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  1. My apologies everyone. I was trying to move the site to a cheaper alternative. It didn't work out how I'd have liked. We will remain with the tried and tested hosts. 👍 Blame StevO. 😛
  2. Can’t understand why he brought Mina on. Taking out that Mina is fucking terrible, we just looked confused with another centre back out there and that showed by just how shambolic we were from that point onwards. I don’t know what his thinking was at all. A change was needed, definitely, but a pair of fresh legs in midfield - Davies, Lookman or even Schneiderlin Ffs! Let them push for goals and then just break on them over and over. I feel sure we’d have been returning home with the three points if we’d just stuck with what we were doing. That loss is definitely on the manager.
  3. (It wasn't an intentional Brexit analogy.)
  4. My rage knew no bounds yesterday so agree, probably good that site was down.
  5. We had everything under control and then Silva bottled it. It’s all on him despite his post match interview comments
  6. I’m sure when Villa got him at such a low price they were happy to have a clause like that in there as it would make them a tidy profit if they lost him. I think it suited all parties.
  7. I think he was more involved with his mackem Geordie rivalry than he was with the game, more focused on trying to whined the supporters up than the game and the supporters won. He needs dropping and hopefully he will learn to focus on the job in hand.
  8. Awful attitude, arrogant, made the game more about him being a panto villain and got the Geordies all energised with his dickhead antics - making mistakes and pulling tongues at them. At 2 nil down they were silenced... he then messes up another ball that he should have left and when the ball rolled passed post he laughed and goaded the fans. He's a bit thick I'm afraid and nowhere near as good as he seems to think he is.
  9. 3 years ago this fixture weekend was my 40th birthday.... winning 2-0 against west ham and we got beat 3-2.... it spelt the end of Martinez for me. This weekend my 43rd birthday weekend we surrendered another 2 goal lead under a poor performing manager. Thanks blues
  10. Only the second time we've lost having led by 2 goals in a match. The other being Spurs. We were shite last season and done it against Marco. Wouldn't be surprised if he's lost more 2 goal leads than any other manager. Add it to his record for conceding from set-pieces. Before Newcastle's first you could see they were getting into the game and a goal was coming. We were losing the midfield battle and Silva just sat there and watched it unfold. Any fan nevermind professional football manager could see we needed a change. Time for him to go.
  11. Probably for the best the site was down as this thread would have gone from exhilaration to agony. I can sum up the match in a few words. Gutless, naive, frustrating. Everton managed to ruin another weekend.
  12. A clause that the club and agent will have negotiated. Nothing to do with the player or his integrity
  13. Thanks everyone, my wife ended up booking us at a Hotel Indigo. Barry I’d be up for walking to Goodison but my pregnant wife will probably veto that. Aidan I am a first timer and thought about Gwladys end but scored some first row in the Paddock, towards that end tho so hopefully will get to experience it some. How bout game day? Probably walk around Anfield in the morning just to see it then hit The Winslow for pregame beers?
  14. what next shukes the world is round? where do you come up with this bullshit..........................
  15. Agreed, Digne and Siggy aiming for his head would be a dream.
  16. Me neither, but weve got players who can provide good deliveries in to the box for him, also has a bit of "nasty" in him which were short of at the moment.
  17. I can sort of understand how some may not rate the guy as a player (despite the majority of fans/pundits/PSG scouts seeing him as a major asset) but I can't get my head round people questioning his character; if he'd have done the Gomes 100 hug thing they'd be questioning why he didn't do 1000. He's been nothing less than a model pro all the time he's been with us for me, don't get the vitriol. We have far worse players who put in 100% effort and are applauded for it, here we have a player good enough to be wanted by a CL team who puts in 100% every week and he's a figure of hate. Baffled.
  18. Posted this before but sums up his effort and lack of ability. Out of position, lazy tackle, no effort to make up for it, not even arsed the team has just conceded or that it was his fault. In a Derby match!
  19. Im afraid yesterday he gets to involved with the Newcastle Sunderland thing to the detriment of us. He has a lot of growing up to do, hes had a disastrous season and im not sure he will pull out of it. He does not seem to learn from his mistakes and there are a lot, he shows no sign of dominating the box or of trying to. Personally i would move him on in the summer. We should have sold him last summer when his stock was high.
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