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  1. Not really an EU competence that, John, .. forcing countries to organize referendums; let alone "re-run" them. Is this UK 'democracy'? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46971390 (Mogg proposes the Queen (!) shuts down Parliament to protect brexit) 😉 .. Though if you brought that to this forum, I don't know who would play the Queen.
  2. We often ridicule players who want to leave, it's only fair to say kudos to Yannick for wanting to fight for his place here. His mindset shows alot about his character, frankly that's something some our current first XI could learn from.
  3. The majority of the public who voted leave did so on a lie about the EU costing us a fortune and that money would be pumped into the NHS. They had no actual basis to go off other than propaganda. The leave option was never clearly explained. To simplify Mike's example, given a choice of a red passport or blue passport most of us would pick blue. If you're then told picking red protects your health and human rights whereas picking blue means you or people you know may lose their jobs most would then pick red. The public weren't told this, the consequences weren't clearly put to the public largely thanks to the the loud mouth brexit politicians (who are no where to be seen now the shit has hit the fan) and a self serving media. Given most people now have an awareness of the consequences surely it would be best for all to have another vote or better yet treat it as advisory only. Madness to fuck over the whole country based on lies and try and call a minor margin the will of the people.
  4. So technically the government can still say to the voters thanks for your vote, we have tried to implement your decision but it would harm the country immeasurably, so we've taken the decision to remain for the stability of the country and everyone in it.
  5. https://www.upworthy.com/patton-oswalt-and-his-fans-just-transformed-a-twitter-troll-s-life-with-a-simple-but-powerful-act-of-kindness?c=ufb1&fbclid=IwAR0PN8Vea5ewmILrMHzI5eSL96RnYyqeusuNBs07B9kRnbSh00ly8U1kJ7Q
  6. Strawman, theres no suggestion that there should be a second vote because of a change of mind on Brexit per se, its because there has been a material change in what Brexit means and what the electorate now understand it to mean. We're 67 pages in, at least represent the arguments correctly
  7. This story of Gana going to PSG started with because of FFP rules they could only offer 20M€, then a week later they make 50M€ offer for another player, nothing has happened which I find frustrating but understandable.
  8. https://www.thecanary.co/trending/2019/01/25/in-one-interview-question-owen-jones-accidentally-humiliates-the-entire-british-media/?fbclid=IwAR0oqP9YycKIr6X6Axc9PvvVfaF0vdz59yVMYEeSD10p28HajgVh6O7JmWg
  9. Interesting point this (from the same person who @Chachlinked)... "The referendum was always advisory, not legally binding. That meant that even though the Electoral Commission found evidence of tampering at the criminal level of being beyond any reasonable doubt, the referendum could stand. Had the thing carried legal weight, the courts would have cancelled it and ordered another."
  10. agreed i'd like to see Kushner and Ivanka getting locked up too.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-47002713
  12. He's the biggest queen I know, for sure.
  13. Championship is a physical league, if we're not up for a fight in front of a packed New Den we will get rolled simple as that. This is a game where the characters in the team have to stand up. I'm just not sure who they are.
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