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  1. http://www.espn.com/soccer/liverpool/story/3787667/silva-hits-back-at-jurgen-klopps-world-cup-final-taunt-ahead-of-merseyside-derby This does three things for me. 1) Boosts my opinion of Marco. Glad to see him call this out. 2) Further strengthens my seething hatred for Klopp 3) Hopefully is another added fire under us to go out there and get three points on Sunday
  2. There's quite a few who don't give Kenwright enough credit. He's not had the money to help us win the league but his heart is in the right place.
  3. Anfield game was a big turning point for us, after we'd played the best we'd done there for many years; hopeful we can do the same to them. 95th minute winner would have me needing to be peeled off the ceiling.
  4. I think he is the only one out there at the moment who I would consider if the board did panic and got rid of Silva. Arsehole or not, he has been a proven winner wherever he's gone, he somehow managed to steady United after Moyes and Van Gaal despite seemingly having no control over player sales/purchases and 2 years of him getting some discipline installed in the team, some defensive competence, wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. We'd have to have someone lined up for his inevitable 3rd season collapse, but his name with transfer funds behind him could bring in the calibre of players we should be spending big money on. He might even be humbled by his United experience and be wanting to prove the doubters wrong...
  5. Me neither , I absolutely despise everything about them. I live amongst them and I’m sorry to say I have close family who ‘support them’ including my wife and farther. I want to win first and foremost for Everton but anything that derails their hopes of winning the title is an added bonus
  6. Would love us to beat them and put a huge dint in their title hopes. Marco defended Klopp for his celebrations when others could have criticised and called for Moreno punishment ect - now Klopp has disrespected us and deserves every bit that comes his way.
  7. I can imagine the banter is good hopefully your have the upper hand come Sunday, if not don’t let them in the house and change your phone number.
  8. There are very few people or things I hate, I mean really hate not just dislike. Its a destructive emotion for all parties. I want us to be the best, if we do that it does not matter what others do.
  9. Be interesting to see how long it takes before Vardy is slagging him off.
  10. bill has a heart of gold, reading that article made me tear up, what a man to take the time to look out and call and text. legend
  11. https://anotherangryvoice.blogspot.com/2019/03/theresa-mays-hostile-environment.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR0oPGqWbBzBonk_WhzsLcI40521M92Uoc_mD91mQsmLrcF-Ne7lCtE-5hY Don't you usually go to prison for inciting racism?
  12. love the optimism shukes but honestly if that happens I will give you a big slap on the back and tell you my name is Hans and I am a Dutchman.
  13. i got it and ran with it. the person is on here for their promotional (and potentially financial) benefit as i've not seen them comment anywhere else.
  14. And (believe it or not, where does the time go) today is the five year anniversary of my last treatment, which means I'm all clear. I still have one final check to come in May but it's just a formality, five years is the magic number so I'll be around for a while yet. Sorry.
  15. this is exactly how i feel too matt. i want to stick with silva but if moshiri shits the bed again i want mourinho, he will get us a trophy full stop. FA cup, league cup, europa, whatever it is he will break the drought. he will leave in shambles but we will bust the duck and that in itself would be worth it for me.
  16. The Portuguese says his next destination could be "a club that is not ready to be a trophy-hunter immediately but with the ambition to be a trophy-hunter." He added: "If it is a club without ambition I wouldn't go. I refused [the job offer] because I want high-level football and ambitions at the highest level. "That is my second item [of requirement]. My first item is structural empathy. I want to work with people that I love. People I want to work with, that I am happy to work with, with whom I share the same ideas. "It was what I had at Inter. There are clubs like this. Normally, that is a very important part of a successful club." https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11648394/jose-mourinho-hoping-to-avoid-internal-conflict-at-next-club Gearing a move to us? A bit of food for thought for Moshiri at least.
  17. Apparently not scored in 38 games over 23 months now. Sorry to pick on you Ste, it could've been several others.
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