and education for young people. This all seems perfectly rational to me, but then I see people like that get called communists and things like that, like it’s a bad thing. I understand the country is built on capitalism, though it’s crazy. I’ve driven through LA a few times and seen the houses of Beverley Hills just a few miles away from some of the worst poverty ever seen, I think you could do with a little bit of communism over there (only a little bit if the CIA are reading this, please don’t have my ESTA revoked, I need it for October’s trip). Even the gun laws shock me, after Sandy Hook I was watching on the news with my wife, it’s an absolutely shocking tragedy, but totally avoidable. I said to her they will do something now, so many kids murdered like that, the people will rise up against it. And then the shit about more guns would have stopped it, I was in even more shock that the NRA could come out with that. They talk about the constitution like it can’t be changed, it has to stay the same forever. No, times change, laws change, society changes, you can change your constitution if it was needed. Mrs Stevo works in mental health, so she’s always telling me your gun laws and lack of mental health care (coming from lack of health care) is a ticking time bomb, ready to go off daily. Was about to get started on police brutality towards blacks, but that just gets me really angry so I’ll leave it. We’ve often talked about emigrating, my parents and sister have said they would follow if we did. We even discussed it with my family in Florida last October. I have a distant relative who works alongside law enforcement, and I explained how we would just be a bit scared to take the jump while Trump is in power and the police shooting innocent people, his response; “Don’t worry, you guys are white. You’ll be fine!” I think that scared me just as much as the rest.
  25. that wouldn't bother me. i just want equality, when the haves are hoarding everything and getting lawmakers elected so they can have more and take more from the have nots that just doesn't jive with me. i get that we can't all be rich. i get that we can't all have the perfect life. but you look at the scandinavian countries and they have high levels of happiness and also extremely high taxes, but there isn'tt the systematic poverty there is here in the states. i understand its not perfect, but the crime rates, poverty rates, etc are WAY lower than here. people may not have massive american mansions and 5 cars and massive possible upside to finance as in america, but living a simple life without the stress of are you going to eat, are you going to be able to have a place to sleep, etc is worth it to me. caveat, i'm more on the minimalist side of living so i guess it's easier in a sense for a person like myself to not worry about being taxed and not having a lot so others can have more.
  26. I hate the fact that those qualities mark you out as a "lefty" (as a derogatory term for many) in this day and age, it should be the norm in every developed country, we should be past the "haves" and "have nots" as there's plenty for everyone to live comfortably if systems were fair. Fiefdom, xenophobia and nationalism should have had their day but we seem to be ushering them back in all over the globe. Brazil the most recent example.
  27. i want a lefty because i'm not a moderate or repub. i want a socialist. i want the UK healthcare system, i want free college for my kids, i want a universal basic income for those that are in need. i'm willing to be taxed to the high heavens for it all. i believe in love and compassion.
  28. Finished the latest season of Luther last night, brilliant show that. Starting True Detective later, never seen it but heard good things. Not long until GOT now though! cannot wait for that!
  29. Not sure what his post retirement plans are, but could he be a good fit to work for Everton in the Community? If he's truly passionate about philanthropy, I would love to enable him to do so through our club. The work any club does in the community would be amplified if they had an ex-player involved on a day to day level, as it would probably garner more attention from fans and the media.
  30. No I get that, just feel like a lot of the marvel films just stick to the same routine, megalomaniac boss, failed experiments etc. I could watch tom Hardy in anything to be honest
  31. at that point mike just play the piano. honestly all ten fingers going and adding the rhythm element as well. i think the solo acoustic people are very talented but at a certain point it stops becoming musical sounding and is just a parlor trick.
  32. Maniac. I should've read the reviews, to borrow ones posters review from imdb "a marvellously polished turd" sums it up perfectly.
  33. Last season when we needed to keep hold of the ball and waste time Davies was the player the team looked for. No doubt the coaches would have practiced keeping hold of the ball near the corner flag in training and Davies must have been the best. Said it yesterday but what player has played well next to Gana? You look at Gomes' good performances and he's had to take on two or three players at a time. You look at the bad and it's because he's lost the ball when the two of three players have come at him. How any one can moan Davies doesn't do anything with the ball yet don't say anything about Gana is beyond me. Night and day difference in their passing quality.
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