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  1. What a superb signing he was and a great captain and club servant Phil Jagielka confirms he has left Everton http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/phil-jagielka-confirms-everton-departure-16378788#ICID=ios_EchoNewsApp_AppShare_Click_Other
  2. I think it’s the best move for both parties but I don’t agree with the average defender quote. And I don’t agree with the Cahill shout either. They both have earned the right to contribute. Whether that’s on the pitch or behind the scenes. Jags is one of the last of his type. Loyal to a club for 12 years and happy with his lot.
  3. Gutted to be honest, I think he has a lot of offer the other lads in the team.
  4. Not sure how long you’ve been supporting Everton but Jags in his prime was a hell of a lot more than an above average defender
  5. If ever a player deserves a heartfelt thank you from the club, it’s this man. Great professional, great servant to the club, Great man! All the best Jags, put your feet up son.
  6. I really hope tranmere get used for some under 23s this season. In league one would be a good starting place for some of these lads and help tranmere
  7. Think trippier will be pushing to be more than cover! He'd be a real threat to Colemans starting position.
  8. Exactly, just keep progressing and achieving targets set. I really want him to get double figures for goals next season.
  9. His overall contribution is very admirable when you consider his 5 assists too. Goal or an assist every 161 mins. (1769/(6+5)) If he leads the line next year we could expect 11 goals and 10 assists, and I'd be happy with that. Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if he managed to get more with Bernard now being more accustomed to the league. Add a better CM who can pick a pass and a RB who can cross and he'll be golden.
  10. Definitely think Jags needs to be around the club but I’d like to see Holgate cover his playing role in the team this year.
  11. All cleaned up by both sets of fans. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/everton-fans-share-delight-tower-16373054
  12. That goal against Liverpool though, worth every penny of his wages over twelve years. Best wishes whatever the future holds.
  13. Great captain, great defender, great man.
  14. Sad to see him go. I was hoping he'd stay behind in some sort of coaching capacity at the least. He still has a little gas left in the tank though.
  15. Should just have joined the LibDems in the first place. It was well meaning but doomed from the start.
  16. Been a great signing - top player!
  17. Agreed. I think if Baines stays another loan would be the best option for Robinson. If Baines leaves I imagine he'd stay for back-up and/or make some cup appearances.
  18. Honestly..... this is why they are disliked. Zero class. Celebrate the win enjoy it..... but ffs stop using goading other clubs as a means of gaining satisfaction.... it just points to a huge chip on your shoulders. Like half the people at the trophy parade.... aren't even arsed about football - non fans! It just screamed of "let's go and get pissed on the street and be a part of something". I'm sorry but it's true, if ale wasn't involved and it wasn't a Sunday they wouldn't have bothered. Their fans just generally behave like attention seeking dickheads.... like they are salt of the earth and they invented humour.... grow the fuck up.
  19. Here we go again with this bloody work permit crap.
  20. I just can't help but get irritated by the spelling of his name.
  21. On the other hand governments shouldn't be letting people drive around in machines that go that fast with just a normal drivers licence.
  22. I wanted the Lucas oil design straight from the off.... looks class. The article is over 1 year old though.
  23. I don’t care if he’s a great footballer if he’s a prick. Struggling to find evidence of that though, he just sounds very self-confident
  24. I want a real rustic brick work vibe integrated into Modern design. Meis has bigged the stadium up and he has just won an award for a recent stadium. It can’t be a boring generic thing surely?
  25. I can’t remember him disgracing himself when he’s been asked to cover for Coleman, in-fact from memory his crosses into the box were far superior to Coleman’s.
  26. I don’t rate him highly, but I don’t think we’ll be buying a replacement for Seamus any time soon and Jonjoe is a decent back up.
  27. Yes I do t think confidence is any issue at the moment. Listening to him in interviews, he sounds very happy with his progress. People tall about his goals etc, yet he has a very good goals to minutes ratio doesn’t he? Not sure what, but it’s mentioned in that article. Its a mid table philosophy that you need a striker up top scoring the goals. Top teams these days go for a different approach and we should be vying for the same. I’m happy if other players are scoring due to DCL applying himself as he has done. A goal for Richarlison, Siggy, Digne, or DCL, is a goal for Everton.
  28. Don't be soft Bill, our ability to keep clean sheets or not is entirely dependent on whether Gana's playing; do you know nothing?
  29. Agree with the first half, but don't think we've kicked on with Keane. Should never have been made captain and it was unprofessional at best for Moyes to declare him as club captain when the ginger fucker was not gonna be the one managing the team. Captain wise he was a step down from Neville. Player wise he's never been the best out of the two centre halves. Person wise he was probs the nicest but nice doesn't win you anything. Glad he's going because he's not good enough. Much like Tim Howard and Cahill, he's been comfortable picking up a wage here for longer than he should thanks to loyalty rather than ability.
  30. Compare the points we get with him to without. Remember comparing him with Heitinga and Yobo and both come out better. Can't be bothered going through all the stats again so just looked at our best season with him 13/14, we averaged 1.69 points per game with him (26 matches) compared to 2.33 ppg in the 12 without him. Stones was just a teenager and was a level above. We should have aimed higher than Jagielka years ago (same as we should have tried to upgrade on Howard too). Cahill was brilliant in his day, but it was painful watching him play further back once his legs had gone a bit.
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