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  1. I’m trying to enjoy the irony of parliament being allowed multiple votes on a difficult topic with hindsight and much more information of the consequences, but the people who they keep saying chose this (no one did) don’t deserve another say. Honestly, we need a revolution in terms of politics
  2. It's a view but where do you draw the line? Who decides what the public get asked about by the people they elected to make decisions for them? Also fair enough asking for opinion (which is actually what they did) but then insisting on acting on that opinion when it's almost certainly going to be a disaster and the majority of elected members don't want to do it at all, never did and probably never will. If the "will of the people" at a given moment in time is sacrosanct then why to we have an election every five years? Because people change their minds when promises, pledges and policy become reality.
  3. If he did it and caught the ball and we see the game out it’s great, he didn’t though, so it’s shit. Accident made with the right intentions, just disappointing.
  4. The 06:40 from Swindon to Paddington is on the right track but is nearly always late, I personally think he has a long way to go to establish himself as a decent striker in this league and Everton. He has improved since last season where I felt his finishing was woeful, but I think the odds of him being our first pick striker in 18 months time are very low and we will see someone else come in..
  5. I won't get into an argument with you but just look at the video, you must see that the ball is behind the bar, his hands are inches above the bar when he bends his hands back to pull it back into play. A very childish error which has had costly consequences on team performances since then.
  6. Very seldom i involve myself in this thread but ffs Pete the ball was behind the bar, if he had left it alone it would hit the roof of the net But he pulled back into play. Look very carefully from the side view, his hands are above the Bar when he yanks it back into play, i still cant believe he made such a silly mistake and that has destroyed our season. Since that disasterous episode we are playing ourselves ito the relegation Zone.
  7. It was a freak one, really. It had hit the bar twice and I tried to flick it over. The ball spun and as I tried to flick it over, my hand hit the bar https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/dec/02/jordan-pickford-apologises-mistake-liverpool-winner Really don't see why he keeps getting a hard time over the Derby goal. Even Martyn, one of the steadiest goalkeepers, has misjudged his goal and flicked a shot from going wide into his own net. Pickford's isn'tt that bad it's just that it looks rediculous. He's slightly misjudged where the bar is and his fingers made an unnatural movement after accidently catching it making them flick. Nothing to do with cockiness, to use his words it was a freak incident.
  8. Let me just say that I don't sense at all any less commitment and devotion to the president from his supporters, none at all. If anything, I would say their support is stronger today than it was at the outset, which is quite terrifying.
  9. I must be watching different games to half of the people on here. The guys made more mistakes this season than I can remember an Everton keeper making in one season. Best keeper since nev??? You having a laugh? If we asked unbiased fans from the rest of the Prem what they thought about Pickford he wouldn’t even be in the top ten in the league. His behaviour and attitude stinks and if schneiderlin acted like that on Sunday he’d be hounded out the club. karius made a howler in Liverpool’s most important game of the season last year and was never seen again....Pickford did the same for us but seems to have got off Scot free.....almost destroyed our season that derby game.
  10. Good point about Martyn, although need to remember he was in his 30's when he came here, let's hope Pickford does settle down and become as good as one if not both of big Nev and Nige
  11. Can you point out to me where I said anything was her fault? She was left, after Cameron jumped ship (as you say) and all the leading Brexiteers scuttled for cover because they never expected to win and knew they couldn't deliver what they promised, with an impossible task. She had to attempt to achieve something she campaigned against and didn't believe in (actually she didn't have to put herself forward but she chose to for whatever reason). I agree that she's tried to minimise the harm of this whole fiasco but she's failed, as anyone would have done, because her party is so entrenched in opposing camps. The fault lies solely with Cameron for promising the referendum in the first place.
  12. Pickford is the best keeper we've had since Nev; he's brilliant. He's ballsed up many times (like all other keepers), and many more times he's pulled of incredible saves (not like other keepers). Even against Newcastle, he pulled of 2 or 3 saves that I though would be a certain goal. He's only going to get better, and that includes less errors. The big issue is how on earth are we going to keep him? If he goes we'll be right up shit creek.
  13. "The thing is, you don’t have good days without having bad days. Even Bobby Charlton.’" Neville Southall
  14. He’s 25, he’s got 10 years left in him and typically keepers only improve with age. Keep in mind, he’s played less than 100 premiership games (only during the last 3 years), so he’s not had as much exposure to the top level as others might’ve and never had a stable defence in front of him. He needs some tough love for sure, and that needs to come from the manager and, as has been mentioned a few times, a CB who can organise the defence and put him in his place if needed. i didn’t want him, but I’ve seen enough to be positive for the future. He had his flaws but he will continue to learn and does need help rather than writing off
  15. Where has this saved us more points than he’s cost us come from. I’m sick of saying this but keepers are there to make saves.. I can’t remember saves he’s made thinking he had no right to make the save. Most good saves are down to poor finishing at premier league level. All keepers in the premier league are good shot stoppers and regularly make “good saves” weekly. The better keepers are the ones who make less mistakes. The best compliment you can give a keeper is solid. He’s made more mistakes than any other keeper and is a keeper I would describe as erratic. Erratic is the worst adjective you can use to describe a keeper.
  16. Saved us far more points than he's cost us in his time here imo; he had a daft head on on Saturday and hopefully will be told as much behind closed doors. I wouldn't swap him for anyone we could afford.
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