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  1. Always amuses me that when they're a nation made up almost entirely of immigrants, according to Wiki 0.9% of the population are Native Americans; if you'd have polled their ancestors pre 1492 you'd probably get a pretty hefty no vote. Now we have them saying, "I'm all right mate," pulling up the drawbridge and telling the, "tired, poor, huddled masses, wretched refuse and homeless" to do one. Very neighbourly and Christian of them.
  2. Brands should be looking for a captain (and leaders in general) - a centre back and centre mid at least. Players who can get us organised on the pitch - players who are respected and actually listened to by their peers.
  3. That game was decided by a phantom holding call and a non-call on what should have been defensive pass interference. The Patriots are the Liverpool of the NFL Mike.
  4. Not enough has been made out as to how shite Coleman was for that goal.... MOTD blamed lookman. Coleman is completely finished and his ear cupping nonsense in front of the gwladys was as badly misplaced as one of his passes. I would blood johnjoe in now.... no point in playing Coleman.
  5. That's the problem the tactics don't allow for him to get on the ball that much. He's too slow. On the other hand we don't set up to make the most use it is him as you'd need to set the whole team around him. No one is saying he's not capable. Just that he's not involved enough and that we might create more as a team with a player better suited to those around him.
  6. More than that, people will tell you all the time how you have a wonderful accent. Of course, if you spoke Spanish you’d be told to go home.
  7. Its the players attitude that is the problem. They dont attack the ball and its incredibly naive to think man marking would change anything. Its not a difficult concept, they just have to attack the ball when it comes in their zone, exactly the same way they should if the ball comes near their man in a man-marking system. Its the same attitude from set pieces that led to Coleman rolling a timid pass to Lookman on his heels leading to the 3rd goal.
  8. I actually think officials are trying to gift Liverpool the games ... one goal clear offside like a metre..... last kick of game origi put through.... well off and fortunately he missed. West ham look very good..
  9. PeteO I’ve confused myself and not sure what I am saying. I think I’m looking to deeply into this and trying to analyse what’s going wrong, when I’m a builder, not a football manager haha. As Bailey has pointed out, I do look at it from an attacking mindset. I know that if a player lets me have the ball in the middle of the park, I’m going to cause havoc. If the push me out wide, it’s limiting my vision and range. I do think we have them far too much of the ball in the middle. But accept that. It’s just my opinion.
  10. 30-40% is a minority. It’s a shame they shout so loud.
  11. No Pete... a shite picked panick pass is what it was and lookman may be the only player on the pitch who has the feet to take the ball in that scenario. The percentages were totally against Coleman. We don't all have to make post fit our agendas
  12. As has been said countless times, zonal marking is used by most teams when facing free kicks. It's only corners where zonal marking is not the norm. And while our corner defending could be better it's the free kicks that have been the real problem. So even if he did have an epiphany tomorrow and switched to man-marking with corners it would have very little effect.
  13. Haha, I’m laughing because it’s sad but true. Americans love brits.
  14. Been too angry to post until now. Took my sister to the game and she asked “if cats happen every time?” and said “I wish”. That is all.
  15. He’s the only one doing any closing down up top, the only one capable of splitting the defence with a pass, our best set piece taker...
  16. Might've before if he played instead of Coleman, Keane or Baines. All three responsible for the goals. Only chance given from Gomes and Davies was when the latter lost the ball after receiving a poor throw in from Coleman and no one giving him an option. Don't see what Gana would've added.
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