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  1. You absolutely can fault his work ethic. At the beginning you couldn’t, absolutely. But I’ve watched him for months play like he’s totally disinterested. Just a token effort at most the majority of the time. I’m ecstatic he’s been dropped and I hope it stays that way for a good while. That might light a fire under his arse.
  2. Jesus. I don’t like is attitude either and his form has been poor but that’s largely down to bad tactics playing him out of position, plus the team doing not well, particularly midfield. It was only 6 months ago we were all giddy because he getting call ups to Brazil! Can we please stop calling for heads to roll and selling players off after seriously short periods of time?!
  3. Your have to put a scaffold around Richarlison to support him he’s always falling over.
  4. How about Stones and Lukaku 🙈
  5. I’m expecting Sigurdsson to come back in as well, and further fuck with us.
  6. More like he wanted to impress Man City.
  7. 100% this. We are privileged to attend all the home games where we can see what he does 100% of the time, those watching on TV will only see when he is on the ball and will have their view of him skewed a bit. This isn'tt a dig at people who "don't go the match" but honestly his stropping around when the ball is nowhere near him is very evident. Seen him plenty of times moan at someone else for his fuck up as well. Yes he's scored the goals but he did need dropping to show you cant just rely on former glory, you've got to stay competitive to stay in this team.
  8. Bailey his lack of awareness is like I’ve always said he sees the ball and nothing else, that’s why I came up with like a dog and ball magnet, but he’s 29 played all his life like that and you won’t change him now. When Gylfi and Gana are playing in midfield together the third mid was left hung out to dry as I’ve mentioned before, because Gylfi offered fuck all to midfield playing more as a second striker and Gana was running all over the place going awol Now we have all witnessed it for ourselves don’t play Gana with Gylfi because the midfield becomes none existent, for me that doesn’t mean the end for Gylfi in games were we want to be more attacking in our play it’s Gylfi Davies and Gomes and in games were we want to be more defensive it’s Gana Davies and Gomes
  9. Agree, he’s good at creating for himself but not so great at creating for others. My only gripe is he wants to act a hard man but goes over all the time. Can’t fault his work ethic though.
  10. Interesting to think about... The players I would look at are: Bournemouth: Ake, Fraser, Brooks, Wilson, King Palace: Wan-Bissaka, Zaha Leicester: Schmeichel, Evans, Maddison, Vardy Newcastle: Dubravka, Lascelles, Rondon Watford (not that I have seen much of them): Geri, Doucoure West Ham: Rice, Anderson, Arnautovich Wolves: Neves, Jota, Jimenez I would probably go with: Pickford Wan Bissaka / Lascelles / Zouma / Digne Doucoure / Rice / Neves (that might be too negative) Zaha / Arnautovich / Anderson (Bernard and Richarlison would be very close) I think if we picked up Lascelles and Rice we would immediately have a much stronger, smarter, and organised spine to our team.
  11. The one Walcott pass I can remember creating trouble was a head down hit and hope for the smallest player on the pitch to win a header. The issue with Walcott is that he doesnt get involved in games enough and that can be tolerated if the things he does do are of quality but he doesnt convert his chances and he messes up the final ball more often than not. Going to the subs, I was surprised that he played Siggy as he did because he just reverted back to what doesnt work. I expected him to come on and be a like for like for Gomes (who I agree was a little off pace). I know why Silva then wanted to play a second striker but it was never going to work. Whilst we only had 1 sub remaining, I did think Walcott deserved to come off in my opinion however that then stunted our forward line. If DCL needs to come off then just go like for like. If he doesnt then swap Lookman for Walcott. I agree, although you can add quite a few English wingers to that list... Lennon, Redmond etc I'm not even entirely convinced that Walker would be a premiership player without pace. He certainly wouldnt be a top 10 player. Its moments at 5.52 that get me. Lets the first runner go without tracking him and then he lets the next man run off his back to get the header in on Pickford. Then you also get the opposite action where he hares into something he shouldnt. In the build up to Fernandino being booked Gana made a great challenge but just before that he is running across to join in on a 3 v 1 (1 being the City player) and bar an excellent last minute adjustment, the City player would have been in a great position. If the pass was delayed by half a second he wouldnt have been able to make the tackle cleanly. Its not a lack of effort, its a lack of awareness and it does happen regularly in games. Its what you get with him, and if you play him you have to accept it because sometimes he will win you balls you wouldnt normally expect and other times he will leave you open or gives away cheap freekicks. I don't know whether others just don't see it or whether they just accept the risk? https://www.mancity.com/citytv/match highlights/2019/february/everton v city extended highlights
  12. Hallelujah brother. I know we are having a shit time of it lately but as Matt said can we stop being hyper critical of our new and young players and try supporting them for a while please. Crikey without Richarlison and his goals we would be in deep shit.
  13. No, Chach. I've got higher standards than that.😁
  14. Listen Mark. If you don't rate a player he can never have a good game, can't play a pass or make a tackle; he can make no contribution to the team whatsoever and is possibly the worst player ever to wear the shirt. Any decent play by him you were talking to your mate/in the toilet/opening a beer/washing your hair (delete as applicable) so missed it. Get with the programme.
  15. By playing that well against one of the best teams in the country he proved people wrong who doubted he had the talent to perform at that level. At the risk of repearing myself I have said he needs to do it consistently, which I believe he will if given the games in the right position. My articulation of these views is not pointless or petty, and I believe it certainly was necessary given the stick the lad has taken.
  16. Strong, quick, gets the goals. He's not really a winger as much as a wide forward. If he gets 10-15 league goals a season, combine that with a striker and midfielder that does the same and we have goals in our side. I'm surprised how many people have changed their mind on him over the course of a couple of months, despite only being 21 years old. He's scored the most goals for a player 21 or under this season. Only Rashford comes close.
  17. Hasn’t proved anyone wrong until he does it consistently over a period of games. He has shown he has the ability now let’s get the consistency.
  18. Toss up between Gana Davies and Kenny all three played very well Gana's break up play and tackles were brilliant, Kenny needs to be starting from now on and bedding in if he keeps those kind of performances up he will save us a small fortune in the summer I've been a big critic of Davies but he looked much better tonight in a more free roaming role and had a very good game, keep feeding me that humble pie Tom! Little mention to Tosun as well as the lads a very good footballer some of his passing and movement has been really good lately, we just don't seem to get the ball to him in that vital area but his play on the brake has been really good
  19. Tbf to Moshiri he went after Brands and Mochi but they wouldn't come. He's then gone for the bloke who is largely credited with Leicester winning the league. On paper Walsh had the credentials to be successful here. Koeman was poor though. Only had to look at the thrashing we gave them that season. But we did need a new manager, Martinez got rid of all the fitness staff as he had an outdated degree and it showed with our players playing at a snails pace, shortly after that he lost the dressing room. Nice guy, but stubborn to his own philosophy. Shame as if he was willing to change his philosophy he could've grown in to a top manager with us and moshiri's money.
  20. Just because he's naturally fitter/faster doesn't mean he's trying hard enough. Countless times he looks none fussed and hasn't busted a gut to get back. When he snaps in gives away a fk and doesn't look bothered. Again source or were you just making up the Walcott stuff?
  21. He must also be classed as the worst player ever to pull on a blue shirt.... never forget that.... and to make matters worse you find a way of trying to convince people that Scott gemmill was far better than he was credited for despite leaving the club and going on to do fuck all.
  22. read a lot of the comments and watched highlights. I on balance think silva should go. the players are playing shite but he is putting them back out there. Changing tactics FINALLY against a man city side shows signs of a punt to nothing. He knows he is likely going to lose so he changes some tactics and it looks like a positive. Why wait so long to make the tactics change why not make it 5 games back when it was clear what he was doing wasn't working. Our only wins since the Liverpool (14 games ago) game have been against Huddersfield and burnley. (Oh and Lincoln). He had a January transfer window to do something about the striker and right back problem he did nothing. I don't rate Gana so I don't think keeping him was a master stroke. It looks to me like he can't motivate a team he can't set a team up to defend and he still picks favourites. Coleman should have been dropped ages ago, Gomes is arteta without the end product, gylfi is like le tissier with out the end product and mina looks like a cheap mans Keane. For all the excitement about him and Brands I have to wonder what they actually bring. Where is the scouting network where it shows they spent time looking at these players. Gomes wasn't getting in at Barca I can see why, Mina is a stereotype good world cup then 30 million spunked, even though Bernard was free he is not the player I expected. This is just koeman all over again. had a good spell at a lesser club and then we pick him up like he is mourinho. I don't know what the answer is we have been through enough managers since moyes to keep losing one every 6 months but whatever the answer it's Not Silva.
  23. Gana literally let players walk past him, gave away a silly freekick that led to the goal, and broke up our own play by passing it backwards when there was a forward pass on.
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