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  1. Joint player's player of the year (with Digne); what do they know?
  2. thank you @Cornish Steve for all the work you did with this
  3. To be fair, Palfy has given credit where credits due for a few months now. Or, at least, knew when to quit flogging a dead horse (Pete, I know, I know... a dead horse would be better than Gana)
  4. Stats can be misleading without context. To some extent I had a similar view to pete0's in regards to Gylfi when he was brought into our team. I thought he would create more / have more assists and so far he hasn't. He just hasn't. This expectation of him was all based on his performance on his last season at Swansea where he racked up 9 goals and 13 assists in league play. Without context you might ask: "Where are all the assists Iceman?" but if you really look at Swansea that season (which is something I would never do unless in a silly conversation years later on TT) you can find some partial explanations. 1) Gylfi pretty much took every single free kick for Swansea that season 2) Many of Gylfi's assists came from those free kick situations 3) Fernando Llorente put away a surprising 15 goals that season (along with Mawson getting 4 as well) which I am assuming many were headers It would be safe to assume that most of Gylfi's assists came from free kicks that were headed in. Now if you look at our squad this year, Gylfi is not always guaranteed to take free kicks. Additionally, our CF (DCL) only had 6 league goals and our CB (Keane) only had 1 league goal. Compare that to the same contributors in the Swansea 16/17 squad that is a difference of 12 goals (probably many of which were Gylfi free kick assists). Lack of free kicks and a target man on the end of them that can convert could alone explain the difference in assists. So in conclusion: Did I think Siggy would create more when he first arrived? Yes. Did I think he would have more than 6 assists a season? Yes. BUT If we had a CF who was more clinical do I think he would have more assists? Yes. Was this season his highest ever goal tally? Yes. Do I think this was his best season in a blue shirt? Yes. We can talk stats and price tags all day long but I am happy with him. He improved on last season and I see room for further improvement this coming season (more so if the CF situation improves). It is when there is no improvement or a ceiling is hit that is when I will start to heavily criticize.
  5. Well all I can say to that is the league table doesn’t lie, and of course we played better football than last season but we haven’t made no in roads on the top 6 from last season even though we have improved as a team the gulf is still as big. And I never drink 🍷 on a Monday morning before 10:00 am 🤥😀
  6. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/2019/05/14/mina Everton star Yerry Mina says he feels "honoured" after being recognised for his charitable and community efforts off the pitch by being named the Club’s PFA Community Champion for 2018-19. gonna be honest i did not expect that from Mina, very pleased. I"m still backing him and think he will be great next year.
  7. So you've been turned, wanting him to stay and thinking we can get £40m for him suggests you've come to the conclusion he's quite useful eh? Just Pete to get now.....
  8. "Lately" being the last thirteen years.
  9. Top three in fan's player of the year as well, along with Richarlison and Digne (who won, rightly so imo). Us Blues just don't understand football do we?
  10. The thing with Siggy is if you’re expecting him to be the main playmaker, always showing for the ball, then you’re going to be disappointed. That’s clearly Gomes’ role in the team. I see Gylfi more as an attacking third based player. He’s there to score goals, press up with DCL and provide the final ball (I honestly think he’d have more assists with a better striker and Walcott not getting so much game time). While I do wish he’d present to the ball more when we’re struggling to break teams down, he’s certainly done more good than bad. I’d probably rate him as our best attacking player this season.
  11. He is a goal scoring midfielder who scores goals, he is not the most creative but he does create chances. He is a valuable player, an very good option to have.
  12. I know it is mate, and for the record Pete says a lot of good stuff that keeps the debating alive good poster.
  13. I trust Brands and co, but the thought of both of them leaving has me really worried about next season.
  14. From last year but I'd not seen it, clever.
  15. If you want to get really specific, Michael Keane stopped them winning the league with that phenomenal tackle on Salah
  16. I’m sure getting rid of the dead weight is the hardest part of Brands job.
  17. If you add a 15 goal a season striker to this current team then that’s challenging top 6 right there. Throw in a rb on the same level as Digne and Onyekuru offer what his potential suggest - big cause for excitement. First we need to bridge gap in points between us and 6th.
  18. I really like Gylfi this season I have seen a side to his game I wasn’t looking at before, I used to think if he hadn’t set up a goal or scored himself he wasn’t doing his job, but when you see the work he gets through you begin to realise what an asset he is to the team.
  19. The facts are we've gone backwards since Moyes left. Martinez was a massive disappointment after a fabulous first season, Koeman an absolute disaster after a strong second half to his first season. We really need to hope that pattern doesn't continue, otherwise we're facing the start of another cycle, another three, four years away from where we want to be. Top 6/Europe this season could have been another false dawn. Silva has seen the size of the job in hand, he's faced the backlash from the fans when we play shite, he's stuck to his principles and made another pretty bleak season end with some promise. There is serious work to do with the squad as we have nowhere near enough depth in quality, but with the best youth system in the country at present and a DoF who has shown already he can be pretty shrewd about how he deals for top talent, I'm confident Silva will have us make a real tilt at the top 6 next season.
  20. Agreed. Brunt to blame for the red that sunk them. Very proud of holgate I have always rated him and hope he gets a chance with us, I think he’s a good player.
  21. Holgate just missed the first pen in the shoot out. Feel for him, showed confidence taking the first and had done well helping WBA cling on with 10 men for the last 10 minutes plus extra time. Would have been good experience playing in the championship play off final but hopefully he's shown enough to get a chance in our squad next year.
  22. Would Gary Cahill be a realistic senior pro to bring in? Doesn’t seem to get injured, pretty much had a year off so his body hasn’t been battered for a while. Always rated him.
  23. every photo i've seen of him in real life he's wearing some sort of everton clothing. got a flag across his apartment window too. he's a walking bilboard, therefore he gets special dispensation to vote in the MOTM threads. i agree with your point on brexit, even the US allows citizens living abroad to vote, you mail in a ballot now that i think of it. and we are philistines compared to you civilized folk across the pond.
  24. Yeah but he shouldn't get a vote in the MOTM threads because he lives in Switzerland. Right?
  25. Cheers to Mike for running the motm polls all season and likewise to Cornish Steve for the correct scores game. No disputing Digne has been the standout player but I'd say Zouma has been our second best due to his consistency. Then torn between Pickford and Gomes for third. 6 - Digne 5 - Pickford 4 - Gomes 3 - Keane, Gana, Sigurdssen, Richarlison 2 - Bernard, Zouma, DCL, Davies 1 - Kenny, Coleman, Baines, Lookman
  26. bit harsh on matt, i've always enjoyed him on the forum
  27. Full list of winners Player of the Season: Lucas Digne Players’ Player of the Season: Lucas Digne and Idrissa Gana Gueye Everton Giant: David Unsworth Chairman’s Blueblood Award: Michael Keane Young Player of the Season: Richarlison Goal of the Season: Gylfi Sigurdsson (Leicester City vs Everton, October 6, 2018) Howard Kendall Award: Everton Under-23s Under-23s Player of the Season: Nathan Broadhead Everton Ladies’ Player of the Season: Simone Magill Fan of the Year: Alfie (Alfie’s Squad initiative - a fundraising campaign to develop a children’s-focussed area in the Club’s proposed People’s Place mental health facility). The People’s Club Award: Henry Mooney, who retires next month following more than 12 years as Everton’s community engagement officer. all spot on. well done.
  28. Well deserved to. Excellent season from him, and i didn’t believe he could step into Baines shoes..... but I’ve been proven wrong with change. Hope he turns out to be an Everton stalwart.
  29. I have seen a better player in the last half of this season probably because he’s put more in as he said he would to try and get his move, but hey what can you do I still feel justified in my critique of him in the past and I still think he could do a lot better when in possession of the ball but having him play more forward of Gomes lately has helped in to make less mistakes in his positioning. You may have noticed I haven’t been running him down for a while now because I’ve had no reason to, it’s never been personal for me even though it’s been portrayed by others that way.
  30. Got my postal vote for the Euro elections today (abroad on election day) and got that done.
  31. And sadly Rabiot is the only young player in that lot
  32. I know I'm not Hamilton's biggest fan and I may be being cynical but wouldn't it have been logistically easier, cheaper and nicer for the lad if he'd have gone himself rather than send a car? He's just done Spain and Monaco up next so it's not like he's in Australia is it? If a Kardashian was having a party he'd have found time in his busy schedule to be there.
  33. His two sons both have season tickets at Liverpool. Tranmere is only 3 miles from Liverpool, a lot of their fans will follow Everton or Liverpool as well as their local side.
  34. Fake news 20 players got more assists than Gylfi’s 6. Only 6 of those 20 were from clubs that finished lower on the table than Everton.
  35. I suspect this is just a rehash of last summer's rumours when nothing at all happened.
  36. Gylfi is probably the player I notice most for his contribution if not as a stand out.
  37. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/marco-silva-everton-sam-allardyce-16268773
  38. If he'd cost us £25m I'd be ecstatic with him (and that is when we should have stopped the bidding. Thanks, Steve, you dick). But he cost us £50m. And I know it's not his fault, I totally get that, but you expect a game changing player for that sort of money. I genuinely like him as a player. He works extremely hard for us but we did buy him to create and influence and, for me, he just doesn't do enough.
  39. They still had it in their own hands after those games though. They then dropped points at United and West Ham but they still had it in their own hands; when they arrived at Goodison on 3rd March it was still in their hands. When they left Goodison a few hours later it was City's to lose, therefore I think it's fair to say that it was us who stopped them winning the thing as it was the most recent cause.
  40. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/2019/05/13/simms
  41. The collar on ours is ever so slightly different, is what I would expect them to say. And it is, just a little bit. MJB, it’s something we get excited about over here. When the new shirts come they make a big thing about it and we all go and buy it. Mark (Romey), if I remember rightly, buys all the shirts each year, even if he doesn’t like them. So they better make something that looks nice when people splash out. I’ve not got kids, but I used to work in a care home, I took one of the kids to get the new Liverpool kit, almost ten years ago now, in kids sizes. He got Aquilani (spelling?) on the back and the number on the shorts. It came to just over £100, I was fuming but he wanted it so we paid the money. Saying that I’ve also bought a Barcelona top when I was over there, in April so coming to the end of the life of the shirt and it was €120 with Iniesta on the back. I bought a Kobe Lakers jersey when I was in LA for around $180 I think (I don’t have the body to pull it off so I’ve worn it once and it now lives with my old footy shirts). ive been looming on football shirt culture at the kits Umbro have brought out this year, they all look the same as ours last year but with a round collar. I’m expecting our away kits to be just like that.
  42. My problem is that when we signed with Umbro they made a big song and dance about our kits being bespoke because we were their flagship partner and it’s absolute bullshit. Don’t say that and then just use the same template for all of the clubs they make kits for. I buy all three shirts every season, no matter the manufacturer and no matter the design (good and bad).
  43. Here are the final standings, and what a close race it was. This week, the TT Average won the prediction, with Palfy one point behind. It's the same for the month of May, with TT Average scoring 10 points and Palfy 9. Drum roll please... For the season, thanks for Palfy predicting correctly Walcott as our first goalscorer, it was a tie: Palfy and Cornish Steve share the honours with 97 points. dunlopp9987 was leading with just a few rounds to go but was pipped to the post (I won't mention of which team this reminds me!), but only 3 points behind. Congratulations, too, to nyblue23, the only other player to finish above the TT Average (which, according to the wisdom of crowds, will always do well). Per prediction, though, there is a sole winner: Cornish Steve. Thank you everyone for playing again this season. It was close to the final game of the season, and this is the first time we've ever had joint winners.
  44. I was optimistic last season, but then that was following the circus act that was Walsh and co, so it was a low bar to beat lol.
  45. Many on here are wrong. He’s done his job.
  46. 13 goals and 6 assists he led the team in both of those (tied with Richarlison for goals). Very good season, did a lot of hard work pressing up front too, i'm happy with him. a couple more years at those levels and the fee will be justified.
  47. His stats look good but his overall contribution hasn't been enough. Many a game he goes unnoticed unless he scores or assists, but even looking at the games he's scored/assisted in they don't tend to make much difference. His goals have only got us wins in three games, Cardiff home and away (we won 3 nil but DCL scored last minute so I'd still credit Gylfi for thst win), and Leicester. The Leicester game being his stand out, but even then it was after they went down to 10 men. Brilliant turn and goal of the season contender in that game but sadly we don't see enough of him taking the game by the scruff of the neck and helping us get a win, he doesn't get on the ball enough. That said I don't blame the player, he's trying to do the role the manager asks but simply isn'tt suited.
  48. His job is to help the team win, he never contributed enough to winning. He's only got 6 assists, which might be top at our club but compared to the rest of the league it's not good enough. 37 players in the league got more assists than him. Every club in the league bar Huddersfield, Brighton, Soton and Cardiff have a player more creative. That said I don't blame the player. In general the whole team don't create enough and that's on the manager for not playing to his strengths or the squads in general. At Swansea a relegation battling side Sigurdssen managed 26 assists across 3 seasons, yet for us he's got 9 in two seasons.
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