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  1. God no, I don't want to see him at right back. 😀
  2. You really can't fault his attitude, and I really do hope he picks up and starts scoring goals for us, even it's as a number 2.
  3. She is using the fact that she is hated that much by her own party as a bribe to get her own way to get her deal through, is that how politics should be conducted if so then we are completely fucked.
  4. There is no way the board are thinking about binning Siva off anytime soon, and I'd imagine Jose will be in a job before the end of next season.
  5. I hope we don’t follow that model. I would rather we change xo pketwly and buy players for success. We don’t want to become a feeder club for the bigger clubs. We need to buy prospects, but also buy solid starters who are in their prime. Let the rest of the mid table clubs worry about resale value.... we want trophy’s and success, not to be known as a good business model. I see what your saying, I just think we need to take the next step. I’ll be dying in the next thirty years and want to see a trophy again before haha.
  6. Tbf to Moshiri he went after Brands and Mochi but they wouldn't come. He's then gone for the bloke who is largely credited with Leicester winning the league. On paper Walsh had the credentials to be successful here. Koeman was poor though. Only had to look at the thrashing we gave them that season. But we did need a new manager, Martinez got rid of all the fitness staff as he had an outdated degree and it showed with our players playing at a snails pace, shortly after that he lost the dressing room. Nice guy, but stubborn to his own philosophy. Shame as if he was willing to change his philosophy he could've grown in to a top manager with us and moshiri's money.
  7. Martinez' first season we did. It was some of the best football I'd ever seen us play and I genuinely thought we were going places. But then for 2 years we played utter shite football that bored me to tears.
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