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  1. We've always been about quality over quantity. Occasional issues aside that stands for me; I don't want 300 guys on answering posts that have been responded to in the few minutes it takes me to answer one. It's more personal, we're all "mates" who sometimes fall out but pretty much always kiss and make up, wouldn't have it any other way.
  2. One word summed up the match. Complacency. The team and the fans. Everyone thought we’d turn up and put 2-3 goals on them. Everyone round me before ko was expecting a decent win. On the flip side the Fulham fans in the pub beforehand thought they’d get absolutely nothing but a sizeable defeat. We never got going and no one stepped up. Very little energy and no high press. Two sucker punches, losing a goal straight from the second half ko throws the plan out the window. Then the killer blow Fulhams second on the break when arguably we were starting to get foot hold. Also it must be said that this was a the most stop start game you are ever likely to see. Deserved nothing, got nothing, move on.
  3. There isn’t a better forum out there (I’ve not looked though). The vast majority of regulars have been here ten years plus, it gets busier after big wins, it will get busier around transfers, it will get busier when stadium plans are announced. But when that all dies down we’re still left with the same bunch of miserable old fellas, and MJB (I don’t know how he lives with himself with that constant positive mood of his), who have been moaning here for years. This place works. Imagine how much time we could waste going looking for new members, when we could be here having a good old fashioned argument about Lukaku/Barkley/Gana/Kenwright/Rooney/Lescott/The Artera Money/Rodwell/Anichebe/Howard. (Delete to suit your argument)
  4. That’s it I’m out. West ham forums don’t have ads I’ll go follow them 😂
  5. He lost sack him. DCL didn’t score, useless. Gana didn’t get an assist, give him away. Were Everton!
  6. It wouldn't be TT if there wasn't a major overreaction to a defeat We're not going to play well every game, and we're going to have games when we face a team that we should comfortably beat but we just don't show up. It's no reason to call for the manager's head, or say players need shipping out etc etc. We just have to learn how to still manage to get some sort of result from the game. Failing that we learn how to brush it off and bounce back in the next game and not let it impact on us for the next few weeks.
  7. MikeO


    Thanks chaps, had a nice early morning visitor when I came out of the cabin this morning (actually there were seven of them, but this was the best pic I got) then a stroll around a lochan (a small loch) before a drive into Fort William for a look at the big guy.
  8. It's never going to be a smooth ride guys! Just as you think we've sussed it....uuuuuuurgh!!!! Haha. A pals accumulator was on for a £500 (ish) return from a £1.50 bet. The one let down? Everton!!! Haha. It's why I don't gamble. Fuck that. could have had a bag of crisps and a curly wurly with that £1.50. All will be forgiven if we get at Man Utd. As for Europe etc, absolutely I want us to be in Europe. Even via the awful qualifiers. Of course it extends the season, but it gets our club out there. Back on the European map. It's going to be a tight battle for 7th. I thought we'd finish 7th anyway, as did many others. But if we get it, does that make it a good season? Not really. We shouldn't really be battling for 7th, ideally it should be ours. We should be battling for 6th and so on. And the cup runs should be longer. It's been a real rollercoaster season, as many of us thought it would be, plenty to build on. Good to get through the season with the same manager, and then next season there's a bit more pressure. Look forward to seeing more sorting out of the squad this pre season.
  9. I apologise if I’m wrong here - but it seems to me you are constantly trying to highten issues you have on this forum after you’ve advertised the link for your own forum. I personally think it’s to try and get more members for your forum and I think it’s actually really disrespectful to the people who put a lot of time into this forum.
  10. This is exactly what it’s like. In all honesty we are about where I expected us to be at the start of season ( maybe 2/3 extra wins ) - my only concern is the bad patch in the middle of the season was actually horrible (i expected us to be about where we are but on a more consistent form basis). I didn’t expect Wolves and Leicester to be so consistent over the season. We will beat our points tally from last season and then next season will do the same. Chelsea is a good example of how the league is right now. Near on every time I’ve watched them, they have been poor - yet sit 4th.
  11. Could make himself an Everton hero again next weekend... please Oumar - you’re almost our last hope!!!
  12. Yes, we need to bounce back and get a win against Utd next weekend, put yesterday behind us.
  13. All the left side for me, Zouma, Digne and Bernard. Zouma just gets it.
  14. Was that performance more the players attitude than the managers, I think so next game will give a better indication if they’ve had the kick they deserve.
  15. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/moment-proved-marco-silva-understands-16120079 I'm glad our manager gets it.
  16. We got PSG and Man Utd amongst other top clubs looking to sign Gana, and Pete is still trying to convince people that he is the worst player ever to wear the Blue shirt. My heart bleeds for you Pete, I bet you can't sleep at night.
  17. mooy for 20-25? hell no. he is not that good. i'd rather play davies than buy mooy
  18. The game is about opinions but mooy is where lower level premier league at best. We have better in McCarthy that doesn’t get a game. I think the old box to box midfielders have gone these days. Probably gerrard was the last one. Midfielders have specific jobs rightly or wrongly. I wouldn’t touch mooy
  19. Back when footblers were footballers. RIP. Tommy Tommy Smith took exception to Emlyn Hughes singing Liverpool are magic Everton are tragic.... never got on with him.
  20. Horrible bugger when he was playing but a proper local legend and hero for the dark side, 74 is too young. Feel for them.
  21. Just heard tommy smith has died. R.I.P
  22. We still need to get a striker/goal machine we can’t keep creating but not take advantage, our poor finishing will undo us in the tight games against the top 6.
  23. Rice was effectively Gana'd against us with his teammate running round like a mad man leaving him twice the job. Looked similar to the Schneiderlin nightmare games for us. Gana has proven to be a class below what we already had. We've stepped backwards from the Barry McCarthy partnership, just a cameo from McCarthy last season showed us how big the gap is. Positioning, bite, and passing. Gana leaving would be the best thing for the club, easily replaced with someone like Mooy at Huddersfield.
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