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  1. https://royalbluemersey.sbnation.com/2019/3/6/18253080/everton-transfer-latest-idrissa-gueye-psg-rumours-marco-silva-marcel-brands
  2. My mother has figured out: a. how to use WhatsApp b. how to share memes on WhatsApp This isn'tt going to end well.
  3. China would be a possibility if someone offered him enough, not really bothered by a fee just get him off the wage bill.
  4. I did note the irony. Also, would it still be "battery" if the egg was free-range?
  5. Not to make light of the assault, but it seems curious he was holding an egg at the same time; do you think he beat it later, as well?
  6. So? As the guy who committed the crime is charged with "assault by beating" it would suggest the he was punched in the head because CPS guidelines say... "A battery is committed when a person intentionally or recklessly applies unlawful force to another. Where there is a battery, the defendant should be charged with ‘assault by beating’. (DPP v Little (1992) 1 All ER 299)." So the press suggesting an egg was thrown at him (without reference to distance) is misrepresenting what seems to have happened. Even the Met put out a statement that, "On Sunday, March 3 at around 3:52pm an egg was thrown at a Member of Parliament." I have no idea what actually occurred but on the face of it someone's not telling the truth; the fact that he wasn't hurt (although punching a 69 man in the head is quite likely going to cause a fair bit of pain) is irrelevant.
  7. Yeah but pro-Brexit people are bound to say that; pro-remainers will say the opposite. I've seen zero evidence that they're biased either way myself, they report what's happening and have no "opinion" pieces because it would break their rules and the writer would be summarily sacked if anything got published (not that it would get past the editors in the first place). I'd love to see links of where they're rabidly anything (even non-brexit related); it's a fantasy invented by the right wing press because the BBC doesn't espouse the same views, they just report what's happening and allow people to make up their own minds. What a strange way to run a news organisation eh?
  8. Someone compiled all of the weather excuses Klopp has made 😂
  9. https://skwawkbox.org/2019/03/06/breaking-bbc-under-ofcom-investigation-for-bias/?fbclid=IwAR2CiyA1k7jTlR5focQReQXTFG6Td623juH448J555DCphZ7pSYl1MiixcY Ofcom are now looking into the BBC for being politically bias.
  10. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-wonderkid-signs-first-professional-15929691
  11. I also was happy to give him a round of applause as he left the field. He did his job, but nothing more. The tactics were clear to see and executed well. Contain and keep it tight and then bring on the expansive players in the last 30 mins. Worked well without a goal but we were more likely to score and the title contenders looked rattled.
  12. for me he's redundant, gana does the disruption job, schneiderlin was heralded for his passing vision when he got here and he's only shown us 5 yard sideways and back passes.
  13. He's a player where performance-based pay would make a big difference, I think. When you're guaranteed a fortune every week, whether you play well or poorly or even at all, it really doesn't matter too much. When you only get paid for putting in a real shift, though, you're going to do your best. Some players are motivated by playing for a particular team. Others (Schneiderlin and Walcott among them) are just doing a job and picking up a pay packet. For them, I say hit them where it hurts.
  14. From the reactions of Sarri and Zola as the incident was unfolding I don’t think much has been blown out of proportion, Sarri has to say it was a misunderstanding or he has severely punish the keeper or consider his own position at the club, maybe some sort of sense has prevailed and this is the right outcome, but I’ve never witnessed anything close to this in all my years of watching football.
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