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  1. Yet even with these problems, 3 of them get to Euro finals. I get what your saying, we’re such a lucky team that teams only ever have problems on and off field when playing us. I mean it would be daft to say that our set up limits these teams and stops them playing. Yet when were beaten, it’s the opposite isn’t it PeteO, it’s because we were at full strength but the other team just tried harder. Lets be straight here. You see the team in a different way than the majority, and that’s fine. Your down on the team and club at the moment and look for negatives. Im a pretty positive guy and will always look for the positives. You can see in my posts I’m a glass half full type. What we need to accept, mainly you 😉 is that yours, or mine, or any others opinions are just that PeteO, opinions. Your trying your best to prove them as facts, while ignoring actual facts. The most glaring example is this not creating chances comment you keep going on about. Yet in one match we created more chances than Sam did in his whole tenure. That wasn’t something is fans made up, but a factual stat put out by the ssp team. And this is where I struggle to understand where your coming from sometimes.
  2. The club have paid a week's wages for the Bolton staff. Can't find any news reports to say who's foot the bill but really nice gesture from whoever it was at the club.
  3. I dont think anyone on here believes we’ll be pushing third place or even expecting us to break into the top six Palfy. I think a lot of us have seen a team start to show signs of identity, of a higher work rate, of creating chances, flashes of flair and imagination and its left us feeling positive. We’ve all seen so many years of negativity at this club. Relegation battles, selling players to keep the banks happy, Mike Walker 🤮, that now the club are aiming high. I though after January I’d probably not see a home win again this season. Then we beat these teams, didn’t concede a goal, attacked them. Really attacked them. Not the old 1-0 wins Moyes used to get, a lot of us moaned that we didn’t put four past Arsenal. I’ve seen them put six on us. It was a nice complaint to have. We’ve got stadium plans around the corner, we have money to spend, we’ve got some good players and a manager who is starting to look like he knows what he’s doing, Brands who looks very good, Suntan Bob has gone, the kids have retained the u23 league. There are a lot of things to be positive about Everton. We aren’t going to win the league, we more than likely aren’t going to get in the top four yet. But there aren’t too many negatives are there? I can’t wait for next season.
  4. He's in Brazil's Copa America squad. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/richarlisons-emotional-reaction-everton-star-16294880
  5. It’s the non playing staff that really suffer in these horrible circumstances. Yeah the footballers have mortgages and things, but the vast majority of them will be able to get other clubs and make that kind of money back. The lost earnings to the people on probably less than £20k p/a will be really struggling. I’m glad our club has helped. I saw the PFA had helped out the players, no one else is in place to help the regular working people.
  6. If he's only £20m then he's worth a punt as you'd definitely get your money back on him. You're lucky to get a squad player for that these days for £20 mil, Solanke went for that much and he's unproven and in his limited minutes looks nowhere near Mitrovic.
  7. I'm surprised that there isn'ttt already a thread for this lad as according to some sources this is all but confirmed. According to one outlet he had a medical this Friday and is set to sign for us this week, Huddersfield have confirmed his exit after relegation and he's available to sign on a free transfer. I'd expect João Virginia to be loaned out, back home in Portugal or in the lower leagues with Stekelenburg either hanging up his boots or settling for a final season as third choice. With Lossl being 6'5 it certainly gives us another option with the "small" Jordan Pickford as our current 'keeper! Considering it's a free and it's for the bench I don't think we can complain, he came highly rated to Huddersfield and I think their problems ran much deeper than who stood in goal.
  8. Beating Charlton 2-1 with the McFadden wonder goal in injury time after Darren Bent had equalised for them on 89 mins; less "crackling atmosphere" as thousands had walked out after Bent's goal and missed it. (also relevant to the thread as it put us fifth in mid April)
  9. Bernardo Silva is the best player in the world at the moment.... no exaggeration. Unbelievably good feet, a bit more polish on his finishing and you are talking the complete modern attacking player.
  10. I think second is open to anyone with a good season. Back when it was the Sky 4 it was an almost impossible task yet we managed it once. The last few years the quality has dipped or should I say more thinly spread with Spurs and City (PSG, and Atletico) hovering up players too. City are uncatchable though they're the only team with proper quality in nearly every position x2. They have Silva, Bernardo, De Bruyne, and Gudogan who all find space to exploit.
  11. I'd hate to have seen them clear headed and motivated.
  12. Absolute joke they gave De Bruyne motm. He come on at 2 nil and the game was already over.
  13. Should have been player of the season. He's been a joy to watch this season.
  14. hell they could sell de bruyne because bernardo silva is better all around. he is not afraid to tackle and press and harry his man. KDB is also more injury prone. i wonder if he will request a transfer this summer.
  15. Staff members. Saw it on fb but this is the original source. Everton have sent a weeks worth of wages to Bolton’s staff members that are still not getting paid. This is a fantastic gesture and just shows how the football community is coming together at this difficult time. Thank you Everton https://www.bwfcandproud.com/post/everton-donate-a-week-s-wages-to-unpaid-bolton-staff When googling I stumbled across this link as well, fans clubbing together to help fill the food banks. Sad world we live in when people are struggling to afford to eat. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17648685.amp/
  16. The feeling you get at the game can’t be argued against, we all feel it different. My favourite was beating Arsenal where AJ scored from a corner a few minutes before the end in really shit weather.
  17. That's the one. Didn't realise the side we put out was so poor on paper. That game they gave their all for shirt. One were when you're watching you feel every tackle and are willing every pass forward. Good induction to referring standards for any Evertonian too. Last minute Radzinski was through on goal and got brought down for what should have been a penalty but the ref blew the whistle for full time!
  18. At the end of the day we had a bad patch after the analfield game. We were awful for a dozen games or so but Marco has turned it around. You can point to the Fulham and palace games all you want but we are not city or the shite that can just turn up and smash teams. We are not the finished article. This will happen. Look at the way arsenal and spurs have fallen away at the end of the season. Consistency is key but if you look at how these teams do it it’s because they have the best players. End of. Marco can’t influence Pickford having a mare against Newcastle and five people being offside for the winner. If we are fans we have to see the bigger picture, granted we all see the game in different ways but the recruitment has been spot on last season. If it’s as good again and we get off to a good start I really think we will be challenging for top five
  19. Palfy seems like the kinda guy who orders filet mignon and it’s perfect and then bitches the green beans he got with them were under seasoned. FFS just enjoy the game and wins for now. Some seriously fickle people on here that just can’t enjoy a win and good run.
  20. If he comes in and another striker with a different style to him comes as well then I’ll be happy. If it’s just him I’m not so sure. I do like the aggression in his play.
  21. I don’t think he’s that bad, he absolutely terrorised our back four at Craven Cottage the other week and he is an improvement on what we have got Would prefer Wilson though
  22. Of course it may be a false dawn, but it could also be the next step. If you choose to live your life never stepping of a kerb just in case you twist an ankle, you will never see what’s out in the world. I just choose to jump of that kerb and see what happens. I’m a believer in the laws of attraction friend.
  23. Is this the team that play at Goodison Park and didn't concede a goal there after February?
  24. Yes without a shadow of a doubt. last season we were hard to watch. Even the neutrals had turned on us and were calling us the new West Brom. This season we’re back to being watchable again. Still needs a few more pieces, but the improvement is there for me.
  25. I’ve seen this in a few places now. Decent keeper to support/challenge Pickford. Means Stek will go - who I don’t rate. I’d prefer Virginia go on loan in the Championship and play every week rather than play 2nd fiddle to Pickford.
  26. Been reading all these posts and in my opinion the hype that some are displaying over the last eleven games of the season, is let's say going to lead you massively disappointed next season, unless we can add two or three really good signings. To think that we are going to carry on from there into next season and display the form of a team with the ability to finishing third or even top six is very fanciful, yes beating Chelsea Arsenal and Utd in that run was the highlights of our season for me, with the draws against the Shiite and Spurs, but for me that wasn't the reality of how far we have improved or come and we have improved from last season don't get me wrong, it was more to do with how poorly they were playing as well. The performances against the lesser teams in that eleven games run are still concerning enough for me to say that at this present time we are club with a lot to do, and I'm not going to let the end of last season cloud my judgment for next season, although if we don't finish in the top six I will be disappointed as I always am, but some of you are going to be devastated because your riding this wave of euphoria and you believe that we are going to carry on how we finished off last season third in the stats.
  27. 8th last season, upgraded loads of players and now have a more balanced squad. Anything below 7th is a failure for the manager and the players. Brands has done well recruitment wise. The manager and players have let us down.
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