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  1. Please stop making me remember that gravy guzzling fat man who shall remain nameless.
  2. Which is why I never refer to him by his name. He is a stain on our name and Brands and Silva are doing very well at removing it.
  3. 6 more goals scored, 14 less conceded, and 1 point more than last season despite having 6 more on offer. We have improved, slowly but surly. Next season will be the making or the breaking of Marco Silva, that's for sure.
  4. There was nearly always a place for Allardyce to try and save clubs from relegation and in the main he was successful at that, but would his style and brand of football take teams to the next level I would say not a chance and would I want to see it here no I wouldn't. Pete most Newcastle fans protested week in week out and forced Ashley to get rid of him, they hated his style of football it went against everything they believed in and the vast majority of Evertonians felt the same way
  5. To be fair they gave a good account of themselves, i definitely reckon they would stay up if they played by the same rules as the rest of the football league
  6. Yeah he could have sorted out the restricted viewing at goodison with another year.... in fact he could have enabled us to turn the park end into flats and make goodison the max 20000 capacity stadium would need for his brand of shite.... Sort out the defence and midfield? Yeah ... imagine him getting Digne and watching the lad get up the field like he does...... none of that nonsense. Andre Gomes? Barcelona to allardyce footy..... yeah ok..... Keep up the entertainment.
  7. That was nearly 20 years ago and he’s done very little right since then.
  8. Whereas Fat Sam didn't show up till Wednesday after losing on a Saturday... went to spain.
  9. He got relegated with Notts County..... and he's never won a trophy!!!! Marcos won a league and a cup and a second division and when allardyce was taking his first management role Marco was 13 years old.... Sam got the England job and got sacked after one game cos he's a greedy classless twat. Fat Sam is a consolidator, a greedy dinosaur, a bitter man who is envious of the managers who dare to play football..... all because in all his years managing all those clubs he won FUCK ALL.
  10. Robbie Savage half an hour ago... "It's been all Liverpool in this second half and they are dominating. In the last attack, they had five men in the box. The Nou Camp is getting agitated."
  11. I know it does mate, that’s the stuff that makes the difference between a decent and a great coach. Anyone who watched the City documentary will see the level of detail Pep went into, and they only show a snapshot. There was a player on talk sport a few months back talking about this. It might have been Ryan Mason, but im not sure. Anyway, whoever it was said that his club gave all of the players an iPad after they had their debrief from the previous game. They would each walk out the meeting room to a table with an iPad with their name on, with detailed info on the next match. From details of how the opposition played, to how your individual counter parts would play. If you were a fullback you would have info on wingers, strikers, fullbacks and midfielders, details of each ones favoured foot, runs they make, passes they make, areas they shoot from, load and loads of info. Then the same again on the weaknesses of each of these players. Then the plan set out in how to expose these weaknesses, where you could overload, where to look in transition, where the keeper is dodgy. They would then be asked to study this info before the game, they would go into the briefing the day before the game and be expected to know the plan. Not just the starting 11, the whole squad would have to know it as you wouldn’t know if you were playing or not. But this level of detail was out there a few years ago, I’m sure it’s even more specific and detailed now. I find it all fascinating. There can be 11 battles all over the park, but you only have to win one of these battles to win the game. It’s what makes coaches like Pep so good, it’s probably also why he needs time off every few years.
  12. He’d have won titles with Real Madrid, don’t forget...
  13. Your obviously not looking properly. Stats don’t mean anything! 11 obviously means 15.anyone that thinks otherwise just doesn’t know anything about forums.
  14. I’d consider these instructions part of the tactics myself. That particular game I remember fuming that Rom wasn’t getting into the box at the beginning. To be fair to Roberto, he was very good at these kind of details. Just not the same level of detail with his defenders.
  15. Pete I just can't believe you seriously would have Allardyce over anyone. Marco got relegated with Hull after taking over in January in a hopeless position but still beat Liverpool along the way; I'd personally rather get relegated playing his way (not going to happen) than stay up playing the fat twat's anti football.
  16. What has allardyce achieved in football other than being known for a brand of football that makes his own fans want him gone? Has he ever won anything? Other than a playoff final I think I'm struggling. Silva has won the Portuguese second division, the Portuguese cup and Greek league.... he's not even 44 yet.
  17. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/2019/04/30/davies
  18. Speak for yourself (repeating myself again) I want Liverpool to win their last two, as long as City do too because it'd then be us who took the title from them. They came to Goodison with their fate in their own hands and when they left it was in City's. I wouldn't moan if they screwed up again (unlikely) but if it plays out as seems likely I'll be very happy.
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