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  1. Said in front of a "visit Malaysia" sign...
  2. Once again, unfettered capitalism is an equally failed ideology, and the younger generations in the U.S. understand this. Sanders calls himself a Democratic Socialist. There are similar parties throughout Europe who are not opposed to a somewhat-controlled but still free market who favor strong regulation, high tax rates and an abundant social safety net. The only danger in branding that as socialism is the fear of the baggage that word brings to older generations.
  3. You can still be ‘limited’ footballer and be an effective footballer, especially as a defensive midfielder. In fact I’d love to have some limited players that know their game and how to impose it instead of these modern players who are technically great and can play loads of roles but no idea how to impact on a game. I think there is a very useful footballer in Tom Davies that can still be unlocked with the right coaching and development. If it takes 2 more years to get that and he can play 300 games for club and do ‘an ossie’ then I’d totally take that, it would be massive for the club in fact. Look at what your O’Sheas and your Wes Browns and that did for united in their great teams.
  4. That ref had me shadow boxing in the stands when he pretty much squared up to Silva, I was screaming for Silva to "chin the bald twat". Worst refereeing I've seen at Goodison that. At half time I was saying to my brother SIlva needs to get in a local team, Prescott Cables or something have them play us in a friendly behind doors game so we can learn how to pass more than 4 times without losing possession. Gomes and Bernard need to play it simple sometimes as the rest of the team aren't on their clever passing wave length, yet. Pickford started very wobbly, but did great at the end. Zouma looks like he shits himself when hes under pressure, again him and Pickford nearly created a huge blunder, Zouma being at fault. Richarlison decided to turn up for the second half and led that line well, but he needs to fuck off this going down easy shite. How he got back up after being body slammed by Ake (no foul given either) surprised me, it was like watching WWE. Loved Zouma celebrating with Silva after the goal as well, nice to see.
  5. He's struggled as of late, but his attitude is exactly why I like him. Can't see him getting back into the squad on a permanent basis, but at least he wants to fight for the shirt.
  6. I've become a convert from red to white in recent weeks, bottle of Chilean Cono Sur Bicicleta Gewürztraminer going down very nicely I have to say.
  7. I would be more concerned if they weren't shouting at each other when one of them fucked up. This isn'tt the U11's.
  8. Baines. As a USA based supporter, the americans got me watching but it was Baines that got me loving this club.
  9. Doesn't matter about player quality, a little belief and confidence can be huge in this league.
  10. If its true then imagine those two partying with Drenthe! Drinks, drugs, stippers in hot tubs at finch farm and zebras! To some it would be the party to end all parties.
  11. Rumours like these always pop up when players are in bad form or make a few mistakes. Pretty sad that fans will make up shit like that about their own club and players.
  12. That first half was fucking atrocious. We couldn’t string three passes together and we were second to everything. If we weren’t playing a shit side like Bournemouth we’d have been annihilated and done by half time. Second half we were a completely different team. We almost went ahead within the first minute of the restart! We were pressing like our lives depended on it, we had a good tempo, we created and most importantly we put those chances away. The officials, and I include the linesmen in this, were fucking woeful. The worst I’ve seen for a long time. It wasn’t even just against us either - at one point our player practically ran through the back of a Bournemouth player and the ref was having none of it.
  13. You have two good examples in the USA of in my eyes of the difference between what defines let's say a social capitalist and an unsocial capitalist in Bill Gates and Donald Trump. Bill has a social conscience and is not only willing pays his taxes he then gives vast amounts of his wealth to charities and other organisations to improve the lives of those in need. Then you have Donald who tries every trick in the book to avoid paying tax so he can keep more for himself and doesn't want anyone to benefit from his fortune. For me Bill embodies the meaning of a socialist in this era and Donald embodies a Capitalist.
  14. This makes no sense. If Silva would be happy to see him go, then why does he play him week in, week out?
  15. If that is aimed at me, I couldn't give a shit about what he does for England!
  16. I’m a big fan of his but he was completely off his game at the weekend and should’ve been sent off. He had moments of class but wasn’t even in the top 5-6 for MOTM consideration. Plus, if I’m going to play one DCM then Ganas defensive attributes come first.
  17. Same XI as Bournemouth. Too often guilty of hyperbole and this is impossible to prove but I really feel this game can define our season - or at least January and February. Win at Southampton and the sustained momentum carries over to Millwall which carries over to the now manager-less Huddersfield. Then you're in or close to 7th with Wolves, Watford and an FA 5th round tie before Man City visits. We could be rolling. I always come back to this - it's the hope that kills you...
  18. He has been a breath of fresh air for them but they are poor. We need to go at them and we should have too much for them
  19. You didn’t name any teams or players where I had asked im not bothered about the rest of the world, I’m bothered about Everton.
  20. i Just pray Brands has something going on behind the scenes to replace him.. and get cover for that position. Weve seen what happens when he isn’t on the pitch, and it’s clear we have no back up for him. We should be going all out for cover/upgrade, not selling him. Especially in January... wait till the summer.
  21. I'm not arsed about players going out etc as long as it's not Darron Gibson levels of drinking and its done at the right time. For me the lad has a need to knuckle down and realise that as good as he was in the world cup it can change very quickly. He pissed me off telling zouma to fuck off yesterday. His relationship with his defence needs work... that is clear. I noticed when Seamus miscontrolled an easy ball and it spooned for a corner he gave Seamus a pat.... I don't think he fancies having a go at Seamus. Be consistent.
  22. They may be struggling but they've been scoring. I think it'll be a question of out-scoring them so I'd go with Pickford Kenny keane zouma digne Gana lookman Gylfi Bernard Richarlison DCL
  23. I was told by a few friends that didn’t see the game that I must be over reacting as I said it was the worst refereeing performance I could remember. Having seen the game again I stand by that. I think overall we were worse off but I agree with Romey that there were some bad calls for them too. The challenge on Richarlison early on 🤦‍♂️🤣
  24. I think this was a massive game for us, we have been so poor recently that we needed to win by any means and that's exactly what the team did. For the first half hour we were awful, we couldn't control the ball or dictate play or get any attacking fluency but after half an hour something clicked and we started to take control of the game. IT wasn't great but it was effective and it was exciting and we created some great attacking moves, it felt like we were playing for each other, the players showed character and fight, where recently we would have folded. It felt like we were against 12 players because of the referee, but despite that we hung on and scored a second goal to claim the win, a massively important win. It will give the players belief gives the manager relief from the pressure and gives a real sense of them and us which we can use, If we can just get a center forward and a replacement for Coleman I think we have a really good chance the finishing 7th and making real progress.
  25. Did this get posted already? Finally a politician who actually understands their role and what they’re supposed to do https://youtu.be/1XEj64IFzQ8
  26. That was a huge 3 points. Not just because of how poorly we started and how we turned it around but also because we were put under the kosh from set pieces and not only did we come through that period (just) but we also then went up the other end and clinically finished the game off. The work rate, energy and determination showed today will hopefully prove the catalyst for our season. The star of the show was Lookman. Even when we were crap, he was the best player and then the icing on the cake was the hard work, movement and composure to set up DCL to finish the game. Without doubt he stood up and showed why he should be starting games. The rock for us was Keane. He made one poor touch but that was it. He seemed to win every header and he made one massive tackle/block late on. Those first 30 minutes aside, I thought everyone played well. Gomes started dictating, Gueye got better as the game went on, Bernard was bright. Siggy started getting on the ball and dictating higher up the pitch. Richarlison and Pickford who were probably the worst players on the pitch after 30 minutes made huge contributions to the game and played really well. Digne was solid and put in a great ball for the first, he made one crunching tackle too which seemed to lift us around that early spell. Zouma settled well and even Coleman, who is still clearly our weak link, did his job. It was also brilliant to see DCL come off the bench and bag his goal. I said before the match that his impact comes from the bench and he put in a real shift and clinically finished his chance. That will mean a lot to him. Overall, and in a weird way, I think this was my favourite performance of the season. We played with some real quality, we made plenty of chances but more importantly, the players put in a huge shift, they didnt give an inch, and that for me is what I think of when I consider what I want from my club.
  27. After the first hour we played our stuff and looked like a team. They are definitely playing for Marco you can see it
  28. Get in! Lookman unbelievable in that whole move. Fighting in the tackle, the movement so that Gana could play him through and then the final ball to DCL.
  29. Bernard looks knackered and I guess he's hoping that Bournemouth are too after the intense way they've played and he wants Walcott can tear them up down the flanks. He could do that, but depends if he's engaged his brain today.
  30. Sterling was bought from QPR in 2012.
  31. He's talking about typical wingers, running down the flank looking for a cross. Richarlison and Walcott ain't like that, they're more like wide strikers or inside forwards as it's how are these players who run towards the goal from wide positions called.
  32. I was referring to the general points on Ossie not Romey's post directly. I am probably guilty of romanticising him myself by saying fantastic but Ossie was regularly pelted by fans for half the season for not being good enough for various reasons. I feel like there is more love for him now than there was when he was playing because when we look back we think about that goal in Europe as opposed to the 30 daisy cutters a season. In respect of your second paragraph, the difficulty is deciding when you do give up on a player. How many players that have left at 18/19 have gone on to become top 10 PL players (or similar abroad). Mustafi is probably the only one and that's debatable IMO. Duffy has done well for himself but he is at the highest level he will get to. Those two wouldnt have been bad players to have on the bench. Vic wasnt good enough, Vaughan and maybe Rodwell might have been if they didnt keep getting injured, Forshaw, Bidwell, Ledson and Jutkovich have made careers for themselves but they arent going to move us forward in anyway. The worst thing for me is that the ones that have come through have spent their careers elsewhere. Rooney, Barkley and Stones all came through the academy (loosely in the latters case), made their name and then moved on.
  33. I never backed Brexit wishing the UK harm. Hope everything works out. EU has been trying to set up a common foreign policy for 10 years.. Brexit helps, but countries like Hungary and Poland can still slow things down (be it not as succesfully as the UK).
  34. I’d expect the vast majority of additional seats to be regular seats, an extra 15,000 executive seats wouldn’t be filled. They have already discussed wanting to get as many “normal” supporters in as possible, so I don’t think you need to worry mate.
  35. I wouldn’t sell even with a replacement in mind. What happens if we let him go, bring someone else in and they go all Veron? Every transfer is a risk, if he wants to go then buy a replacement in January and if he settles well we let Gana go in the Summer. Safety first.
  36. At least you got it right Rubes. I said from various sports, but its just Footy and Cricket players.
  37. Mott the Hoople track came on in the car today, seriously talented band who had some fun with their "glam rock" singles in the seventies; this very loud driving faster than I should is classic...
  38. I’m not overly concerned about him leaving no surprises there I know, for me it would be a good opportunity to play a more expansive style of football, with the emphasis on good possession with the ball and moving it quicker with penetration plus we need 3 in the middle who have an understanding I have yet to see Gana strike up a good understanding with anyone he has played with in the way we saw with Barry and McCarthy, Sunday was another prime example we had a massive void in the middle of the park with Gana and Gomes nowhere near each other and Bournemouth were rampant in the first 35 minutes with no opposition from the middle. whether he’s a good player or not for me is not the issue I don’t wish to get into that so no posting or reciting stats, he doesn’t fit for me he doesn’t make us look like a team or part of the team.
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