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  1. Where are you getting your millions from Mike! I want in. Edit: I now see the joke and realise I'm an idiot.
  2. Then why have a director of football in place?
  3. Players that aren't playing always look better when the current 11 aren't performing. He looked shite when he played earlier in the season. That seems to have been forgotten.
  4. Fifty years of supporting the club and this is pretty close to the most depressed/angry I've ever been. For sure their second goal was insanity by the officials (they will be horrified seeing the replays) but our inability to defend set pieces is a joke. Do we have a defensive coach? If not we need one big time.
  5. Sad day for Everton but also a sad day for officialdom, does the cup have VAR or does it not? You can't introduce it in some games but not in others, if you enter a competition all should play by the same rules surely.
  6. Have a mate, Baggies fan, one of them posted on FB after their game, Pride is a five letter word... And with five acadamy players on the pitch offering such a fantastic glimpse of our future induces a level of pride I've not felt about the Baggies for years.. You can buy players, but you cannot buy an acadamy..THAT WAS SPECIAL
  7. I think the VAR issue is us clutching at straws, the back 4 are all strangers to each other, someone said the 2 free kicks against LD were soft, its LD who is soft We must have said all week dont give free kicks around the the box, hes shoves the lad in the back under the linos nose clear shove the lads going no were, top class numptyism Then he goes into the back of their man after the ball has gone, now i know footballers are not the brightest but come on how can silva be blamed for that.LD should be droped for a month till he wises up, we do have a good replacement at the moment, he has not done to bad since his arrival but his defensive side is poor. As for kean bullied by a sunday league striker panicked into hoofing the ball anywhere, hes been in this league all his life and his 2nd year with us no excuses, time to move him on and get a leader. Why play AG & GS in the same team against a team who will bully and get in your faces they dont have a tackle between them were was davis? or any ball winner, did we not get the weather forecast and see what kind of night it was going to be. As for Gana he does not tackle he nicks the ball, his first thought is to go backwards and if he goes forward its always behind the player so the move slows down, he is the main reason we are slow going forward. PSG in for him who made that up his agent. Right now its very difficult being a blue in a family full of reds, probably my lowest ebb in 60 years as a blue.
  8. How long is left on his contract? I don’t think we would get close to them figures, I wouldn’t pay more than £5m. He’s finished.
  9. He needs to play. We need players with his character.
  10. Despite the negativity that came out of that game yesterday, it was really good to see Tosun get a goal. You could see how much it meant to him as the paraded his badge to the crowd, as if to let us know he's going nowhere and will fight for his spot. I hope he starts mid-week, someone needs to drag us out of this mess and hopefully he can do a Niasse and lead by example.
  11. At the point were I'd rather see certain players not play than actually say who I want as frankly anyone in reserve will be an improvement on Gana and Sigurdssen. They simply do not fit. Whoever you picked instead of them could do no worse so we might as well give someone else an opportunity. Hope our next manager gives Holgate, Besic, and Vlasic a go as I'd play all three of them for their mentality alone over Keane, Gana, and Sigurdssen.
  12. I agree the board may have learnt from Koeman's reign that it doesn't pay to allow managers to buy when they look so short of the ability to do the job.
  13. Silva has looked nervy not long since the Derby. He looked relieved after the Bournemouth game, wouldn't have been surprised if he was told he was getting the chop if he lost that one and given recent results he must have one foot out the door. The no signings in January could be more a sign of us looking at a new manager rather than money issues.
  14. Theory: lack of signings (especially a striker) tells me Moshiri is holding his buck until Marco proves he's up to the task. It's also just a theory. I'm sure reducing the wage bill is more the reason.
  15. Thanks. I'm not sure how he's doing but noticed that Lampard has said some good things about him and he's getting more playing time recently. I think he's been called up by the USA once or twice.
  16. Would be an excellent replacement for Coleman but we’d then need to replace Gueye. I’d actually be happy with this - we’ve got as good as nothing to play for now so I wouldn’t even mind if Gueye wasn’t replaced until the summer because Meunier is top class.
  17. Must admit, I do think Coleman had his best game for a long time.
  18. No it wasn’t and even after a poor nights sleep ( due mainly to the high winds) I can’t find any comfort in where we go from here if personnel aren’t changed, Silva has publicly stated on more than one occasion that he will not change is philosophy on how he plays football particularly defending. If he is unwilling to change or concede that it’s not working then they only way left to improve from here is to change him, time or transfer windows won’t make any difference he’s entrenched in his views. Look what happened at Watford one win in eleven and he couldn’t stop the slide is that due to him not being prepared to make changes to his own plan, what ever it was they took matters into their own hands and are in a far better position now he’s gone and on a small budget. If I had any doubts at all about whether he could do the job yesterday completely dissolved them he is not good enough his attitude and tactics are terrible and I don’t really know what his tactics are.
  19. Throughout the whole match I think Coleman did rather well. But it's difficult to be "good" when you have certain team mates that works more against you than for/with you. As Bailey pointed out somewhere, we did play better in second half. Sadly only for a few moments because the passings and runs were mostly too predictable and therefore easy to read for the opponent. The set-pieces defending is a whole other story, and if you look back at many games under Koeman and Allerdyce you can already see the issues there for that.
  20. Virtually all of our players lack intelligent aggressiveness, which I prefer to characterize as relentlessness. We are passive on defense, which shows consistently and disastrously on set pieces. And opponents know it. Opposing teams are invariably more confident than Everton; even inferior teams expect to beat us. They enter a match expecting we will lose concentration.
  21. We are back to where we were when Martinez was manager when it comes to defending, the only difference was we could play decent football going forward with Martinez and score goals on a regular basis. For me Silva is the weakest of the 3 managers under Moshiri’s watch one win in his last eleven games at Watford should have warned us that when things start going wrong he doesn’t no how to correct them, it won’t be long before he beats that stat with us.
  22. Interesting, vote built on lies (and illegal practices) that the international community wants overturned; how dare they? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-47014322
  23. Pathetic. I’m going to repeat myself: Games are won and lost in midfield. It’s there that we need leadership and passion. Drop Sigurdsson. He makes the team unbalanced.
  24. We need to sort out the defence, particularly set pieces. I’d be happy to see the last of zonal defending.
  25. I actually thought we played alright in the second half bar those bloody set pieces. We still fail to shoot and we still pick silly passes when easy passes are available but at least there was some urgency. Their second goal is a bit unlucky. The freekick was soft anyway and then we win the header but the breaks dont go our way and that happens. That 3rd goal is another fucking travesty. People will blame Silva but like the first goal, all that needs is the players on the pitch to be aggressive and have that desire to go and win the ball in the air. They all know whats coming, just get your fucking head on it. It was just pathetic. They should have been climbing over each other to win the ball but instead Coleman is getting bullied around y their players to win the ball whilst ours sit and watch. I honestly dont know what the answer is anymore. The manager doesnt matter. The good players are soft and the ones that do give a shit arent good enough.
  26. I'm not. It's football. Treat it for what it is. A game where the team you love is doing shit. Got dickheads going to games slashing people's faces... scarred for life. The result will be a faded memory in a few years for many.
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