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  1. Can’t believe his threads way back here- this lad is fucking boss andcwill be a suoer star for us next season, I know his finishing isn’t the best but his vision and clever little balls are on another level, his work rate is fantastic- he’s up and down the flank like a little terrior, I absolutely love him- He hadn’t kicked a ball since March cane to a new country and league , new language- everything and he has showed flashes of brilliance whilst bedding in. This lad is on another level vision, creatively, direct running, bamboozling defenders- he’s fucking boss.
  2. Proving that you don’t need to be defensive. Attack is the best form of defence. Apparently, nothing’s changed though and Silva is doing worse than Bisto Chops with the same team...
  3. Went to a meeting with my work to discuss access in and out of the stadium snd discuss sponsorship and some other things we’re interested in- this is ( I know we already know) 100% happening. Had a meeting with an architect ( not Dam Meis) but it was more about access in and out- roads, stations etc- the whole of the Dock Rd is closed by where Bramley Moor is atm it wont be long before there’s a spade in the ground- I can absolutely guarantee you all that.
  4. Not gonna read any posts in here just popped in to say he’s been excellent since he was refused his move- kept his head up, not sulked, his energy levels have remained consistent and he was fucking excellent again yesterday. He was everywhere, up and down the pitch and dominated the midfield. We’re so lucky to have him and we’ll struggle to replace him if he goes in the summer.
  5. If you take Cardiff, Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea, West Ham and Arsenal, and say we’ll lose one and draw one, and win four I think we would all be made up with that. I hope this is the start now. I think the next four games are winnable, we could finish with a real statement.
  6. Picking and choosing tbh mate, the away supporters club I am in can always guarantee me tickets tbh. When I say pick and choose, if I’m in work I’m no longer taking holidays to go, I just miss if I’m off I generally go. Sam has been to most with me, Jake has just completely lost interest.
  7. Do we really want 7th and a probable Europa place and an early start to the season again though? I'm conflicted, I've always wanted Europe but that last place is becoming a poisoned chalice; look at what happened to us last time and to Burnley this season. Real tough call but at the same time I hope we win every game we have left even though that would 99.9% mean 7th.
  8. I was quite happy to let him go in the summer, but after the last few weeks I think we will really struggle to replace him.
  9. It wasn’t really that we were talking about to be honest mate it was transport access for vehicles to get in- it was just road layouts, access pick up- drop off points etc. It was all about access in and out for cars, minibusses etc. Tbh it was boring as fuck I was like a kid at Christmas the day before and it was the biggest letdown ever- not a single thing to tell other than what I mentioned. It’s defo defo going ahead and the first shovel will be in the ground soon was the best bit of gossip I got.
  10. He was excellent yesterday. If he could just add goals to his game he could save the club 80 million on a too class striker because he can bully defenders at such a young age, is great with his back to goal, good in the air, boss hold up play but he’s never gonna be a 20 a season atriker.
  11. Can everyone calm the fuck down now and stop screaming for his head. Utterly ridiculous sacking manager after manager like we have been- squad just gets more and more full of players on huge wages that new managers don’t want and we can’t get rid of them. He is a young manager learning still and he walked into an absolute shit storm created by Koeman and Walsh and a bloated squad of average players on long contracts and massive wages. Every single one of his signings bar Mina ( who has been injured a lot) have been excellent this season. Said it time and time again- he needs all of next season also then the season after is when he should be judged properly- Klopp is into his 4th season and he inherrited a much better squad and has spent a shit load of money- managers need time.
  12. Honestly not surprised, he’s always had that in his locker. Wish we’d kept him
  13. This is why calling for his head was silly. You have to give managers a chance to get their ideas across and get the players in that are suitable for their tactics, it’s not a quick fix and there were always going to be teething problems. He still might not be the man to take us forward but he had to be given the chance to be that man.
  14. I know the media wank themselves off over Robertson and luke shaw but there isn’t a better left back in the league than Digne
  15. I like watching us play twice a week though. Well I do if we play like we have done lately
  16. It was fucking boring Shukes- I kept thinking John Burns would be shitting bricks right now if he was here listening to this.
  17. Are you calling him a racist?
  18. I’d rather not say tbh Shukes because if I did everyone would instantly have access to where I worked- No I wont have anything to do ( or the company I work for) the building or involvement in the stadium- we will need access in and out of it with designated points made especially for us which was what the meeting was about.
  19. I had to clean myself up after that.
  20. I don't think he will be prolific but neither will firminho.... 16 goals max in bundesliga and 15 in prem. Firminho gives Liverpool a huge platform to play which DCL gives us. Very similar players. DCL looks stronger and quicker, Firminho better technically. DCL better in the air.
  21. Never understood how he was let go. But then the other week Gerry himself said it was Koeman..... froze him out.... no explanation, nothing. Gerry basically had to leave. Koeman has a lot to answer for the arrogant prick. Ross Barkley and Deulofeu both talented young lads treated like shit....£80m plus worth of talent fucked off.
  22. 23 shots we had, or something. Bit of a contrast to what Bisto Tits served up.
  23. Really enjoyed that today. Brilliant result and the team performance was top notch. Goodison looks so much better these days too. They've done a great job of refreshing the Grand Old Lady (last lot of games I've been to have been winter and/or night time, so I've not done a lap for a while!). Hard to criticise anyone really. The lads really seem to be clicking at the moment and taking it up a level. When was the last time we had to moan about conceding at set pieces? Small things are being put to bed bit by bit, and that early season form and, more importantly, style of play is returning. Hopefully this will show why we can't sack a manager as soon as we hit a poor run. Hopefully I said!!! Players that stood out most for me were DCL. That boy is a nightmare for the opposition. He's being lightly criticised out there for not scoring enough, yet he has a better goals to minutes ratio than anyone else! What he does is hold the ball up, brilliantly, and creates enough of a head ache that the likes of Gylfi, Richarlison and Bernard get the chance to score, or should do! Really want him to get at least 2 more to get him to a minimum of 10, I always think getting to double figures is a good start. Bernard was great again. He tracks back brilliantly and pops up all over. Just needs a bit more finesse in and around the penalty box. Gana and Gomes. Don't even need to say anything. Excellent 3 points.
  24. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6520369923204612096
  25. Impressive but utterly infuriating at the same time
  26. I hope there’s no nonsense in here about how that win was down to Arsenal and not because we played well. We were the better team by far. We created so many chances that 4-0 wouldn’t have flattered us. We swarmed them and didn’t give them a second to breathe and then used the ball intelligently. We just need to be more clinical. It was telling that despite us being the team that were running all over the pitch it was Arsenal that were shattered at the end and we were still looking like Duracell bunnies. Yeah, I’m excited about what could happen. Come on you fucking blues.
  27. I think we have to remember this is Marcos highest profile job with better players/ bigger egos etc and he is learning aswell. I was his biggest critic but the players are playing for him and that’s five clean sheets out of six against teams like Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal
  28. The best thing for me is that he’s shown a willingness to adapt, which was always the biggest fear, especially as we’ve already seen who a lack of that with Martinez. DCL has allowed him to do that, by giving him a frontman who can actually play the lone striker, but credit to Silva for giving him a run and changing his approach to get the team and fans going again.
  29. Harsh that I don’t think DCL had a clear cut chance. Maybe the 23 attempts we had were due to DCL playing?
  30. We’ve played brilliantly. My only criticism is that it wasn’t 4-0, but that’s down to poor decisions and poor finishing. these 5 mins extra time wouldn’t be anywhere near as tense as it is
  31. Really enjoying the performance but we're nowhere near clinical enough in the final third. All four of the forwards guilty.
  32. Getting the ball in good positions but being wasteful in possession
  33. I'll be there too chaps. Managed to get some tickets in the Park End for me and my stepson while getting pissed at my Grandads funeral on Friday. Was 'lucky' enough to be a pall bearer and we carried his coffin in to Z-Cars, so have a feeling I might get wet eyes as Z-Cars blasts out at Goodison!!! Weather forecast is decent, really looking forward to it. Might see some of you there!
  34. Me too , I’m torn between paying whatever fee they want or just kidnapping him
  35. If Palfy doesn’t rate him, it bodes well for us. Means he has a very good chance of becoming world class! All we need is PeteO to start criticising him and Bailey to bring pages of stats to prove him a poor player and we’ll have a worldie on our hands!
  36. His form has dipped (who's hasn't recently?) but I'd still be looking to keep him.
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