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  1. Football is as much about playing football that people enjoy watching as it is about winning trophies. Dislike that as much as you like but very few teams will walk away with a trophy in a season but tens of thousands will turn out every week to revel in the action of their team. We all hope for a top 4 spot or a cup victory but know that it will be tough to achieve. The least we could want should be to watch games where we enjoy the football being played, feel excitement from what we see and some hope that we can challenge for those goals. in the last few months that’s how I’ve felt about our team and the finishing position didn’t really matter to me in the end. I’d seen exciting positive football with some memorable victories and can look forward to the next season with some hope that there will be many more of those moments.
  2. I think there is a very good player in there, he just needs a good, full, pre-season and a run of games in the side to prove himself. Barca and Brands rate him.
  3. Well, yes and no rubes. DCL may continue to improve as a footballer but scoring goals is more a natural gift than something you can train for. When the ball is pinging around the penalty area and suddenly falls to your feet, you have maybe half a second to react. A Jimmy Greaves will have it in the back of the net. DCL will look up, look around and wonder why his shot is blocked. Having said that, I don't see many games and quite often only see the highlights, but he does squander a lot of chances. The most worrying misses are those that go straight at the goalie, headers and shots. It indicates that he doesn't even know where the goalie is - something every decent striker should be aware of at all times. Even worse, it may indicate that he does know where the goalie is but isn'tt capable of finding the space where the goalie isn'tt. I really hope the lad makes good but I do have my reservations.
  4. Welcome Jonas. Decent back up keeper for us. Solid and dependable while not taking a huge wage. Im guessing Stek wants to move on to get a few appearances in his last year or two.
  5. First one in. Losl confirmed. That’ll cheer romey up 😂
  6. to be good and fair though john, Welbeck is never going to get better than he can do now, DCL is only going to continue improving all the tie, for now at least..
  7. Fan based mostly. Annoying as Liverpool tend to be on the most regardless of their performance BT put them on to maximise their own revenue. Seems a little wrong that the shite have got more money than the winners.
  8. Neither would I, but only because we wouldn’t have a midfield. Ive never understood the hype about Delph
  9. I thought our American friends might appreciate this https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/may/23/konrad-de-la-fuente-barcelona-usmnt-under-20-world-cup
  10. Thousands of votes.. 😲 Hopefully just incompetence and not intentional, but really bad either way.
  11. The Missus and I have just voted Lib Dem probably the 1st time we have agreed politically, we both want the people to have the final say not the politicians especially the Conservatives who have completely fucked us all over by starting this process in the first place. She has been a ardent Conservative all her voting life but swears she will never vote that way again, and least some good has come out of this.
  12. Decent player, but we should only consider a pay as you play deal given his injury record.
  13. I don't see the quality. 10-15 m maybe, as an option. He's not a star man for a club trying to move into top 6. Quoted price is a fantasy.
  14. Personally, I think he's a pretty decent keeper. If anyone has a hangup about the fact his team were crap, just consider where Pickford came from.
  15. Sadly, much of today's more visible Christianity in America is totally un-Christlike. We have a president who is, in almost every respect, the complete opposite of everything Christ stands for yet he's fanatically supported by these same visible Christians. It's more than sad; it's a travesty. I've been mulling over whether or not to publish my second book on this subject. Let's be clear: Love of money is the root of all evil. The bible does NOT promote a free market economy. The greatest Christian leaders throughout history have proved the point that true followers of Christ learn through suffering and self-sacrifice and struggle, not through material success. This is quite evident when we read their biographies (and I just finished a biography of Thomas Cranmer, for example). Anyone who even glances at New Testament teaching would soon see that Christians are called to give until it hurts, even to those we might, on the surface, regard as enemies. Members of the earliest churches sold their possessions to give to the poor. The Gentile churches in Asia and Europe raised funds for the struggling Jewish church in Jerusalem, despite themselves being quite poor. In other words, please don't for one moment believe that Joel Osteen and his ilk represent the cause of Christ, because they absolutely do not. It's not about what we say so much as what we do: We can tell what a tree really is by considering its fruit. Incidentally, I do not see traditional congregations failing. One of the fastest growing denominations right now is the Orthodox church. Our Episcopal/Anglican church is thriving. Numbers aren't the complete picture: the zeal and impact and unity of local churches counts for much more. Also, self-appointed Christian leaders, often subject to no oversight, may be very visible and regarded by the press as representative of today's Christian faith, but that's deceiving. Those making the biggest impact day-to-day are quietly running food banks and housing the homeless and treating the sick. These never make the headlines and would not want to.
  16. Bingo. He could not play a game this season and we could still profit a minimum of 5m off him next summer if he wants to leave.
  17. Only in football could a player prove he's shite, with an even worse injury record, and get a pay rise. Jesus fucking wept.
  18. Shrewd bit of business I think, couple of seasons prem experience, albeit with a shit defence in front of him, 30 and an international, bit like getting Heaton on a free, probably worth 10-15m on a transfer
  19. Excellent post friend. Football is still a sport for me, not a business. I do t support Everton to see how much money they make, or how well they run the club..... but because I love watching them play football, I love the history of the club, the colour blue, the current players, the old players, the name, everything. Football should be judged on the excitement you feel and not the numbers. We have improved immeasurably in that respect, even if our league position has t changed.
  20. He’s so excited he could hardly type any words as a reply!
  21. Frustration part I completely agree with, it’s why I didn’t vote when I had the chance 15 years ago. But there’s never going to be a perfect party for an individual, so for me it’s a process of elimination. Abstaining, from my experience, is the worst thing to do however because then you truly have no say in any matter.
  22. I heard a scream so I think it was his thumb.
  23. I do remember the optimism with Martinez and Koeman after their 1st seasons for it all to come tumbling down, and looking back I see lots of Evertonians being positive Steve including you and myself, I don't think I'll be getting to excited as most about Silva's I don't think I could stand another false dawn, because if I did and it went the way of the last 2 I think I would be more inclined to start a crowd funding campaign to pay for someone to blow the boardroom up preferably with them in it, there's only so much disappointment a man can take so yes call it pessimistic if you want but I will call it not convinced if you don't mind, and that isn'tt about Silva that's about how good we are as a team and how good our season will be.
  24. it also takes managers that will play the youngsters, faults and all. I"m Not sure Marco is that guy.
  25. https://twitter.com/i/events/1131623021087584256 this kind of thing only adds to my frustrations with it.
  26. I don’t think anyone is building him up to be a saviour, just plenty of reason to optimistic. We’ve had enough pessimism in the last 30 years, it’s good to see Evertonians being positive again.
  27. I think he is one good season in 4 player, and he just had his good season. It's a swerve for me.
  28. I hope you're playing next season also Rubes because at least then I'm sure not to come last.
  29. Age wise, he doesn’t fit the ‘Brands model’... sure he said we’d be looking to sign players under 26years old - yes we may sign a couple who aren’t but can’t see us investing however much it would cost to get this 27 year old with potentially a short shelf life due to his previous injuries.
  30. This would be a huge step backwards, could not get in Newcastle team, very poor scoring record, played for a team that got relegated, fat, slow no no no.
  31. Three wins against this year’s top three, please.
  32. Can you have a word and organise that please Mike, I believe it must be in your remit. 😀
  33. shaunliam, really enjoyed reading about your first trip to Goodison, a very special place. I couldn't get involved in giving advice on the trip. I was born in Liverpool in 1936 but moved away in 1951, so my advice would be a tad out of date. I could have told you about our good chippy but its probably not there any more. Gone the way of the other one which the Germans bombed! You couldn't have picked a better game for your first than the Man U one - do you advise on lottery numbers?
  34. Totally fair comment from Marco. Don't think we'll ever be loved by the top 6 media.
  35. One swallow does not make a summer. His attitude and overall contribution for over 12 months was awful. Sure, he improved recently, but are we comparing those performances against the previous twenty or against the standard we should expect week-in week-out? I'd prefer to sell, quite honestly, because there's a strong possibility the "couldn't care less" attitude will return.
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