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  1. Already seen loads saying it. For me, it just means I won’t mind it as much when we’re torn to shreds. But I absolutely want the three points.
  2. Why are people so focused on a goal scorer when we are so porus in defense. Conceding continual set play goals. Defence is absolutely fucking shocking.
  3. Today, no. Hopefully a freak example but they played long ball, he wouldn’t have helped
  4. Oh yes. Was definitely because of the black cat. But no, you're right and that's why I call for some more old fashioned tactics. I'm not even sure what it is we play... looks like a bunch of players blindfolded trying to play like Barca at times.
  5. Getting really pissed off with hearing the abuse from individuals in our support. I get frustration but calling player fucking knobheads, telling a player he’s shite etc is just fucking stupid
  6. Undone by 2 stupid moments. I see some positives but not convinced there’s enough of them to pull a goal back let alone win
  7. The difference between the two sides is that we have to make our own chances whereas Wolves get theirs handed to them.
  8. In amongst all the bitching about how our midfield and centre forwards arent good enough, I wonder when this forum will finally get onto the fact that, in the last two months, we've conceded goals from obvious personal errors from all of our regular back four plus Pickford and now Baines? It isn'tt just set pieces we're shit at the back from.
  9. Yep your right, the facts keep piling up and yet continue to be ignored. If the sun was splitting the flags and you said good morning to Pete he would tell you it was midnight and convince himself it was pitch black outside . I think I will try and swerve this thread for a while for my own sanity
  10. Thought he played ok, in a team devoid of confidence. He tried to get us going forward and made some good probing passes. Not the finished article, but did ok in the circumstances. I am beginning to think Siggy is the weak link in terms of his speed of passing and play.
  11. Says it all when a stray cat covers more ground than half of our team. A truly apawling result meaning that Wolves didn't win by a whisker, furrmidable in front of goal. Anyway, cat puns aside that was dreadful. Another bollocks result at home which makes it all the harder going to the game next week. Walking up to the ground in the ice and snow to be served that level of football is infuriating and I said before the game that we would lose 3-1, gutted that I didn't throw £20 on it to at least make some money out of the afternoon. Before anyone jumps on Marco Silva though, our problems run much deeper than him. What we are seeing is the end result of Koeman and Walsh sticking bang average mercenaries on stupid contracts and riddling the club with poison. Most of the lads in our team simply don't care and will never understand what it is to play for Everton. I said it before in another topic but we don't have any Tim Howard's, no Tim Cahill's and no Duncan Ferguson's. Just eleven lads in blue jogging around wondering where the next drubbing is coming from. Our season is over, the two cups have gone so the best we can hope for is another mid-table finish, give Silva and Brands the summer to clear out some more deadwood and actually start putting together a team; Richarlison, Gomes, Bernard, Mina and Zouma have arguably been our better players this season (I actually like Yerry) so for all the results and football is shite it was exactly the same under Ronald, Unsworth and Gravy Tits so sacking Marco will not solve the problem, we will just be another club that gets laughed at for sacking the gaffer every six seconds. As for on the field today we were truly appalling, played totally off the park. Had it not been for Pickford it would have been more, made some fantastic saves at 1-0 to keep us in the game but couldn't do anything about the ones that went past him. Did well to even get close to the third considering how close the lad was. Keane and Zouma did OK but neither is a leader and in the summer it's key that we find someone that can organise a defence - having two followers in these two (although Kurt will more than likely be gone in May) isn'tt productive. Kills me to say it but Seamus might be done, just offers nothing down the wing with his pace anymore and gets caught out going backwards, totally lost Jiminez for their second - same with Baines although to his credit he was playing through injury - don't know what he was doing pulling down the lad five minutes into the game though, set us on a downer straight away. Absolute stunner from Andre Gomes, came from nowhere and gave us something to shout about. Davies alongside never really got into the game, didn't control the midfield at all and looked like a very much second best Idrissa Gueye. Walcott on the right offered the square root of fuck all with Richarlison on the other side just as bad, whilst he started the season brilliantly with a keen eye for goal he's turned so lightweight that he's quite literally bullied out of most games. He really needs to either bulk up or get his head sorted for next season because at the moment he's not cut out for English football. Up top, I felt sorry for Tosun, didn't do much but had absolutely nothing to work with. It probably felt like pulling out teeth for him this afternoon, Gylfi behind him I thought did OK but again, both wings was completely useless so he was having to do it all himself or bounce off Cenk who was in and out of the game. Overall just one big horror show that is turning into the theme for our season, we're a total mess. Set-pieces might aswell be penalties against us. Absolutely mind-numbing how many times we concede from them and it's honestly baffling how Silva can't see it and switch to man-to-man marking. What was the definition of insanity again?
  12. johnh

    New PC

    Haf, you forgot to get a punched card machine.
  13. I don’t think I’ve ever been so ‘not arsed’ about Everton. After the stupid money being pissed away, having Big Sam and the build up/ chink of light at the beginning of this season to the collapse since the 94th minute at Anfield - my obsession will always be there but, for this season at least, I’m not that bothered - win, lose or draw!
  14. Sorry Bailey, I’m thouroughly depressed right now and it’s coming though.
  15. Can you add the cat to the poll please? His movement was by far the best I saw all day and he was the only one to get in behind the Wolves defence.
  16. Kenny. Wish he'd started the game and maybe the result might've been different.
  17. But Huddersfield are the worst team in the division and our stats against them were awful.... not sure if you realise this, but your actually supporting the pro Gana debate with that. Unless you've simply, changed your mind about Gana and are meaning to. I thought you were big into the stat game though? With your... PlayStation tactics and stats... team X has a 12% chance of scoring against us. Probably works up in Star Trek world. Anoher example would be watching the match. Stats against Huddersfield probably won’t show the pure amount of touches they had in our area, without having an effort on goal. But that doesn’t mean it’s because we handled them, it’s because they are shit. Look at today for example, Wolves had less efforts than Huddersfield, but due to their quality, finished 3 of them. Back on the effort point though. I go back my Drogba point. The guy used to shoot for fun. Some ended up clearing the stadium, some went for a throw in. But the guy never stopped shooting and one would be a worldly. If Gana scores three goals out of 20 efforts, PSG would have offered 50m for him as he would easily be worth double his value now. See your still missing the big picture. Any goal he scored, any chance he creates, is simply a bonus as his job is to break up play, like the defence and midfield, and let his team mates do their job. If you try to compare him with attacking mods, or forwards, then it’s only fair you compare all players like that. Example, how many shots has Richarlison blocked? And if his stats aren’t enough, would you replace him with someone better? How many goals has Pickford scored? Read through the match thread against Huddersfield. Yourself, Palfy, PeteO and Sev thought he did good. Pretty much everyone else thought we were poor. In my opinion it’s due to your bias against Gana, that you guys will see anything that doesn’t involve him as good. Just as, and I’ll freely admit it, I’m probably biased towards him, as I rate him. But that’s where this thread has gone and why many stay away. It’s turned into a battle of wills rather than any substantial and meaningful conversation. Both sides are trying so hard to prove their points..... That we’re missing what’s right in front of our eyes.
  18. I would rather like reverting to Martinez style. We were piss-poor at defending, but we created something at least. Now we are piss-poor at everything.
  19. Any one else concerned that he is turning crap again? Week after week he is making several small mistakes and now our backs are against the wall he is weaker and less aggressive, almost as if the doubts are creeping in. Dont get me wrong, he is nowhere near as bad as last season but when your in a hole you need leaders and he is weak.
  20. Oooh we would have lost 6-1 with him in the squad today. Thought I'd get in there first.
  21. We've had 10 attempts on goal = 1 goal. Wolves 7 attempts = 3 goals. Someone decided we don't need a striker, does anyone at Goodison know what's going on?
  22. At least this cat is adding a bit of entertainment!
  23. DCL for Tosun next please. We can at least ping the ball up instead of this failing attempt of the shite tikitaka bullshit
  24. That is an incredibly poor statistic for us.
  25. We need three quarters of a back four. Digne can stay, rest can fuck off. Don't care how bad Silva is setting them up, do you think you'd have ever seen Martin Keown allow forwards such an easy time whatever the coaches were telling him? Defending is all about mentality, preferably with the physical attributes to back it up. Our centre backs and sadly now Coleman lack the former.
  26. i have to admit, i was wrong. @Bailey said Marco was basically martinez mk II and i balked at that, i thought he was better defensively. i was wrong. he really is the same thing. same issues. very sad day.
  27. Zonal fucking marking stupid stupid foul by Keane
  28. Good work from Richarlison supporting Kenny there
  29. Told you he should be dropped.
  30. Good to see Baines playing. Surprised to see Walcott starting and to see Schneiderlin on the bench.
  31. There are so many inaccuracies in that quote it’s baffling
  32. No idea what we do at LB without Digne or Baines. I think we have to win the midfield, I'd like to see Gana, Davies and Gomes played as a three. That creates a problem of getting Sigurdsson and Richarlison in a front 3 though. I'd be happy to drop one to make us stronger in CM, or play Sig deeper with the understanding he gets hauled off if he keeps getting caught too high up the pitch. On paper, a midfield of Sig, Davies/Gana and Gomes should be great. Honestly, our squad is so inflexible.
  33. Rhetorical question I know but if the EU ever had an army it'd be used as a peacekeeping force, as NATO is currently. The problem is that Trump seems to want out of NATO (one day, then not the next) so it's got a bit wobbly at the mo.
  34. Except those counties in which the proposed wall would be built. They are virtually the only counties that are blue, so the reason is obvious.
  35. This could just as easily be in the Trump thread. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-47060853/my-country-is-more-dysfunctional-than-yours
  36. It's not joking at all. Most illegal immigrants living in the US flew here, which I believe the report linked above points out.
  37. I disagree, I don't think it's in his nature to not give 100%. Just my opinion, time will tell.
  38. I'd suggest that Brexiteers are sleepwalking into nationalism backed all the way by the racist and xenophobic amongst us whose number is growing every day which is a far more likely breeding ground for a dictatorship. Europe will never have a dictator, project fantasy.
  39. When someone says Gana is the worst footballer to play for Everton bar non and resolutely sticks to that ridiculous comment then you know it's time to step away... not many of us did though.
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