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  1. Listen Mark. If you don't rate a player he can never have a good game, can't play a pass or make a tackle; he can make no contribution to the team whatsoever and is possibly the worst player ever to wear the shirt. Any decent play by him you were talking to your mate/in the toilet/opening a beer/washing your hair (delete as applicable) so missed it. Get with the programme.
  2. Jesus. I don’t like is attitude either and his form has been poor but that’s largely down to bad tactics playing him out of position, plus the team doing not well, particularly midfield. It was only 6 months ago we were all giddy because he getting call ups to Brazil! Can we please stop calling for heads to roll and selling players off after seriously short periods of time?!
  3. Hasn’t proved anyone wrong until he does it consistently over a period of games. He has shown he has the ability now let’s get the consistency.
  4. I don’t get how you can slam Gana for being a shit footballer ( technically ) and yet praise Walcott?
  5. Walcott was fucking shite. The fella next to me laughed so much because everything Walcott did was woeful. He didn’t even make up for it by helping Kenny out defensively - constantly nowhere to be found and left JJK totally exposed to Sane. Fortunately, JJK was up to the task.
  6. Cant think of anyone who said he dosent have talent, however 1 good game a season does not mean he's proven himself in this league.
  7. Toss up between Gana Davies and Kenny all three played very well Gana's break up play and tackles were brilliant, Kenny needs to be starting from now on and bedding in if he keeps those kind of performances up he will save us a small fortune in the summer I've been a big critic of Davies but he looked much better tonight in a more free roaming role and had a very good game, keep feeding me that humble pie Tom! Little mention to Tosun as well as the lads a very good footballer some of his passing and movement has been really good lately, we just don't seem to get the ball to him in that vital area but his play on the brake has been really good
  8. Seriously. We were clearly watching two different games. Walcott was the worst player on the pitch by a country mile. Country mile.
  9. Yeah but if football is your life since you've been six or whatever (ie most of us) and all you've ever wanted to do was play for a living and win games/trophies then can money really take the place of that? Bit different scale but in my previous life as a creative person I got great adrenaline rushes and immense satisfaction when I did good work that was appreciated by people; I was also relatively well paid but never got a buzz opening my pay packet or getting a bank statement.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47152237
  11. No, Chach. I've got higher standards than that.😁
  12. https://www.premierleague.com/news/1049265?fbclid=IwAR0TVQU8MPaB7PikNDsOa9ihAsC-VjZ4C_ytgKd2F1AqIPIXJ7uYzfuYMUE Away tickets to continue to be capped at £30.
  13. That’s exactly how I saw it, with Gana just edging it , but could have given it to any of that trio I thought with the exception of Walcott , who was absolutely woeful again, they all played well really
  14. He hasn't proved anyone wrong he's had two good games and I'm made up for the lad but to say he's proved people wrong is ridiculous Shall we say he's proved his critics right as he's had far more piss poor games than good? No it's pointless petty and unnecessary Myself and others who doubt him will be more than happy to be proved wrong believe me
  15. The lad who left the cushy bench of Arsenal to come play every week for us. The one that hoped he'd be able to force himself back into the England team rather than put his feet up for the summer. Yea he hates football him. Sound more like you're on about Gana.
  16. He has, people doubted he had the talent, the ability to play at this level, he has proved them wrong. Yes now he needs to demonstrate his ability consistently. To do that he needs regular games in a position he is suited to, and support from the fans. We need to remember he is only 20 and will be inconsistent.
  17. He has had moments and then faded in my opinion. I want him to do well and hope he keeps this level for a good run of games.
  18. ?? I think hes come in before and he has played well, but then gets left out again 🤔
  19. He cant get the consistency if he plays two games and is then left out for six, the Manager needs to pick what he thinks is his best team and let them all get the consistency.
  20. 4 3 3 with no Walcott or Sig please chief.
  21. Quote me on that? Plus I’m not really arsed if you’re disappointed or not. Our seasons over if losing to Cuty means Liverpool lose the league then so be it.
  22. A very good performance from him, and we looked better without Siggy, but that's another thread. Good passing, movement and pressing. The more games he gets in a role that suits him the better he will become. He has proved a few critics wrong over the last couple of weeks.
  23. Definitely just to see if it is a midfield trio with some mileage in it that can improve with more games together.
  24. For the record - I’m not saying Walcott is good or played good. I honestly believe if he wasn’t fast he would be in the championship or lower.
  25. Games are won and lost in midfield. We did better tonight because of the midfield, although we’re not there yet. Sigurdsson disrupts the balance of the team. We saw the difference tonight when he’s not starting. It’s more balanced without him. We should be giving youngsters the chance. Davies and Kenny proved why. Yes, I’m repeating what I’ve said for several weeks because I’m convinced I’m right on these points.
  26. Even when he is sitting deep he is making smart forward runs. Keep him in the side and challenge him to keep improving/ consistent levels. Really happy he’s back on track and showing signs of improving into a good player.
  27. Frustrating that I can literally copy and paste my post from the Wolves game and it applies here. As soon as Gueye tripped the lad over and gave away a free-kick you just knew we were going 1-0 down. The lads did well today, a much better attitude and with a quality striker up front (Lukaku in his prime springs to mind) then we would have caused Ederson problems and arguably won, as it happens we did very little in the final third and come away on the wrong side of 2-0. The silver lining is that this obviously helps City in the title race which I can live with, I couldn't stomach actively wanting Everton to lose but I can live with it if it upsets a few Kopites and stops them from winning the league and declaring a national holiday. Shout-out to Silva for mixing things up too, Kenny was an improvement on Coleman, Bernard was much better than Richarlison has been and the middle three worked well for the most part without Sigurdsson. Walcott had another game to forget, the only player for me who didn't really get going so perhaps a spell on the sidelines would do him good. I like him as a player but for too long he's not really contributed - would honestly start the likes of Lookman or Bernard instead.
  28. Came away from tonight’s game feeling pride in our team again, good fighting performance that been missing for a long time. Kenny, Davies and DCL starters for me, they gave us the grit we needed. Pissed off at the two sucker punch goals, Ciry were impressive, apart from falling over too easy.
  29. Davies. I didn’t have to wait two years, he was brilliant tonight.
  30. I’m angry again though because it shows the level we have in us - that kind of performance against any team bar city/Liverpool and you get a positive result 9/10 times. Davies - keep him in, he looks a different player ( good man management taking him out of the spotlight + the armband is a good push for him ) Kenny - MOM, could save us big money on a new player. He must play every game from here on so we know 100% if he is the answer because Coleman has shown his level and it’s not enough.
  31. Me too. It's not a nice place to be but neither is watching that lot win the league and rub it in our faces. 29 years not winning the league is below them.... they hate it. They've spent more money than any other club in the league to not have won the league. Since the last time they won it....
  32. You're misrepresenting what he said John as the tabloids doubtless will tomorrow. He was talking about "those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan of how to carry it out safely" and not those who voted for it. He was talking about Johnson, Gove, Farage, Rees-Mogg etc etc obviously but it'll be spun to support the agenda you suggest. You've already done it in your own head as an intelligent man so what hope your average red-top reader? Actually I find everything that Johnson says/does amusing as he's a top notch buffoon.
  33. I agree, Nantes are entitled to their money legally I suppose as the deal had been done and the flight was organised by Cardiff, but it should have been left to lie for a while.
  34. Tabloids are going to explode tomorrow. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-47143135
  35. Martinez' first season we did. It was some of the best football I'd ever seen us play and I genuinely thought we were going places. But then for 2 years we played utter shite football that bored me to tears.
  36. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Silva must be trying to get sacked with that lineup.
  37. Silva needs fucking off just on the set piece situation alone. I get a manager in he should know the ins and outs of everything. I don’t get a decorator in to admire the gloss as the wallpaper peels off next to it do I? Fuck me
  38. Surprised at all the Walcott hate he was our most dangerous player and the only one giving them a headache. Couple of poor touches and one sloppy pass but no more than any winger. Shouldn't have been subbed and had he not been he may have made the difference. First half today we showed a lot more effort and for the first time in ages played like a team. I only wanted to choke Gana about 3 times in the first half which is a record watching him. Gomes was a little off the pace and Bernard didn't see much of the ball. Davies was the best player on the pitch and not for the first time playing against City. Kenny kept winning his battles with Sane and Zouma was excellent bar the goal. Second half was ruined by the subs and then the referee. Why on earth bring Sigurdssen on and disrupt the midfield when Davies had been doing so well linking the midfield and we actually looked like a team. Richarlison for Bernard makes sense but unfortunately nothing come off for him. Tosun for Walcott is mind boggling, why move DCL wide when he's on his arse from running and take our biggest outlet off. Took two of our fastest players off for two of our slowest against a team that plays a high line, and moved players into different positions to do so. Silva is a fucking moose.
  39. Gana literally let players walk past him, gave away a silly freekick that led to the goal, and broke up our own play by passing it backwards when there was a forward pass on.
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