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  1. It’s true to be honest we haven’t been in touch for a while, his dad was a local builder and we both had Keyline accounts so you to see Paul in there with his old man during school holidays and then when he started making a name for himself at Swindon I’d see him out in town with some of the other players and started drinking with him because we already had a connection. He got me tickets for the cup final, and then got me a signed shirt from the team, the tight git charged me for the shirt saying he bought it from the club shop. He was the same at Swindon youngest player to play and score for the Town at 16 he looked like an adult in stature strong and mobile. He is a great person one of the lads not a big time Charlie.
  2. Don’t want Vardy anywhere near our team.
  3. Fucking hilarious this.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-47647515 How can she tell the "British public" she's on their side when the British public is split down the 'king middle; when she wants a third vote on her deal (having been obliterated twice) but won't give the public a second say after one side won in a very close result? Total and bare-faced hypocrisy of the highest order Incidentally (maybe John could ask her over a cup of tea) what would she campaign for in a second referendum if it came to that? She's a remainer at heart who's been pushing to leave, conviction politician obviously.
  4. I've swapped alcohol for caffeine.... alcohol was becoming a problem for me. Not in the sense that I was drinking in mornings and stuff but I was drinking to get through stress- then when I had a hangover I would have a few hairs of dogs. I actually tried something I seen in menshealth - naltrexone. Take one an hour before drinking..... completely cut my drinking down to a point where I'm not arsed anymore. Anyone who knows anyone who is interested in it... it's called the Sinclair method. It will work for people who wanna just cut down or people who have a bigger problem. Drink related depression was getting tough for me so it was the right step at the right time. Add in the fact that work is tough with a fuzzy brain and 2 toddlers don't understand hangovers and it was the right call. It would take me 4 days to recover from a night out I enjoy waking up rested now. I enjoyed my 20's and 30's and all the social side but drinking is not without its pitfalls.... dangerous drug.
  5. @Matt our friend @Palfy is just upset because Macron tweeted his support for the Gana move to PSG
  6. He partly is, France is one of the biggest members after all. I quite like him
  7. His team talk is going to have to be on point going into San Marino game. !!!
  8. Seamus should be kept in the team until he retires. He's great ambassador and I can see him getting valuable position within the club when his playing days are over. Maybe head of the community work or involved in the academy, because he's great role model kids should follow.
  9. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/2019/03/20/world-down-syndrome-day
  10. Well done Haf credit to your sense of responsibility to sort your self out and have the conviction to do it.👍
  11. I am very much a binge drinker can go without a drink for over a month and then I go with friends and get hammered, not with the intention of doing so it's like I have that one to many then I have no thought process to control myself. It's probably the only thing that causes an argument between me and the wife, that I'll go out with mate's 6 or 7 times a year and get home at 3 or 4 in the morning not knowing from about 10 were I've been and what I've said or done until I'm told not good a to be honest quite dangerous on a few levels. And probably the worst thing is I never get a hangover so I don't repent, the wife says if I had a hangover that equated to what I drunk I wouldn't do it again and she's probably right, yet I tell myself it's a great when really I know it's not.
  12. You never know your character until faced with adversity. A lot of our players are finding out quickly. The manager is also finding out which characters are up for the fight and which aren’t. Moyes had fighters in his team, players who were prepared to put their bodies on the line. We need a few of those characters.
  13. The sooner we take the rugby approach, the better.
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