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  1. with the bad eggs gone and a manager controlling the dressing room and showing precedent for dropping players like morgan and richarlison, i actually think this guy should stay. he showed after he was dropped that he is able to get his shit together and play like a pro again. i'd give him a second chance since DM is a position we could potentially be short at (gana and gomes situation).
  2. I think most this is taking into account that jags retires and Zouma goes back on loan leaving; keane - 26 mina - 24 holgate - 21(?) Jury is still out on Mina but I think he will come good. Best result is to get Zouma but if not why not throw an old head in with that, you know 100% what you will get from him he needs to step in for a few games and probably still has enough in him to be a strong CB for a season or two. Let Mina/Holgate settle and develop. Cahill offers good depth, great experience
  3. Liverpool Council have banned leasehold houses from being built, hopefully other councils will follow suit. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/liverpool-council-bans-major-housing-16279288?fbclid=IwAR049Z905mXxD5uLWumQyawXBgpFOCZa_YmtcEKuKtpdQdp7-eJN1EuXus0
  4. Great game that Harrison for Leeds looks a real prospect
  5. 1-1 on the night now, thank fuck. Leeds can stay where they are or, preferably, get relegated a couple more times.
  6. he was good for a year, it was the time after that wherein the issue was
  7. We have a DoF who wants a young and exciting side and you lot want to go Allardyce the team? Instead of signing over-the-hill players with high wages how about signing young, motivated players with potential?
  8. He wants to play football and he wouldn’t get much of a look in here.
  9. Agreed. Brunt to blame for the red that sunk them. Very proud of holgate I have always rated him and hope he gets a chance with us, I think he’s a good player.
  10. Assuming his legs haven't gone he'd be a good choice for an experienced centre half/role model. He'd also push for first team position rather than just be the back up.
  11. Holgate just missed the first pen in the shoot out. Feel for him, showed confidence taking the first and had done well helping WBA cling on with 10 men for the last 10 minutes plus extra time. Would have been good experience playing in the championship play off final but hopefully he's shown enough to get a chance in our squad next year.
  12. Would Gary Cahill be a realistic senior pro to bring in? Doesn’t seem to get injured, pretty much had a year off so his body hasn’t been battered for a while. Always rated him.
  13. Well all I can say to that is the league table doesn’t lie, and of course we played better football than last season but we haven’t made no in roads on the top 6 from last season even though we have improved as a team the gulf is still as big. And I never drink 🍷 on a Monday morning before 10:00 am 🤥😀
  14. To be fair, Palfy has given credit where credits due for a few months now. Or, at least, knew when to quit flogging a dead horse (Pete, I know, I know... a dead horse would be better than Gana)
  15. So you've been turned, wanting him to stay and thinking we can get £40m for him suggests you've come to the conclusion he's quite useful eh? Just Pete to get now.....
  16. If he'd cost us £25m I'd be ecstatic with him (and that is when we should have stopped the bidding. Thanks, Steve, you dick). But he cost us £50m. And I know it's not his fault, I totally get that, but you expect a game changing player for that sort of money. I genuinely like him as a player. He works extremely hard for us but we did buy him to create and influence and, for me, he just doesn't do enough.
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